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…ladies becoming wholesome for Jesus


The BUD Family International

This is the 8th year of The BUD Family International, glory be to God for all that He has done to, with and through us in the past years. Halleluyah!


The BUD Family International 3

Since we turned 7 last year and deepening into this year, I had felt like the sons of the prophets did in 2 Kings 6:1 where they went to Elisha and cried “…Behold now, the place where we dwell with thee is too strait for us.”


I had cried ‘Daddy, what’s more? What would You have us do? Where are you taking us to? How do we grow from here? How can the family members experience You powerfully, personally?’



We have grown exponentially in number but like the Oliver Twist that I am 😄, I knew I wanted more than numbers. I don’t even want numbers, I want souls! I know that’s what gladdens the heart of the Lord. I do not want group warmers (like benchwarmers, you know?😉), so I cried to Lord. Where are the dynamites? Where are the ladies on fire? Where are the ladies hungry for Jesus? Where are the ladies who fear the Lord? Where are the separated ladies, yielded to the service of Jesus? 


If I can’t confidently point at quite a good number of sisters burning for Christ in the family, is that even a pass mark at all? So, I had simply been praying and seeking His face that “Until the vision You gave to me concerning the family is fulfilled to the fullest, Father, please, keep brooding on us. Keep making us. Keep raising us. Do with this family what only You can do ”


And now, the vision is getting clearer!


John 12:23 says: “And Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come, that the Son of man should be glorified.”


And this is the same message that I have come to pass across to you, dear BUD. The hour is come, that The BUD Family International should be glorified in the Lord! 


The time has come! The hour is ripe! It is the season of our glory! Our Father has started to make the vision clearer. He is set to revive the sisters who are ready to catch the fire! Halleluyah 🔥🔥



So, by God’s grace, The BUD Family International is becoming a child to a mother. Our Father has given a greater assignment and now, this assignment is adopting The BUD Family as hers😀. In the coming months, as the Lord gives direction, you will get to know more about this. 


Therefore, because of how huge, serious and deep the assignment before us is, the Lord is only interested in working with passionate sisters. The Lord needs us all to be on the same page. But frankly speaking, with the way we have grown numerically, so many might not even know the purpose for which the family was set up, talk less of having the same focus and vision with us. 


The Lord seeks a newer generation of The BUD Family International! Here exactly is the crux of my message to you today! 


Ladies who He can use in this end time. 


Ladies who fear Him so much! 


Ladies who seek His Face and not His hands! 


Ladies whose hearts burn at the sound of His Voice! 


Ladies who tremble at His feet, hungry for His Will! 


Obedient ladies who are dead to themselves but alive in the spirit!!!


The Lord desires that The BUD Family International becomes a true representation of Godliness, Total Surrender and Biblical Womanhood in this generation. When the name BUD is mentioned, it is never to be associated with ‘one of those women groups’. It is to be a family of unique, called out, separated, fiery sisters who have not bowed their heads to Baal! 


The BUD Family International 3


Judges 7 from verse 4 says: “Gideon,” the Lord said, “you still have too many soldiers. Take them down to the spring and I’ll test them. I’ll tell you which ones can go along with you and which ones must go back home.” (CEV)


This was what the Lord did when He was to select the people who would be on the same page with Gideon. People with which He could then destroy the Midianites. We don’t have a river nor do we have to go to the stream to lap water before the Lord would reveal the people who He would use for this new generation of the family.


Verse 24 of John 12 says: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”


This is the method with which the Lord is selecting the new generation of the family. He is selecting based on our desire to fall to the ground and die. It is in our dying that we can then produce much fruit for Him! 


This dying, if you are conversant with the Scriptures points closely at discipleship. 


Matthew 16:24-25 says: Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.


So, this is the test before us. Many of us do not even know what discipleship means. A number of us think that discipleship is for new converts. No way! Discipleship is the only way by which our individual and collective lives can be fruitful. Read more about discipleship here.


