The BUD Family International

…ladies becoming wholesome for Jesus



DAY 11


TEXT: JOB 42:10; JAMES 5:16



It’s Juicy July 2023, Day 11, sisters! Glory be to God for how far He has brought us. Halleluyah for what He has done for us, what is presently doing and what He will yet do. Glory!


And Day 11 is also a perfect day to do what we are about to be doing today, sisters. Before I introduce what that is, let me ask you a question.


Do you want more miracles, my dear sister?


Yes? Oh glory! Because what we are going to be doing today is one of the ways God uses to bless His children. Halleluyah!


Let me show you what Job 42:10 says:


After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.


Wow! Just because he prayed for his friends? He got restoration in double portions? Wow!


Let me also show you another passage. James 5:16 says:


Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.


Did you grab that again?


It says we should pray for one another so that we can be healed! When we pray for others, healing comes to not only them but to us!


I hope you now understand what we are going to be doing today.


Oh yes, we are going to be praying for our fellow sisters. We are carrying the burdens of our sisters today and raising our voices to Heaven for them!


As I compiled the prayer points, my eyes welled up within me and my heart was moved with compassion. As I compiled the prayers, I prayed! Like, what! My sisters going through all these? My own sisters bearing all these burdens?


Sisters, we all need one another! Let us be ready to raise our voices to Heaven on behalf of our sisters. When we all raise our voices, there would be abundant rain of miracles in our family! Hallelujah!


Let’s sing this song together before we go on. This song in itself is a deep message. It is a deep prayer. Let our minds be focused on Heaven with great faith as we sing. Amen.




(Download here)

When all I see is the battle, You see my victory
When all I see is the mountain, You see a mountain moved
And as I walk through the shadow, Your love surrounds me
There’s nothing to fear now for I am safe with You


So when I fight, I’ll fight on my knees
With my hands lifted high
Oh God, the battle belongs to You
And every fear I lay at Your feet
I’ll sing through the night
Oh God, the battle belongs to You


And if You are for me, who can be against me? Yeah
For Jesus, there’s nothing impossible for You
When all I see are the ashes, You see the beauty
Thank You God
When all I see is a cross, God, You see the empty tomb


So when I fight, I’ll fight on my knees
With my hands lifted high
Oh God, the battle belongs to You
And every fear I lay at Your feet
I’ll sing through the night
Oh God, the battle belongs to You


Almighty fortress, You go before us
Nothing can stand against the power of our God
You shine in the shadow, You win every battle
Nothing can stand against the power of our God


An almighty fortress, You go before us
Nothing can stand against the power of our God
You shine in the shadow, You win every battle
Nothing can stand against the power of our God


An almighty fortress, You go before us
Nothing can stand against the power of our God
You shine in the shadows, You win every battle
Nothing can stand against the power of our God


So when I fight, I’ll fight on my knees
With my hands lifted high
Oh God, the battle belongs to You
And every fear I lay at Your feet
I’ll sing through the night
Oh God, the battle belongs to You


Oh God, the battle belongs to You



So, why should we pray for our sisters?


It is important for us to pray for others because Jesus Christ has commanded us to do so.


Jesus commands that we pray, not only for our family, friends, and fellow believers, but even for our enemies (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:28).


By praying for others we are imitating Jesus Christ, who intercedes with God the Father on our behalf (Romans 8:34; John 17:9), as well as the Spirit of God who intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words (Romans 8:26).


Like, did you get that?


We are not just people who ask and ask and concentrate on ourselves. But we take eyes off ourselves like our Lord Jesus would, just for the sake of others!!


The New Testament epistles are replete with examples of praying for others as well as calls to do so.


So, obedience to God’s Word is one reason to pray for others.


It is also important to pray for others because by doing so we are participating with God in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18–20).


Although God is sovereign over all things, He has chosen to allow us the unspeakable privilege of being part of the outworking of His plan.


He has chosen to include our prayers and our sharing of the gospel as a means to bring others to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ (Matthew 9:37–38; 2 Thessalonians 3:1; 2 Timothy 2:24–25).


As children of God, we are spiritual weapons in God’s mighty hand. When we pray for others, we also enjoy the privilege of rejoicing in God’s work in their lives.


Because of a truth, when you pray, God will answer. When you see the answers, you’d rejoice and be glad.


Praying for our fellow sisters in Christ is one means by which we share one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2).


We pray for things such as their spiritual growth, physical needs, and encouragement.


Praying for others indicates love for others. If we do not love, it indicates that we do not know God (1 John 3:10; 4:20–21).


We ought to love everyone, but there is a special love that we have for fellow believers and as such we ought to pray for them fervently (1 John 3:14; Galatians 6:10).


We see this frequently among the apostles and early believers. They were always asking each other to pray for them and remembering each other in their prayers (Ephesians 1:16; 6:18–19; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Philemon 1:4;). Why?


Because they know that it is God and God alone who can strengthen them, uphold them, and cause them to rejoice even amid the sorest trials and stand against the most enticing temptations (Luke 22:32; Ephesians 3:20; Romans 16:25; 2 Peter 2:9; Matthew 6:13).


We pray for ourselves and others because we know it is God who holds the power.


As the writer of Hebrews said, “Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession….


For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.


Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:14–16).


This is why during any of our prayer programmes, I love us to get personal prayer requests of our sisters so that we can raise our voices together to God on their behalves.


It is time for us to bear other people’s burdens by praying for them.


It is time to forget all our issues and focus on other people’s problems, knowing fully well that when we leave our problems to carry other people’s issues, God will face our own issues squarely and make a way for us.


Are you ready???


Let’s take this song very quickly, sisters :


We Need a Miracle by Charity Gayle


(Download here)


You’re the same God today
And the same God tomorrow
Help me see the victory
You already see

Let my faith be today
What it will be tomorrow
When I’ve seen the victory
You already see

Oh Jesus, I believe, oh

We need a miracle, You are the miracle maker
God of the impossible, there is no power greater
Exceeding, abundant, beyond what we could ask or think
We call on Your Name, Jesus

By the power of Your Name
And all for Your glory
The sick are healed, the soul is filled
The battle has been won
On Your promise I stand
And in faith I believe it
That what I pray in Your Name
It’s already done

Oh, let Your will be done, oh

We need a miracle, You are the miracle maker
God of the impossible, there is no power greater
Exceeding, abundant, beyond what we could ask or think
We call on Your Name, Jesus

In the waiting You get the glory
In the healing You get the glory
In the breaking You get the glory
In the breakthrough You get the glory

In the waiting You get the glory
In the healing You get the glory
In the breaking You get the glory
In the breakthrough You get the glory

You get the glory, You get the glory
You get the glory, You get the glory
You get the glory, You get the glory
You get the glory, You get the glory

We need a miracle, You are the miracle maker
God of the impossible, there is no power greater
Exceeding, abundant, beyond what we could ask or think
We call on Your Name

We need a miracle, You are the miracle maker
God of the impossible, there is no power greater
Exceeding, abundant, beyond what we could ask or think
We call on Your Name
We call on Your Name
We call on Your Name




Let’s glorify the name of the Lord for who he is. Call him all the wonderful names that befit the king of the world.


Let’s begin to thank the lord for The BUD family. Thank the Lord for keeping us in perfect peace till now. Thank God for all that the Lord has used this family to do in your life.


Let’s give God the glory for the Juicy July programme and all other wonderful programmes of the family.


Ask the Lord to forgive you and every member of the family in any way we have wronged him. Ask the Lord to have mercy on us and take away anything that might stand between us and our blessings.


Ask the Lord to make you selfless indeed. Ask for His mercy to make you forget all about your own issues now and focus only on the other sisters’ issues.


Ask the Lord to give you the heart of an intercessor.


Cover where you are with the Blood of Jesus. Take charge of your environment confidently and vehemently.


Tell the Lord that whatever you bind is bound and whatever you loose is loosed!


Tell the Father that as you travail on behalf of others, their problems will not become yours. Instead, they will be burn to ashes and forgotten forever! If any power rises against you, God should condemn such! Pray!


There shall be testimonies after this prayer oh lord! Every sister I pray for will come forward to share of Your goodness. (Pray!)


Your testimonies will never depart from The BUD family oh lord. Fill our mouths with songs of joy in the mighty name of Jesus! Pray!


Amen in the Mighty Name of Jesus!


Sing this chorus song if you know it:


Ah Lord God

Thou art made the Heaven and the earth

By Thy outstretched arms


Ah Lord God

Thou art made the Heaven and the earth

By Thy outstretched arms


Nothing is too difficult for Thee

Nothing is too difficult for Thee

Great and mighty God

Great in counsel

Mighty in deeds

Nothing nothing

Absolutely nothing

Nothing is too difficult for Thee


(Sing over and over again till you are led to move on. God bless you sisters)


So, let’s see the burdens of our sisters and pray for each of the request as we are led. Pray vehemently like they are the problems of you and your family. May the Lord bless our willing hearts in Jesus Name. Amen.




