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The BUD Family International

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It’s urgent! The world has gone crazy! The Devil knows that ladies are powerful. He knows that women are reproducers. If evil is placed on their hands, they’d replicate the evil ‘fruitfully’. And if good is placed in their hands, oh flourishing vine! So, Ladies are being recruited for the activities of the enemy full-time in this end time. God also needs ladies! He made them for Himself, for a purpose. The BUD Family comes into the picture as a bridge between the Lord God and His women who He has made for His glory. We are raising the young naive ladies for the Lord; building the Godly ladies for His work and reclaiming the lost women back to the fold by His grace. For us, we choose:





Our Movie: Happily Ever After?


The BUD Family International
The BUD Family International

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I am not the best vessel for this job- Mrs. Yaks

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of THE BUD FAMILY INTERNATIONAL, I asked the convener of the group a number of questions. Be blessed by this inspiring one.

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This is the powerful theme song of our highly inspiring movie- ‘HAPPILY EVER AFTER?’ which was released a few months ago. Be blessed by it.

IMG_2023083The BUD Family International

My Top 10 Lessons from ‘Happily Ever After?’- Mrs. Ojemola

So, since the release of ‘Happily Ever After?’, I have found myself visiting the page about twice a day to see the number of views that has been recorded. As at 56 hours, over 9000 viewers have seen the messages. Then I ask myself this: “What did these people see?”

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