And this is a test that all BUD must pass henceforth to be a member of this family. And this extends not to the future members alone but to all members of the family at the moment. We are all expected to go through a discipleship training programme to be readmitted into the family. Halleluyah! 


This should make you feel excited. Here comes a clarion call for a deeper, sweeter, closer relationship with Your Father. Who wouldn’t love that? Who wouldn’t feel excited about that? Well, if the news doesn’t excite you, we probably haven’t been on the same page ever since😊. We have probably been chasing different things in guise of being sisters. 


If this makes you excited however; if you are hungry at this opportunity; if you cannot wait for this to start, then read on, sis. 



This is how the Discipleship Programme will go. All sisters who still desire to be a member of the family MUST register for the Discipleship programme (the link will be at the bottom of this page). The programme will run through May and June. (One day every week)


In order to have a very interactive class, we will divide the whole registered members into different days, depending on how many members register. So, the schedule will be drawn before the end of this month so that everyone can be aware what day and time it is that she falls under. The venue is Google Meet. Yeah, get your internet data and earphones ready for action🥰


The last day of the Discipleship programme would launch us into Juicy July 2024. Isn’t that amazing? Fire jam fire! Hahaha, power jam power! Halleluyah! 


All attendees must score at least 80% in ATTENDANCE and even for the 20% missed (with justifiable reasons), they must go over the recordings of the teachings with PROOF. 


The candidates who follow through to the end will thereafter be admitted into The New Generation of The BUD Family International💃. I can perceive the breath of air in the house after such an explosion😂🔥🔥. It would be massive. Amen? No more jam-packed house. The family won’t be a home where people only enjoy love stories and not God stories. Not just a place where people love Juicy July and not the monthly fasts etc. At that time, we would definitely by His grace and mercy be all on the same page. Amen.

The BUD Family International 3


If you are unable to join the Discipleship programme for May and June, don’t worry. By His grace, we should have another session maybe in November for new members. You can hang around for that so you can join them. Henceforth, new members will only be able to join the family twice a year, after completing this course. 


Therefore, from May 1st, 2024 by His grace, The BUD Family International WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook groups will be deleted. But on the last day of June, 2024 after the Discipleship Programme by His grace, The New Generation will assemble together again in the new WhatsApp group💃💃💃


Therefore, all zones, excos and units should suspend their activities from May 1st as we obey this clarion call and start a journey to a newer, glorious level. When we come back together again, we can work on excoship and zonal divisions again. 


For all sisters undergoing the current Discipleship Class, please enroll for this as well as the current one expires this month. Also, we are going to be using a different curriculum. And lastly because it will be unwise to leave you unengaged for the two months that the family will be undergoing the Discipleship programme. You’d also love the fire you have already caught to be burning high as you launch into Juicy July, right?😊


The schedule of the discipleship programme and further information for the classes will be sent across to the family before the end of this month by His grace and mercies. 



Registration closes on the 17th day of April, 2024. Click here to register.


Leave your thoughts in the comments section below so I can know what you think about this new development. God bless you, dear sis. ❤️


Yours in the service of the Master, 

Mrs. Yaks. 




  1. I was hoping for this discipleship class cos I felt bad that I missed the previous one. God is really intentional about His children oh… Kai 🙏

    No wonder I’ve just had this discipleship training in my mind and I’ve been patiently waiting for cohort 2 of the previous one to start.
    God bless you Mama Yaks. I’m so thrilled and eager to delve into what God has in store for me in this training

  2. Good day ma,

    Thanks for this,

    Reading through, my concern firstly is that I enrolled for the discipleship class and I expected mail for the class to start but didn’t get any even though I sent in all that was asked for.

    I’d like to know if I didn’t qualify for that .

    I’d be enrolling for this new one though.


    • Oh my, sorry about that, my sister. I tried verifying this and can’t say for real who dropped the ball. Either the email you sent didn’t come through or you didn’t respond to the subsequent email that asked for a picture of your discipleship materials. For this, kindly ensure you keep an eye on your inbox and ensure you are active in the group because more info as regards the class will be passed across there. If you notice anything about being left out again, it can never be intentional. Kindly ask any of the excos questions so you can be fixed up quickly. Bless you, iya mi. See you in class 😉

  3. When He calls me, I will answer…
    When He calls me, I will answer…
    When He calls me, I will answer…
    I’ll be somewhere working and burning for my God!!!!