1. I want to know the direction in which God is calling me to walk in. Ever since I finished my NYSC in February, I’ve done different things but haven’t been so productive. I have been writing applications for jobs but haven’t gotten any favorable reply. I want God to intervene and provide a job for me that wouldn’t take away my time to serve God.

When it comes to marriage, I don’t want to marry late and I don’t want to miss the person God has designed to be my husband. 
I also want my sister to meet the man designed to be her husband. My parents married late. Almost everyone on my father’s side married late and some have issues in their marriages. On my mother’s side almost all of them didn’t get married the right way. So I don’t any of those bad records to be repeated in my life and that of my siblings.
2. I want the children of God to pray that the will of God be done in my life in all areas. 
In marriage, he should bring all He has said to me to pass and I would marry well and His will for me. The devil will not stop the plan and purpose of God in my marital life
Also, my sisters of marriageable age will marry well as well. 
As regards my career, God would direct me to His purpose and desire for me. He should put me in the path of the actualization of His will for me career-wise. 
Great jobs for my siblings. They would not lack sustenance and sufficiency in all areas and their career
Good health for my parents and anything that would cause them tears and sorrow is far from them forever. God should keep them both to reap all the fruits of their labour. 
3. I have come of age (33) for marriage and I’m not comfortable staying alone any more, let the God that said it is not good for a man to be alone settle me with a Christian home. I want God to give me a clear answer on who it is that he designed me to be a help meet to. I don’t want to make mistakes in marriage cos that will make going to heaven at last difficult.
4. I want every hindrance in my marital journey to be taken away. By next Juicy July I want to be settled.
I want God’s clear leading as regards my career path and fulfillment of His purpose in my life.
I want to experience a greater measure of God’s presence in my life. 
I want the salvation of 2 of my friends that were once in christ but backslided.
My sister’s marriage is not what God intends godly marriage to be. I want a renewal in that home and a perfection of God’s will there. 
5. I pray to conceive this Juicy July and I pray for a covenant of ease for the period of pregnancy and delivery. I recently had miscarriage and it was our first issue, affliction will not arise again in my life and family.
Also, I pray for speed and mercy for my relocation process to join my husband before the end of 2023 in the United States. All processes and protocols are in my favour with speed and mercy so I can deliver our baby(ies) over there.
I pray that the Lord will make a name for Himself through my life and family.
Negativity/Bad report will not mock all my Juicy July prayer points in Jesus name.
Lord deliver me, my husband and our marriage/home from the stronghold of a third party in whatever form (persons/object). Let love and unity in my home be stronger than before in Jesus name.
6. I want my BUD family to join me in prayers concerning my two elder brothers that God’s plan will be fulfilled in their lives and destiny.
I want BUD to join me in praying also for my elder sister for marital settlement this year
I want BUD to join me in prayers for financial breakthrough, 
I want BUD to join me in prayers for my fiance to get a new job with a higher pay. 
7. Every obstacle that is coming my way that doesn’t want me to graduate and start my Nysc this year, I destroy them in the name of Jesus
8. My family needs financial breakthrough this period. I want God to provide in a miraculous way without delay. I do not want to borrow. 
9. Looking unto God for fruitfulness in my life, spiritual, marriage, career, and every other areas. 
10. As God has promised me a year of fulfilment, I speak it into my life.
11. God’s divine provision and mercy upon my family.
Special favour from above among men.
God’s breakthrough and help in my professional journey (success in my professional exams).
The silent prayers that I pray to God should indeed be answered.
God’s hands on my spiritual life, I want to be intentional about Him.
I want a total turn around in my life, I am tired and sick of being stagnant, I want God to lift me up.
As a student I want God to shed His light of understanding upon me. That every thing I do is with discernment from the Holy Spirit and that I do not waste time waiting and looking for men’s approval. And I want to have a true connection with God that any time I read my eyes should be open to what I read. I’m tired of reading and teaching others before an examination and they all come out with better results than me. I believe that I have been destined for greatness. Whatever mountain is hindering me, let them be removed. 
I pray specifically for my CGPA, God please raise it up. I do not want to settle for less this exam period
Lord Jesus I pray and commit my brand unto you, I want you to perfect all that concerneth it.
God I’m asking for your leading in marriage, I don’t want to miss it.
God I’m desperately in need of a new phone, please raise helpers for me.
Lord you have your way of doing things, you made me come across the BUD family prayer guide for a reason. Make me a part of this family and do not take them far away from me.
12. My brother Samuel Ozieme is missing since November last year. I want God to deliver him, forgive and show him mercy and bring him back home
13. Power of the Holy Ghost 
Miracles of success in my academics 
Divine Favour for me and my family 
14. Please, I want the BUD family to join me in Prayers with regards to
My financial life, I keep making mistakes that get me into debts, and that I need God to help me, presently I need some amount of money to cover up for something and I don’t have any idea as to where to get it.
My academic life, I want to be free from academic struggle, this life of reading and struggling to pass is enough.
My Spiritual life, I want God to help me get my feet stable and consistent in Him.
God’s will be done with regards to my brother’s admission.
May God grant my brothers good success in their exams. 
15. I need our prayers concerning my marital life. There is a brother who approached me for marriage, though, not a member of my church, but ever since then, it seems he has been dragging his feet possibly because of finance. Though he desired to settle down quickly but there seems to be challenges. I have been praying for open doors for Him because I have prayed and confirmed he is the one. Please, I need our prayers so every barrier will be taken away and the will of God be done in the right time.
16. Prayer for financial breakthrough to be able to pay off the debt hanging on me. I don’t even know how to go about it because it’s to be used within the next two weeks.
Prayer for my big sister from another mother for the fruit of the womb. Since she had miscarriage sometime last year before traveling out, she’s been so scared to take in again.
17. Ma, my family has been on a project ( building of house) for many years, yet we’re not able to conclude it. If not a financial issue, it will be labourers delay. From one delay to another, o ti su mi,. We’re tired of living in a rented apartment. God should pls, build the house for us completely.
18. Sisters, one of my friends eats a lot in the dream and has sexual intercourse there too. This made her not to get pregnant for many years after marriage. Finally she got married and this spiritual issues happened again in her dream and the baby died. She experiences strange visitations in her bedroom also that she can’t resist. I want God to deliver her from these spiritual oppressions, save her from demonic infiltration and give her the ability to have her own children in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 
19. I want the people of God to pray for my family that God will provide abundantly for us. God should intervene in my family and frustrate the plans of the devil that wants to cause separation in my family. Also I want the family to pray that God will cause me to have excellent results in the exams I have written.
20. I want the BUD family to help me pray about my admission. I have been out of college since 2021 and I haven’t been able to collect my results till now due to admission problem. There’s a registration I need to do that my registration number was mistaken and sent to Abuja and it has been a problem sorting the admission, so I went there again on Friday and was told that it has been corrected but it hasn’t drop but I don’t understand ma. My prayer is that God should sort it out because I need to further my education and I need the results. 
21. My prayer point is basically about “knowing the Will of God” for my life; in maritally and academically.
22. I want my beloved sisters to help me pray in regards to my marital settlement. It happened that the state church committee where I am based, is known for taking a very long time to process marital programs. Brethren within the state often complain about the delay people suffer before finally getting married. Once, they tell me, I always tell them my case must be different. I want my beloved sisters to help me pray against DELAY, DISTRACTIONS AND WHATSOEVER THAT MAKES THE MARRIAGE COMMITTEE IN MY STATE TO TAKE SUCH LONG TIME. That God should indeed make my case different. He should perfect all he has started within a short period so as to truly prove that my case is different. This 2023 will not pass me by.
He should also provide all we will be needing financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to make the wedding a huge success.
God should give me a wonderful job that will have me surprised and amazed.
God should bless my future spouse greatly and open financial doors for him for business connections that will forever change his status.
God should destroy every conspiracy of the enemy against my mum, our family and her business.
God should uplift me into the height he has been showing me and his servants all these while. He should change my story to the glory of his name.
God should also bless all our BUD members and those he has been using to prepare the prayer bulletins.
23. Please ma, I want the Children of God to join me in prayers in getting a good and proper job, I’ve been praying and sending in applications for some years now. 
Marital settlement because I’m in my early 30s and I don’t want this year too pass me by
Open heavens of his blessings in every area of my life and family.
24. My spiritual life is stagnant. I don’t do my quiet time anymore. Prayers are short. I rarely preach salvation to others. I need intervention. 😭😭😭
I want financial breakthrough
25. I want to know God more. Eagerness of Him
I have been asking God the following questions and I want God to answer Me during this Juicy July programme
Why I was born into this world. 
What would God have me to do for Him and l don’t want to miss it maritally (Who should be my helpmate) that by this time next year I want to be doing Juicy July in my husband’s house and together with my husband.
I didn’t want to do my masters in Nigeria that the Lord should come through for me
26. I really want God to give me a good and a better job and also God should connect me to my destiny helpers. I also want God to perfect my journey to my promised land too
27. Pls I want the children of God to join me in prayer. 
I want God to provide for my parents so they can send my school fees, which the deadline is the 15th of this month, miraculously🙏
I want divine open doors in my family and siblings 🙏
I need spiritual helpers be directed to my life🙏
I pray against every curse in my life. When good things are coming to my life, suddenly they’re seized and changed to negative things🙏🙏🙏
My life seems like I am not going forward in life. Everything seems backward. No growth. No progress. No achievement. I have no good news in my life. I want they children of God to join me in prayers 🙏🙏 🙏
28. I want God to intervene in family and vindicate us from the plot of wicked friend.
I want God to intervene in my academics esp in my results.
I want God’s will for my life in the state to serve(NYSC), Marriage and Job opportunity.
29. I desire unprecedented growth in my walk with God. I want to grow deeper everyday.
I earnestly desire marital settlement for myself and sister. That the Lord will divinely settle us before the end of this year, that our joy will be full in Jesus name.
I’m praying for job settlement for myself and sister. Befitting jobs for our educational qualifications. We don’t want anything below by His mercies. Jobs that will allow us serve the Lord effectively.
I pray for divine direction on the next phase of life. I desire clarity on every side.
I pray the Lord will complete the project that my parents are into presently.
There’s a goitre in my sisters throat and we have been trying to carry out an operation. My parents gets scared any time the decision is to be made. I pray for Gods intervention that the thing must be sorted out this year as it is getting bigger. 
I pray that the lord will settle my brother, his wife and children where they are. Everything will work for their favor .
30. My pregnancy is overdue and no sign of labour yet. Please, I want the people of God to pray with me🥹 that God should trigger the labour and keep myself and my baby safe🙏🏼
31. My neighbor’s marriage will be restored fully. That God will touch his wife’s heart to relocate to this state and join him SPEEDILY.
Admission into Computer Science Department University of Abuja for my Younger brother.
I want to marry. Marriage is hungrying me ooo. It is hungrjying me now dear Lord. I want to be married before this year ends or to have met my Man of God before this year ends.
32. I would love the children of God to pray with me concerning my academics. Sometimes ago(200level second semester and 300level first semester to be precise), I fell sick during exams and I failed 2 courses that semester and also had a number of E(s) in three units courses. That semester, I dropped from second class upper to second class lower. Since then, I’ve been trying my best as well as praying so I’ll get back to a second class upper at least. I am presently on 3.31 and I just wrote my final exams and did my project defense.
I really want to get to a 3.5 CGPA, that’s a second class upper😭 I studied and worked towards it during my final exams and I want the children of God to join me in prayers for God to show me mercy.
33. I lost a family member last week, he died in a very mysterious manner. This isn’t the first or the second family member I am losing, this is actually the fourth one! I want God to destroy every pattern of untimely death in my family and unravel the cause of this issue and expose the devil and his cohorts. And also let the Holy Spirit comfort our family during this grieving moment.
God should deliver me from long standing sickness. I have gone to the hospital, bee. given medications but I still feel the same way. I have gone for test and check ups but the results stated that I am okay but I know deep down I still feel sick. I have been battling this since 2020, I want God’s rest in the area of my health.
My elder sister has fibroid which is accompanied with heavy menstrual flow, I want God to deliver her completely and grant her sound health.
I’m supposed to start my internship this month, I have submitted my applications to several firms but still I haven’t been accepted yet, i want God to remember me and my application will be a success this month.
34. I want the house to join me in prayer concerning my brother’s life. I want the lord to deliver him and make a way for him this year. He has been out of school doing nothing. That this year things will turn around for him and God will make a way for him all around.
35. My sisters, pray with me to love God more.
I got a job with the federal government last year and since I started working with them, I have not been paid. My prayer is that I should be moved to a parastal that will enable growth and be a better human in all areas of my life. I don’t want to remain where I am, I want God to miraculous send me out of where I am to a better place.
This is the promotional season at my place of work, God should divinely lift me up, I cannot carry Jesus and be a mediocre.
God should please come to my aid, I want him to clarify all that needs to be clarified in my marital life, I am tired of saying No to proposals, I want him to open my eyes to see his perfect will as regards marriage for me.
God should please continue to keep my parents and siblings safe. 
Join me in praying for my siblings to love Jesus more.
God should please reveal to me what he wants me to do as regards furthering my studies and my career. I desperately want to know.
36. Spiritual sensitivity
I want clarity on my Nysc posting, that God should post me to a good place that’ll be favorable for me despite the negative things people have been saying. Also divine provision for my service.
That God should hasten my brother’s travel process, it has been long overdue, that this very month all the documents he needs will be ready so he can start his visa process and that God should break all protocols for his sake.
God should be bless me with a good phone this July 
I need restoration of lost glory in my life and family, the devil has stolen from us enough, God in His glory,will remove every reproach from my family😭
God’s healing upon my dad, this recurring sickness will end and never to return
Clarity upon my life endeavors, my ministry, career and business.
Favour to receive a grant I applied for that will be disbursed by 10th July🙏
Clear instructions on His will for my life partner, I refuse to be confused.
37. My department is compiling our results for our final transcript but I had an issue with a course which was omitted from my transcript. I got an A in that course. Another course was recorded as B whereas I got an A. I want the children of God to join me in prayers, that these errors would be rectified
38. I’m preparing towards my wedding this October and it looks as though nothing is forth coming. I want the family to join me in prayers for Divine provision in my life and that of my fiancee.
39. I want God to bring my divine husband before the end of this month and before I finish post graduate school, God should settle me maritally
I want to graduate excellently well in my masters level. 
God should save my sister, Blessing. 
And also for God to provide a better job for me and settle I and my family financially
40. My prayer request is that God should take away every confusion from the heart of the brother coming for me. And that every uncertainty be taken away from his heart. I also want God to speak to me again clearly on the step to take concerning my marriage proposal issues.
41. Sister join me in prayers. Since I got married and gave birth to my baby it has been as if I am lost🥹. As if I just live to eat, do chores, sleep and wake up. And I have this urge in me that there is more to my life than the routine. I have been asking God for help to open my eyes to see Him and who I am and supposed to be. It worries me. When I start a business it will thrive and then die. When I start training, I won’t just find the zeal to finish. Like, I am just fading away😭😭😭😭Sisters, help me in prayers that God should show me mercy and make me live out His purpose again. 
I really desire godly friends. I don’t have any friend that I can confidently talk and pray with. Most times I am sad about it. Please join me in prayers that God should send godly friends to me and make me friendly and lovable too in Jesus name Amen. 
We have been looking for accommodation for some time now but it looks difficult, join me in prayers that God will provide a suitable accommodation for us before July ends cos we have been told to leave by July ending.
My son and I have been waiting for the decision on our permit since we joined my husband and we applied since November and till now it has not come. Sisters, I can’t work, open bank account or do major things without that permit. That God will make it a positive decision and it will get to us before July ends in Jesus name Amen. 
Sisters, my dad has tumor on his right neck at the back and this thing has grown to the size of a 1year old baby. We don’t have money for the surgery and daddy is scared he may not make it alive. We are just begging God to kill that tumour and stop it from growing again in Jesus name. Amen. 
Again my dad is not born again and he has sacrificed a lot for I and my siblings we have preached, prayed and invited him to programs but yet not born again. That God will visit him and save his soul from damnation in Jesus name Amen.
42. Please I need prayers as regards my deficiency in Mathematics. I was told today by my HOD that without Maths, I won’t be able to graduate. My prayer request is that God should work out a miracle for me. As regards Mathematics, I have written it several times and after much effort, I would end up failing. I want God to step into my situation and turn it around for my good🙏🙏
43. My family is trusting God for divine help concerning a project. It is our desire to see that it works before the end of August and we are trusting God for that. Please help join in praying that our expectations shall not be cut short and God’s will for us will be perfectly established. 
Also, I am trusting God that I will be done with my research work by this time next year. Please join me in praying for divine speed and acceleration. 
I am trusting God for international breakthrough in my career starting this year. Please join me in praying that the right doors will be opened unto me and I will work through them in Jesus name. 
My Sister is trusting God for her internship in a particular organisation. She has an interview soonest. Please ask that the Lord will show her His favour and order her steps. 
I have three sisters dear to my heart and they have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for at least 7 to 8 years. Please join in praying that this time next year I will testify for each of them for How the Lord has blessed them with their own babies.
44. I’m not impressed with the way my spiritual life is going, my prayer life is dying, sometimes I find it hard to pray. Even this Juicy July, I’ve not been consistent unlike the previous ones. I had the mind of not joining at all, but I know it won’t do me any good but still I just glance through the bulletin. My request is God should visit my prayer life. I need Him to arrest that aspect of my life again. 
Another request is that I’ve been going into depression a lot. Things have not been going well at my end. I’ve been out of work for a long time now. I’ve submitted applications, nothing is showing forth and my little business is not sustaining me any longer. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do in the family financially and cause of that, things have not been fine with me. I need God’s intervention. I need sponsors for my business. I wish to expand and I also need a well paying job. 
45. Please help me pray that God will restore my vision and help me to be able to hear him clearly.
I want God to deliver me from the ‘almost there but never there’ syndrome.
I want God to reveal my future partner to me this year. I’m tired of saying No.
I want God to deliver my family and I from financial struggles.
Please pray for me that God will save the life of my siblings from sin and Satan.
46. I pray for divine wisdom to nurture and train up the Gift the Lord has given to me. I will not fail as a mother
I pray for outstanding success for my husband as he’s rounding off his program in school.
I pray for divine guidance and leading as we take steps concerning our relocation
47. Please my prayer requests Is for God to raise up sponsors for my Ican examinations and also that I never have reasons to rewrite any papers I write once🙏
Also financial breakthrough for my parents and God should please clear up my parents’ debts.
48. Establishment of my business; (fabrics, materials,) a shop in a good location on a platter of favour. Money to stuck the shop with goods.
Miraculous surgery for my mother’s leg, so she can walk perfectly again.
Fruit of the womb for me ( twins; a boy and a girl) with the baptism of the Holy ghost. 
The Lord should build myself and my husband a house, 3 flats on our plot of land.
I ask for godly wisdom, and then, the manifestation of God’s gracious power in all areas of my life.
Fulfilment of God’s promises for my husband.
Salvation for my siblings and their families.
49. There’s a decision I want to take which I know God is leading me to do (concerning my academics), but my parents are not in support and don’t even want to see reasons why I should venture into it thinking it is a waste of time and that they don’t have money to help me with anything. I want the family to help me pray that God makes a way of provision to help venture into what He has called me for, and that He should visit my parents and touch them so they can support me, even if not financially, I need their emotional support because it’s a long road ahead.
50. I’m doing my post graduate programme and my transcript is supposed to have been sent to my school but it has been delayed due to one reason or the other. Please let the sisters help me pray that it will be released this week and I’ll have testimony concerning it to the glory of God.
Also, I have prayer request for marital breakthrough. Please let them help me pray concerning this too and that God should give me a striking testimony to His glory.
51. My younger Sister had a scan last year that states that she has PCOS( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Her menses has been irregular too. We want a reversal of this diagnosis. We want her next scan to reveal normal findings in Jesus Name.
52. I want the BUD family to join us in prayers that the Lord should completely heal my brother from diabetes type 1.
53. I own a business and things have been good but I want it to be better. I want more customers and clients home and abroad. I want the BUD sisters to join me in prayers. That the Lord should breathe upon my business.
I will be completing school this year. I have been nervous and scared about life after school. I want my sisters to join me that the hand of God lead and guide me in all my ways
There is a contract that was given to my mom and dad but it’s taking too long to get to the final stage. Join me in prayers that all project receive and experience the speed of God. 
54. I want God to bless me with the fruit of the womb
I want my husband to join me in Ibadan, he works out of town, I want God to open another opportunity in Ibadan where he can work.
Perfect health for me, I have been experiencing high blood pressure and a pain on my left hand.
My husband’s business partner absconded with the business fund. Help pray that he will be found and all our money retrieved
55. There is a female lecturer in my department that just hates me for no reason. She says I complain a lot even when I don’t open my mouth to talk. If I greet her she won’t respond. She has delayed me severally from taking practicals. My classmates has told me to go and beg her personally because anyone she hates doesn’t graduate with ease. She is the only female lecturer, so other lecturers and professors listen to her. 
I’m scared because I don’t want any issue. She is also my part adviser. I know prayer does all things, so I want the children of God to join me in prayers, I want this woman to start loving me without any reason. 
56. I want God to reveal more of Himself to me.
I want directions as to the fulfillment of my purpose.
I want God to hasten my result compilation and NYSC mobilisation in my school and department.
I want God to give me reassuring and abiding peace.
I want God to promote my siblings at their place of work.
I want God to perfect my Mother’s health.
I want to operate in greater realm of the fruit of the spirit.
57. I want the BUD sisters to lift their voices for my elder sister, her marriage is a year and some months now. No sign of pregnancy. So they went to see a gynecologist and he said she won’t be able to conceive. She thought maybe the doctor was joking (and he is definitely joking in Jesus name. Amen).
They went to another hospital and it was the same result and another hospital again, the same thing. I want you all to raise your voices for her that the Lord God will put our enemies to shame. She will take in this month. Although she is not a BUD member but all the prayer bulletins I’ve been sending to her.
58. I want God to open my eyes and that of my family concerning what to do about our finances and the kind of business to venture in.
Increase for my Mum’s business and removal of stagnancy
Help for my sister who just got admission, for school fees and for myself who also has school fees to pay this month. As a matter of fact, the due date is next tomorrow. That God will settle us and give us a miraculous testimony concerning these.
God should take what belong to my family and I from those who are holding unto it.
59. My family needs urgent financial breakthrough as we are in between a process and I don’t want us to borrow. God should raise men to help/gift us and meet our financial needs.
60.My fiancé and I are planning to get wedded towards the last quarter of the year. We need divine sponsors from all spheres of life to establish and settle us. We pray that all our needs will be met miraculously.
We are in need of good and comfortable accommodation within Lagos and its environs.
I pray to God to open my left ear. I have been unable to hear with it since I discovered the issue.
My current job has been demanding and it’s taking up most of my life. I pray to God to pave the way and provide a better job for me.
I pray to God to provide a new car for my Dad.
Lord, show my fiancé and me the way of our lives. Guide us on what we need to do to pave the way for our financial settlement and make a positive impact in the lives of others.
There are families seeking the Lord for the gift of children. I pray that the Lord answers their prayers.
I pray that the Lord cancels every covenant of death over my family.
Lord, grant us rest.
61. God should put an end to every power limiting my sister’s husband.                                      
God should give me breakthrough in my finances, business and marital life.
62. I was strongly determined to fast and pray during this juicy July program. But as it is now, I have not been feeling well. I have taken the necessary medications but it is still the same. Please I need prayers for quick recovery from this sickness that has been holding me down,🙏
63. I want the children of God to join me to pray for the restoration of my elder brother. He declared that he’s no longer a Christian. I want God to restore him.
My siblings and I are due for marriage. I want the children of God to pray for a marital breakthrough for us this year.
My mummy’s Blood pressure and heart rate is high. I want God to heal her totally, and bring the BP to normal.
I am unemployed,I want God to provide a well paying job of 300k monthly for me this month of July.
My sisters and I trade in crypto and I want God to bless our trades.
I want God to settle the debt of my daddy, and all the debts in my family and grant my daddy sound health. 
I want God to provide a grant to start my agricultural business. 
I want God to settle my friend maritally this year, and heal one of my sisters from breast cancer.
64. I want to be genuinely saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost
I want to be healed from All sicknesses and diseases. Sickle cell is just a name and it can therefore have no power over me, so therefore I want it removed completely.
I want to be completely free from Satan. As I’m in oshogbo for my program, I want nothing of any sort to disturb me and nothing will make me stop this program in Jesus name. 
I want to excel in all my exams, both the clinical, practicals, hospital finals and nclex exam, there shall not be any resit or reference of any sort. 
Give unto me in this Juicy July a man after Your own heart, that will love me and that we’ll serve you together, Lord. 
I want the spirit of anger, bitterness, malice and all sorts to leave my life completely and never to come back. 
I want my genotype to be changed from SS to AA, I believe the Lord can do this for me.
I want a good and stable job after my nursing program Lord
65. I need more clarity in every areas of my life on His leading.
I want a Financial freedom for myself and my family.
I have an hormonal imbalance, and I am to be placed on drugs till I get married, I have not started using the drug for about a year that it’s be prescribed. I want the Holy Spirit to touch my hormones, so my period can be stable. And that I will have no complications.
66. I have a serious issue that brings shame to me anytime it occurs. It’s a generational shameful issue. It affects my cousins too though they are younger. I want God to take it away permanently because it always goes and comes.
Also, my family has been going through tough times for a while now, battles here and there. Times when we don’t even have money to travel or eat, our businesses too, so many challenges surrounding it. Prayer for helpers seems like we are praying fruitlessly, as if some forces are holding our answers back. I’m trusting God for this month as this is in my prayer journal.
I want God to break the barriers of want, poverty and fruitlessness in my family. Let our helpers locate us too in Jesus name.
67. Financial breakthrough and open doors for my family. 
I want to travel out for my master’s this year. Let God make way for me and open doors with His favour upon my life. 
Salvation for my family.
68. Please I need the family to join me in prayers for my mum. It’s been over a month now and we couldn’t find her bedsheet/bedspread and ever since we couldn’t find it, my mum has been coming from one illness or the other she hasn’t gotten her self back and just last night we couldn’t sleep as she was struggling with body pains.
Help me pray for total healing and restoration that no evil conspiracy on her life shall come to manifestation in the mighty name of Jesus. And whatever incantations that has been made on her using her bedspread is nullified in Jesus mighty name. Amen
My mum is all I have 😭😭😭 and she has gone through a lot to see us where we are today therefore the devil has no power to stop her from enjoying the fruit of her labour.
69. Please I have a prayer request concerning my results. I wrote a particular paper and I was terribly marked down. I feel there was an exchange in my score or mistake in computation.
And I also want the brethren to pray for my results generally.
70. I want the children of God to pray for me and to pray with me that God will intervene in the situation in my life and heal me permanently from the seizure attack. Enough is enough of this satanic affliction in my life. Enough of the scare! I need divine intervention over my health. I am tired of the sickness. I claim my healing and deliverance by faith.
71. I am in the first year at the university. I mean first semester in my first year. And I will be writing an exam this week. I need BUD to pray that God should show me mercy and grant me favor. Honestly this is my first year in schools and I am scared.
72. I am preparing for an exam that is very important. An exam that I need/must to pass move to another academic level and phase of life. By God’s grace, I have been reading, and I will keep reading. But, the thought “what if?” Comes to mind and it brings fear. Please, I need your prayers. Please, pray for me. I trust God! I also want you to join your faith with mine that all will go well and at the end of it all, Jesus will be glorified.
73. I want God to restore to me everything I’ve lost. I’ve been seeking admission for years..
My exams are coming up soon. I want to come out in flying colors and gain admission this year.
I want God to see my eldest sister through who has been married for 6yrs without issue and she’s finally pregnant but the complications are much and the doctor is saying she might give birth through operation. I don’t want my sis to go through that but I want her to give birth like the Hebrew women. She’ll give birth by herself and the baby will be alive. She’ll be alive also and we’ll carry our bundle of Joy this year🥰
I also want God to raise helpers for my family and keep us in perfect health 
I want God to take away the yoke of sickness in my life
My aunt has been on stroke I want God to heal her
I want God to restore the marriages of my Uncles.
My Uncle’s wife who’s also looking for the fruit of the womb,I want God to visit her this year
I want God to arrest my brothers and bless our family business and give us TESTIMONIES this year.
74. I want God to settle my Elder brother maritally,he’ll not miss it in Marriage and Financially🙏
75. That God should give me a male child
76. I want God Almighty to heal me completely and permanently from sickle cell anaemia and its complications
I want God to draw me closer to him, I desire an intimate relationship with the Holy spirit. I pray for sufficient GRACE to commit myself to a consistent prayer life and study of word
I want God who has made a way for me to further my education even when all hope was lost to please see me through and help me to succeed by mercy not by merit 
I want God to deliver me completely and permanently from every evil marriage covenant with demons troubling my life and destiny 
I want God to remove by fire every embargo placed upon my life and destiny, that by this juicy July 2024 I’ll be either married or engaged & soon to be married to my God ordained husband according to the will, plan and purpose of God. That the yoke of delay will be broken from my life  
I pray that the my grandma’s house project that has been on hold for 11years now, the power of God will remove the embargo and it shall be effortless and beautifully completed by the mercy of God 
One of my friend and also my roommate in school have joined the prayer and fasting with me since day one they are not in the BUD FAMILY. I want God to answer our prayers, we will not pray in vain. My roommate has never menstruated as a woman, neither does she have a perfectly grown breast. I want Jesus Christ to please touch her with his healing hands that by the reason of these prayers she will begin to menstruate and her breast will grow out normally in the name of Jesus 
I want God Almighty to deliver my earthly Father from the spirit of debts and return him back to his first love. Jesus Christ .
I want God to heal my grandma completely from rheumatism, save her soul genuinely and give her a long healthy life to reap the fruits of her labour over me. 
I want God to please grant financial breakthrough, inspire me with unique, godly business ideas and innovations that will open doors of great opportunities and financial breakthrough
77. I need complete deliverance from a particular sickness that has been ravaging my family. I mean up to 5 of us in a family gets attacked by this evil sickness.
I want my marriage to receive speedy approval and breakthrough this juicy July
I have two very important people in my life that are married but fruit of the womb, let God visit them this juicy July.
Let every yoke of financial struggle be broken in my life and family
Up to twice now, concurrently, I’ve been receiving a message on the need for a new garment. I don’t know what exactly it is, but let God remove from me every old, filthy and shameful garment and give me a new garment. I am coming with my testimonies in Jesus name.
78. I want BUD sisters to join me in prayers that concerns my big brother. It hurts that things aren’t working well for him, and it has really affected the family. I want God to intervene on his matter, make things work out and draw him closer to himself.
79. So I recently got admission to a school and I am really looking up to God for provision for all that I need, I don’t have the money (the money is in Millions) but I am trusting that God will do it.
Also, there is a particular certificate I am waiting for, its really taking time to be out, I want the children of God to join me to pray that it will come out before July ends.
80. I want the BUD family to help me pray concerning my exams, I trust God so much for a boost in my CGPA, and I want the family to pray concerning it.
81. That God in His infinite Mercy and Grace make me and other concerned BUD sisters pass our final examinations. That we do not have to resit any course. He should turn out tears to joy
82. I want the children of God to join me in prayers that the person who scammed me will be exposed and apprehended and my money fully refunded soonest. 
83. I want the children of God to join me in prayers that my last semester exam result will come out great that no evil lecturer will be able to manipulate my score for evil purpose
I want the children of God to join me in prayers that I won’t mismarry or miss it maritally
84. For the past month now I’ve been facing financial difficulties. Suddenly, all my income streams seem shut off. Debtors everywhere and nothing seems to be moving. I’m almost going into debt because of this. Even places I’ve worked and expecting to be paid have not remitted for more than a month and I’m confused why the sudden attack on my finances. 
I noticed that whenever I send money to my parents, it’s as if the enemy doesn’t want it, because the way I’ll go broke afterwards ehnn.. even places where I didn’t have issues before, I’d start hearing stories.
Please ma, I want the children of God to join me in prayers to open the gates of my financial doors into abundance once more and that embargo that comes whenever I send money to my parents to be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus. I strongly believe Jesus is in this house and he hears the cry of his daughters.
85. My prayer request is that I need healing from infection. I have been having vigina itching for the past two weeks. I have used drugs, taken injection, yet it’s still there
86. It happened that the Lord granted me an opportunity to leave the shores of Nigeria as regarding work in which I had to stay with my uncle and since I got there, I’ve been working on getting my own Accommodation in preparation for my husband to join me but I haven’t gotten any. My prayer request is that I want the BUD family to join their faith with mine in prayers for me to get an accomodation before the month.
87. I want to know God at deeper measure. 
I want God to give me clarity and confirmation concerning my marital life.
I need financial breakthrough.
88. I’m currently preparing for my second semester exams in school, that God should make me pass excellently, I want to have only A’s and B’s throughout.
And I’m also preparing for a professional exam as well, that God should help me pass all excellently, I don’t want to have reference in any of the courses
89. That God would grant me more revelation of him. More love for him
I want God to raise help and great provisions for my business in a most amazing way.
I want God to settle my sister and I maritally not with just anybody but with his best and I want Him to make me patient in the process.
I want God to offset all my debts and that if my family.
90. I want God to settle maritally. It is long overdue I’ll be 43 this September. I believe in a juicy miracle.
I want God to visit me this month with Financial breakthrough
91. I want the BUD family to join me in praying for a scholarship that I want to apply for this month, that God should grant me favour to be selected part of those to be granted the scholarship and that God should also grant me accommodation in my school hostel for next session.
92. I have been having serious financial issues recently. Yet to pay my school fees and to feed has been difficult. Most times I miss lectures because I don’t have money for transport and there is always one issue or the other from home. I want the sisters to help me pray that God provides for me and my family miraculously, cause right now, I am at the verge of losing my mind.
God should also calm the storm that has been raging in my family. I also want my siblings to truly know God and follow Him. I want my life to show that indeed I serve a living God.
93. I have been stagnant in my career since I graduated in 2017. I have been unable to get a stable job. I lost the first one during covid and since then I didn’t get anything again. Last year November I got another one but I was laid off this February. Then I started to apply for masters to upgrade my certificate. I had lost hope because I long graduated but 
I got a 50% scholarship to study in Cyprus but the remaining expenses are still overwhelming with no help in sight except God.😢 I want to ask BUD sisters to pray for me that I will get the funding before school resumes in September. I believe that this July will not pass me by. I have been reading the testimonies and my faith has been lifted up. 
94. I believe that we serve a living God in BUD. The first one is about my grandma, she’s in her late 60’s. Sometimes this year, the news got to me that she’s seeing blood in her private part. On getting to the hospital and consulting a family nurse, we were made to know that she would need to remove her womb, we’ve been praying but it’s still like that. No money for surgery and considering the risk involved as her age, we need divine intervention. The bleeding should stop and everything should come back to normal.
Secondly, I want God to rake away debt from life. I’ve been going from one debt to another, presently I have over #200,000. I know there’s a God who answers prayer in BeeYuuDee. I will come back and testify
95. I need baba God to give my husband a permanent better job and also help bring us to stay in one place as a couple.
96. My professional license was missing since last year. When they sent my mate’s licence, mine wasn’t there and the attention of the governing body was called to it. We’ve written to them, all to no avail, and without this license I won’t be allowed into the NYSC camp and also I can’t practice without it .
I need God’s intervention.
That God will provide a good Job for my siblings
Lastly that God should settle me maritally. That which He has promised should come to mainifestation.
97. God’s will should be done concerning me changing course to pharmacy/nursing.
God should make me grow spiritually, academically, financially and in all areas of my life
God should settle my sisters down maritally with the right man before the next juicy July program
98. I need a very good phone. My phone is old and it’s malfunctioning. I’ve been praying about it before, and I trust God to provide one miraculously before the end of July.
The road to our house that has been blocked illegally, giving the whole community discomfort for over 2years now, I want God to open it by his power. The case is in court already, but till now, they’ve been adjourning it.
99. God should revive my prayer life back 
God should financially favour me before the end of this juicy july month
God should make my request for the ICAN scholarship granted even though I am yet to apply for it but will by this week
God should grant me a miracle job at the places I have submitted my CV 
God should sender helpers who will be willing to help me into the NAVAL DSSC training when the form comes out.
God should restore peace to my relationship with my fiance.
God should bestow upon me wisdom, knowledge and understanding to undergo my ICAN and my data analysis
100. I want the BUD family to pray for me that God should provide a sewing machine for me because I am almost through with training and I am yet to buy and help is not forthcoming.
101. I want my sisters to help me to pray for divine provision, I need helpers, I’ve started my traveling processing but we’ve just seen 1/4 of the funding needed and I believe he will do the rest. I know He is the only one that can do this for me, I want God to raise fund for me, he should do a miracle from where we least expected, He should surprise us and not put us to shame🙏🙏
102. LORD let my Second half of this year 2023 be greater and better than my first half of this year 2023.
LORD connect and bring my Destiny helpers to me.
LORD take me from where I am now to where I ought to be in life and destiny.
LORD give me a good and a better Job in this second half of the year 2023.
LORD perfect all that concerns me and my household and please Lord, perfect my journey to my promised Land.
LORD I need a marital breakthrough
LORD have mercy on me. Show me your Mercy and Favour me Lord.
All these I ask through JESUS Christ my LORD and Savior. AMEN
103. Salvation for my younger brother
I want the company where I was posted for my NYSC to accept me even before the end of this Juicy July and also retain me after my service
104. I’m currently in a training that will last for 6 months. We’re at the last phase of the training, results was released and my score wasn’t encouraging enough to scale me through. Please join me in prayer that during the final grading that God should help me to graduate with a good grade so that I can get my certificate. Thank you. 🙏🏽
105. I want God to heal my Dad totally. He has been diagnosed with prostate issues and we’ve been spending money in the hospital from one test to another buying expensive drugs and that. Like we are almost giving up. God should open the door of remembrance in my family. Let the sound of celebration be heard in my family
I have 3 sisters and none of us is married I’m older and just clock 30 last month. No serious suitor at all. It’s becoming frustrating because at times it seems waiting is not really worth it.
I also want God to direct the path of my brother. Since he finished secondary school he hasn’t been doing any tangible thing
I and my family just need the help of God
106. I’m a 200lvl medical students and my pre-mb is drawing near, like i’m writing it from 17th July which was normally supposed to be in August. I really need the mighty hand of God cause if it’s by what I’ve read, I know I’ve failed. I want God to have mercy upon me and favour me with a distinction so I get promoted to 300lvl. Also I want God to grant me specific direction on how to read and answer questions.
107. Please ma, I need B.U.D prayer for my family. Things have not been going smooth at all for us for some past years and one of my brothers has graduated some years ago , he has been going for different interviews but no result.
108. May the Lord give me a promotion at my work. May he make me ready and get all the knowledge I need to pass all type of interviews I will go through towards this promotion. May he break protocols for me and my husband. Amen
109. My husband has been complaining of a heart/chest pain for about a year now, we have done several scans and tests, and the result showed nothing is wrong with him. I want the children of God to join me to pray for his divine healing. 
110. My two elder sisters have been down for years now. The eldest amongst them, haven’t been able to get a husband and she’s due. Then the other one miraculously got married but haven’t been able to conceive. They have gone to different hospital but still no result. 
Also I need prayers for my two elder brothers. One studied marine engineering and the other studied fisheries. They have graduated and have been trying to survive with the handwork they learnt yet nothing good is coming out of it. They have complained to me several times about how frustrating things are, despite being graduates and even having different handiworks, yet there’s nothing good to write home about. I sincerely want God to settle and establish them. 
Lastly I have been experiencing severe pains in my chest. When it starts, I find it difficult to breathe. I went to check up and the doctor asked me to go do ECG, which I did and she said nothing is wrong with me. The result shows that everything is ok but I know I am not fine because the pain still persists and I don’t know what else to do because I have been praying about it and it will go then suddenly return back again. I want a final and complete healing. 
111. Pray with me that God will completely heal me. I have gastritis and ulcers and it’s been difficult for me to fast especially for the past few days. I’ve been ending my fasts midway coz of the pain I’ve been experiencing and weakness in my body when I stay long without food. I want God to heal me completely and that I should have the strength to carry on this entire program without fail. 
112. The Lord should grant me resounding success as I start my 1st semester final year exams. 
The Lord should stablish my dad in his job. 
113. I want the children of God to join in prayer to pray for mum that the Lord will deliver her from spiritual attack of the wicked one,I traveled last week Friday only to come back to find my mum not speaking well as if her tongue was twisted.
I want the Lord to give me a well paid job and also settle me maritally soonest.
I want the Lord to restore my father from spiritual backsliding.
114. As I was leaving for work this morning, my landlady called me and shared something with me. Her elder sister’s husband wants to take another wife and they can’t understand the reason why, so she wants me to join them in prayers. I want the BUD sisters to also join in prayers that God will intervene in the situation and turn the heart of the man back to his wife and that God’s love will take over in their home 🙏🏻
115. I sent this last juicy July and I know God is working even if I don’t see it…It’s about my Family. Most especially my Twin Brother. Haaaa. The devil has lost the battle We’ve been on his matter right from when we were small. He keeps getting worse and I’m scared. He is addicted to smoking. Hmmmm. He smokes different things. The recent update is that he’s behaving somehow. I travelled down to Abuja because he had an appointment with the doctor today and what I heard him tell the doctor today broke my heart. He said he has stopped smoking other things but he still smokes indian hemp. Now they want to admit him for 3months only for my brother to ask that if after the three months, will he be able to abstain. My concern is the fact that he thinks we can’t change his mindset. He is not even sober to change. He’s violent. I’ve been asking God to help me talk to him but if I just ask him how far, he’d get angry and shout at me.
Mamaaaaa,,I want God to take away the satisfaction he finds in smoking and to give him a reason to want to change. I’ve preached, talked and even prayed but my brother is not even behaving like he wants to change. He goes out and smokes and comes back home and sleeps like someone who is dead. He was supposed to sign out last month ooo, mamaaa, my bro can’t even go back to that school. I’m scared. I cry most times. I pray always and I won’t stop praying
I don’t even know what to do cos his case is affecting my mum’s health day by day. I’m really scared. I’m sorry for my long note
I just want him to encounter Christ. He won’t have to struggle the way he is struggling. He said he was a cultist but that he left but I’m not seeing any signs of leaving. Sometimes
I’m even scared of staying with him alone sef. I’m just tired but I’m trusting God. I hear testimonies of people who encountered Christ and things changed. I really want that testimony for my brother. I’ve seen it that his testimony will deliver so many people that’s why I trust God. 
116. I want B.U.D family to pray for me concerning my project defense that God will grant me favour before both my internal and external supervisor and that it will go well to the glory of God
I also want them to pray that God will prosper my parents businesses and that before this time next year we would have moved to our own house.
117. Please I want the family to join me in prayers. My friend I was talking about, it was just discovered that there was a mistake during registration and the visa application was rejected after spending a lot of money. God should turn things around before the 15th of this month. I believe in the God of BUD. He has never disappointed🙏🙏😭😭
My immediate sister messaged me now that there is an issue in her last semester results, that God, the great specialist should intervene.
118. I want God to bring to pass all that He has promised me.
I started a project, I want God to complete what He has started and make this project a success.
I am a bit ill. I want God to heal me and take away sickness from me.
I want God to perfect all He has started in my family and cause every member of my family to rejoice.
Lord, break the yoke of limitations in my family amd cause us all to make a loud noise of rejoicing.
119. I’d love BUD family to help me pray for favor regarding my job applications. I’ve been applying for awhile now and all the responses I’ve gotten so far is filled with “unfortunately’s”, and it’s really weighing me down already. LPrayers that the oil of favor be poured over my applications and I get a congratulatory message before July ends🙏🏾🙏🏾
120. I want the children of God to join me in prayers that:
God will touch NYSC to correct my brother’s date of birth it’s really taking much time
God will perfect all that concerns me academically. My results will come out with A’s and with a good CGPA.
God will prosper my family
God will provide a good job for my mum
God provide a new phone and a new sewing machine for me 
121. That the Lord will deliver me from every form of oppression, affliction and reproach in Jesus name.
That this Juicy July, I will be totally healed and delivered from Ulcer , GAED and symptoms of RVHD in Jesus name. Everything will become history in my life. That God will also use the Doctors attending to me to confirm my healing and I will stop taking drugs. And that I will come back to testify to the members of the BUD Family in Jesus name.
122. I want God to provide me a new phone as my old one is giving me issues already. I also want a laptop
Provision of Job for my Mum and greater opportunities and grant for my Dad
123. My brother will be writing his JUPEB exams in the first and second week of August, I want the sisters to join me in prayers for his success. The back up plan we had was his JAMB result, but the score he had is too low for the course he wants to study. His post jamb also was not okay at all, so our only hope now is his JUPEB exam which is even more difficult than the other exams he has done.
124. Examination success 
I want pararell A’s. I’ve read and done my best God should perfect my results.
Prayer for marital and financial breakthrough for my family
125. I am planning on relocating, as this is hindering my wedding plans. With the help of Christ, I am expecting God’s favor before next year’s birthday. We are both convinced the Lord wants us to establish the union. Brother got an opportunity to leave the country and trying to make an invite or get a PR or relocate to another country to get PR has been challenging. We want God’s miracle on it. 
If he would come to Nigeria to see my people for engagement and other processes and we’d be able to go back after the wedding, he has to get PR or a better version of the visa that he has. I want God’s power to back up plans and cancel all forms of DELAY.
126. I want BUD to join me in prayers, I just got a call that my mummy has been admitted in the hospital. She has been sick since Sunday. That the lord will lay his hands upon her.
127. My uncle was diagnosed with fluid in the lungs and next week Thursday has been scheduled for the operation. I want the house to join us in prayers that the operation should be successful
128. I want the family to join me in prayers for my friend. He is traveling out this month,
I pray for journey mercies. The exam he is going for, he should come out with distinction and God should grant him favour in sight of men and angels. God should open the doors of opportunities for him over there.
Secondly, being in the final year, God should open the door of abundant supply. I will not lack good things. And I should graduate with flying colors🙏🙏🙏
129. Please I will want the children of God to join me in prayer for my elder brother that the Lord should encounter him, the Lord should turn his life around, that the enemy will not laugh last over him.
130. I am a Msc student, there is a guy that has been trying to scatter my relationship with my supervisor. He is always saying false things about me, even in my presence. My supervisor’s mind has changed towatds me but since the beginning of this prayer I am seeing some changes. Please sisters, pray for God to restore my relationship with my supervisor and God should avenge for me in Jesus name.
131. Request is that God should help me to deliver like the Hebrew women.
That God should provide money for us to buy all that is needed for the arrival of the new baby.
132. I want God to grant my younger sister admission this year. This is her third time writing UTME. That God will intervene on her behalf and grant her favour.
Sisters please help me pray to God to cancel every spirit of Stagnancy in my family. I am tired of us remaining at one point 😩.
Also,the house we’re living currently, we’ve been here for more than 20 years (since my Mom and Dad got married). I was given birth to in this place and my younger ones also. We’ve been trusting God for better accommodation for about 2 years now. Help me pray that God will do it, even beyond our imagination that He will surprise us even beyond renting a better accommodation, He’ll provide money to complete our personal house project (from the best of my knowledge, that land has been in existence for a very long time…. before I was born (if I’m not mistaken). Although, something has been built on it but it is an abandoned project 😔. Help me pray that God will visit and provide for every abandoned project in my family 🙏
I applied for some scholarships this year and I haven’t gotten any response. Sisters please help me to commit it to God’s hands that God will favour me and I’ll be given this scholarship. 
I want BUD sisters to help me pray for two of my last semester results that was just released on the 4th Day of juicy July, that God will intervene and turn the results to good 🙏. It’s not want I wanted, that God will come through and cause a breakthrough that will push my mark upward.
Help me pray that the project God has committed to my hands , He’ll provide for it and give me more light about it.
133. My husband’s, dad’s and mum’s money being held by the government should be paid.
Financial breakthrough for my families.
God should perfect all that concerns my family.
Salvation of my sisters-in-law.
134. I want the Lord to work on me and make me who He wants me to be.
I want the Lord to open the door of Internship for me.
I want the Lord to provide a Laptop, sewing machine, and good phone for me.
135. Sisters pls pray that my admission process to study abroad will be hastened by mercy and not crumble this time.
Help me pray sisters that the Lord will deliver me from where I have been wrongly accused of what I did not do.
136. I want God to heal my parents and make them completely whole
The salvation of my siblings and nephew God should arrest them and may they know him the more.
I want God to pls have mercy on me and grant unto me help. 
Every spirit of delay in my life should come to an end!
I want God to bless my businesses, I want premium clients, nation wide and international reach
I want God to bless me maritally, I want God own son and I call him forth in Jesus name. I want God to bless me in this area this year.
I want God to help me to continue to know and seek him.
I want God to bless my siblings and open financial doors
I come against every spirit of confusion in my life and I will make right decisions
I am trusting God for my relocation,I trust him to do wonders for me.
Amen and amen
137. I want God to settle my sisters maritally
I need good well paying jobs, mental healthy jobs for myself and siblings.
God has helped us in almost completing our family house, but, now, it’s as if everything has been halted. I want God’s massive surplus supply, for that house to be completed this year, and we move in.
My dad stopped going to church and it’s been disturbing me, I need God to awaken a revival in him.
I’m currently running my masters, I need God to make it a smooth one, I want to come out excellently and distinctively
I recently lost interest in a lot of things, my tech career, sewing, etc. Though, I’ve prayed and slowly, recovering. I want to recover fully and want to get back to my tech career.
I need God’s intervention in my family.
One of my friends reached out to me that she’s having seizures, I want God to lay His hands upon her. 
I want an all-round settlement this second half of the year
I need a job, I want God to help me out that I’ll get one that will accept me working and studying 
I want God to miraculously provide and clear all debts
I want God to just answer all my written and unwritten prayer requests.
I’ll definitely come back to testify
138. I want B.U.D to join me in prayers as regards to my academics. I have 3 semester results to see. I want a record of 5.0 for these 3semesters.
I want the Lord to show me his ways and to help me walk in it.
The hand of the Lord that works wonders, that changes night to day should turn around the situation of my family for the very best.
139. I want God to heal me perfectly cause I’ve spent a lot on drugs and I’m still spending.
Financial breakthroughs for my parents especially my dad as his job as a building engineer is stagnant in a way now for months, at times no money for food at home and all.
I want my examination results to be favourable because I’m scared.
140. I want the people of God to make all my International processes experience progress, everything should work out well for me
I want God to give my brother in-law success in all the international exams and interviews he’ll be writing and God should destroy every form of disappointment in his life.
I want more intimacy with God,no more distractions
I want God to settle me maritally this year, I want the vision to be more clearer.
141. I had a miscarriage last month; it happened to hubby’s brother’s wife too before the Lord answered her. And we’re based in the same city. The Lord should erase every negative pattern or occurrence from my family and from the family I’m married too. What happened to others negatively must not re-occoccur in my life and family again.
The Lord should please remember my elder sister and direct her right spouse to her.
Let there be clarification, divine connection and helpers for my husband’s relocation to further his studies.
I’ve been looking for job for months now,the Lord should please give me a well paying job that won’t take me away from Him and my family.
142. Please I’ll love my sisters to join me in prayers. We are currently experiencing financial dryness in my family and I need God to intervene. My husband is due for a salary raise but the HR has decided not to effect the change please join me in prayers that my husband’s salary be reviewed by this week
143. I want BUD family to help me pray on: 
Renewed strength and fire on my spiritual and prayer altar.
I want God to give me more clarity and settlement on my marital life.
My brother has been trying to get a suitable job for years now, he’s getting preferred for some jobs but they’ll end up not calling him, I want God to place it in the hearts of his helpers and he should be called for employment.
I want God to perfect all that concerns me.
144. I want the children of God to pray for my dad, he has been sick for so many years now. I need God to perfect the healing process which He has started.
I need God to heal my mum of her leg pain. She has been suffering it for 2years now.
My husband and I just started a new business,I want God to breathe the breath of life on the business so it can flourish.
145. God should touch the government to pay my parents salary. They’ve not been paid since June.
I want to do my PhD outside the country. That God should open doors of opportunities and favour for me.
God should break the yoke of sickness over my life (respiratory issues, allergies, chest pain, hypersensitivity, pains🥲)
God should have mercy on my brother that he would have good WAEC and NECO results cause he’s writing again and give him admissions. He’s been home, 2years now.
5God should pls restore my big daddy’s eye sight. He’s been blind since 2017.
146. I want the BUD family to pray with me about the case my dad has with the government, that God should work it out fast and he should be handsomely compensated. This is long overdue and will be a means to change our level financially, we have prayed and waited and I’m almost giving up on its possibility.😞
I also want God to reveal himself to my unsaved siblings and save them in His mercy. 
147. My pressing Prayer request is that my life will be worth of Jesus’s death.
148. God’s intervention in my family because of constant issues between my dad and stepmom.
I also want my business blessings as I start up new things and also for the skills I already have. 
I will appreciate prayers for my marital destiny, concerning someone who has been coming, though I’m not ready I want to know the will of God.
One of my friends is going through a lot. His name is Ayomide, and I want God to meet him at the point of his need.
149. I need God’s provision for my accommodation. My rent will expire this month end and there is nothing on ground yet. I want a better, more comfy and problemless apartment.
I need a better job…more pay, career advancement opportunities that allows for the growth lifestyle.
I need God to provide completion of my induction fees.
Manifestation of God’s promises concerning my marriage and for my brother too.
150. Help me pray for a loved one who is suffering from schizophrenia that God will deliver her completely, grant her healing and Peace.
Help me pray for my brother who is processing his Visa that God will grant him favour and perfect everything.
Help me pray that the scholarships my siblings and I applied for will be given to us.
Help me pray for breakthrough in my family.
Help me pray for my sister that is preparing for her A’level exams that God will grant her success and she’ll get admission this year.
151. I want you all to join me in prayers. I want God to provide a new job for me this very month. I want God to give the type of job that will make me have peace and remain in His perfect will for my life.
152. Please I want the family to join in prayers concerning my younger brother salvation that God will arrest and save him., I got a report from the house that he has been stealing and also lying alot. 
153. l missed an exam due to change of the date and I didn’t know and I went to meet the course coordinator about it but he said there’s nothing he can do about it and that’s the last session for me in school. Please join me prayers that the Lord will touch his heart to do something about it.
154. Fruit of the womb to Ma’am Ajero, that she will carry her baby next year.
That God will engrace the strong woman he’s using your mould me, and increase his wisdom upon them; Min. Cynthia Nazor, Mrs. Yaks, DDK.
Career and Financial breakthrough for my Elder brother.
NGO Job opportunity that will Position me for Global Relevance.
155. I’m in my finals, and I’ll be writing exams ending of this month. I want God to favour me and give me the best results ever this semester🙇‍♀️🤲
I’m in need of a new phone and laptop for my project, I’m trusting God to send helper to me for provision🙇‍♀️🙏
I also want God to open doors of marital breakthrough for me this year, I’m of age and my parents are already asking🙇‍♀️🙏
I want God to heal me of every long standing sickness in my life and my father’s life
156. I want God to grant my friend healing in his heart and grant him the spirit to forgive and forget whosoever has offended him
I want God to deliver my family from every financial stagnancy and give us liberation from poverty
Our house project must be totally completed before the end of this year and God should raise our can back to life.
I want God to settle my elder sister maritally and also give her direction for her life
I want God to save my 3 younger brothers from sins..Daniel, Philip and John
I want God to make way for my Daddy…raise him back spiritually and also deliver him from wasted efforts
I want God to show me mercy in my just concluded exams.Grant me unmerited favour in the sights of the marker,turn all my mistakes to miracles and crown my efforts with brilliant success .
I want God to continue blessing and using mama yaks for us all in BUD and beyond BUD
I want God to answer all my requests that I am unable to write down and all the requests and heart cries of my family members. Amen
157. I’m seeking the face of God concerning a marriage proposal. It’s really a difficult one to give reply to. I want God to guide me all the way and take control. I want to be sure I’m giving the right reply if it’s a “No”. And if it’s a “Yes”, I want God to work every bit of it out to His glory.
I’m awaiting my final year result, I want God to make me pass excellently. I don’t want anything that will make me have an extra year. I want God to also eliminate every form of delay in any form.
158. I had to stop working when I was 3 months pregnant as directed by the doctor therefore all financial burdens are all on my husband and it’s been very challenging. During the month of May, my husband’s phone was stolen and all our savings and salaries were wiped out. This happened in May, and in the month of June, our rented apartment was among the houses demolition affected. I tell you it has not been easy at all. And by next month, I will be due to give birth and till now I don’t have any baby things ready yet. Please my fellow sisters I want you to join me to knock on heavens door for supernatural financial visitation on my family and I. 
We have a project we are planning on embarking but no capital at all we want to most high to supply for this project.
159. Children of God! Pray for me, I keep getting back to a cold life after getting revived. Something will just come up and eat up my time for prayers are bible study or even going to church atimes.
I want everyone the Bud family members to pray for me
I want to serve God more with all my heart
I want to know more about my heavenly father
That which is the purpose of God bringing me on earth, I want it to come to pass in my life
I want to add souls to God kingdom
I want breakthrough in my family
I want my mom to get the promotion she’s seeking for
I want my parents to live long
I want more of God’s love
I want me and my brother UTME to come out in success and this year admission will not pass us by
I want us to love others as JESUS CHRIST loves me too.
I want to be obedient to God with a pure and holy heart
I want the will of God be done in my life and my family
160. God should remove spiritual dumbness and make it easy for me to speak aloud while praying. I find it difficult praying audibly(I don’t mean publicly but even personal prayer).
That the Lord will perfect everything that concerns my conception and childbearing and give me Godly children according to His Word.
The Lord should help my dad get his gratuity from the government.
That God will help my parent secure the land they purchased and help them get all necessary documents
161. I want the people of God to make all my International processes experience progress, everything should work out well for me
I want God to give my brother in-law success in all the international exams and interviews he’ll be writing and God should destroy every form of disappointment in his life.
I want more intimacy with God,no more distractions
I want God to settle me maritally this year, I want the vision to be more clearer.
162. I want God to sponsor my wedding.
I want God to give me total healing.
I want God to take away the spirit of fear and death from me.
I want God to help me live a life of impact and be closer to Him.
I want God to give me rest on every side.
I want perfection in every area of my life. 
163. God should save the soul of my dad and siblings 
That the Lord will cause my sister to carry her own baby by this time next year, every hormonal imbalance be corrected. 
God should give me ideas needed for financial breakthrough and He should reveal to me the blueprint of my marriage and my role in my husband-to-be’s life.
164. I want you people to pray for me so that God will answer all my juicy July request and one of the request is that my birthday is this month. I want God to give me a birthday gift that only Him can give and the gift should also be a gift that I will forever live to remember.
God should bless and keep Pst. Tonye and his family which is also part of my request for Juicy july.



Thank You Jesus!


Thank You Jesus for answering all our prayers!


Thank You because all these will turn to testimonies for our sisters.


You can continue to pray as the Lord leads you, for our sisters.


Begin to worship the Name of the Lord, when you are done.


Thereafter, sing this inspiring song as you round off:


In Jesus Name  by Katy Nichole

(Download here)

I speak the name of Jesus over you
In your hurting, in your sorrow
I will ask my God to move
I speak the name ’cause it’s all that I can do
In desperation, I’ll seek Heaven
And pray this for you

I pray for your healing
That circumstances would change
I pray that the fear inside would flee in Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough would happen today
I pray miracles over your life in Jesus name, in Jesus name

I speak the name of all authority
Declaring blessings, every promise
He is faithful to keep
I speak the name no grave could ever hold
He is greater, He is stronger
He’s the God of possible

I pray for your healing
That circumstances would change
I pray that the fear inside would flee in Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough would happen today
I pray miracles over your life in Jesus name
In Jesus name

Come believe it
Come receive it
Oh, the power of His Spirit is now forever yours
Come believe it
Come receive it
In the mighty name of Jesus, all things are possible

I pray for your healing
That circumstances will change
I pray that the fear inside will flee in Jesus name
I pray that a breakthrough
Would happen today
I pray miracles over your life in Jesus name
I pray for revival
For restoration of faith
I pray that the dead will come alive in Jesus name
In Jesus name




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