    Yesssss!!! We will certainly be many!

    Thank You Lord!

    God Bless and keep you mightily in Jesus name.

    Love you mama ❤️

  4. God bless tremendously Mama, so happy to see this. I’ve been worried for sometime now because the Fire I met when I joined the family seemed to have reduced, but with this new development, its going to be back and better by God’s grace. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

    • Amen, my sister. Awww, don’t worry. Now, not a selected few will be on fire for the Lord. We will all be on fire, burn and extend fire to ourselves if a burnout arises. We are fanning the flame to fire and God’s glory shall be revealed. Bless you, sis.

  5. A welcomed development. The Lord will bring to pass the purpose for this development and set us on fire for Him in Jesus name. More grace mama

  6. I really do love this new development and the strategic move of discipleship.
    It feels good launching into an aura where a firebrand lady is made. As the wave of revival comes upon the children in Zion my desire is that I am not excluded. I don’t want to be a spectator and just seeing the move but that I experience God in diverse dimension, and that I am among the vessels of God who’d bring the reality of the God-life to existence.
    To be the wholesome woman who’s desire day in and out is that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven and till my life on earth is done, nations are brought to God through me. So help me God.

    God bless you ma

  7. This is really an exciting news. I am patiently waiting for the discipleship class to begin.
    God bless you Mama Yaks.

  8. I’m so thrilled for this🙌… I pray to make good use of this discipleship… Waiting excitedly! God bless you Mrs. Yaks

  9. I’m excited about this and what God is actually going to do in our lives through this discipleship class. Patiently waiting for it to Start.
    God bless you ma and this new generation He is raising

  10. I can’t wait for this to be implemented. Thank you so much and God bless you, ma.

  11. My thoughts expressed in this and I’m happy to be a participant..
    God bless you Mama for this renewed vision.. There is hope.

  12. Seems like a birthday gift already. Discipleship class in my birth month?, can only be God. Always knew Discipleship was beyond the converts. Thank God I will be experiencing it first hand.
    Ha, Mama you will not loose your relevance. This is nothing but complete yeildedness to the Lord.
    Cos how else can we explain stopping all plans to go all for the Lord.
    I must not miss this train!!

    • That’s amazing🥰💃. It is beyond being a convert, my sister. Oh yes!💃💃. Amen in Jesus Name. Hmmmm, we must simply obey the clarion call if we must make any good of our lives, my sister. Bless you, dear.

  13. I am super excited about this change.💃💃 I look forward to the powerful things that God will do through this move. It’s high time we burn for God, and make God proud. 🙏It’s time for our spiritual lives to stay solid and fiery. May I not lose out on all God has in store for me. Amen!🙏
    God bless you for yielding to the Lord, momma. ❤️

  14. Glory to God! I’m really excited about this new phase and all that God is set to do in our midst.
    Can people who are not members of the family use this opportunity to join by filling the form?

  15. This indeed God can only have worked out. It’s a season of neglecting increase in numbers but the gathering of fire brand sisters, who will be a terror to the terrorist and his kingdom.. I am glad to hear this and be a part.

    His Grace will continually be sufficient for you mama Yaks and BUD

  16. This is really a great and amazing development 🔥
    I can’t wait to be fired up, of a truth, discipleship isn’t for converts alone, I got to know this at Walking in His steps’ course….. though I was no longer in the class, i was not given any reason though but i’ve never stopped reading my manual and filling it and praying with it, I know i have missed so much Sha.

    I really bless God for Mrs Yaks life for yielding to God all of the time, you will not loose your relevance. I love you and I pray for you.

  17. This is well welcome. It is going to be a new shift and an intentional time. I am super excited.

    Thank you ma.

  18. Glory be to God for the great things He’s doing in this family. I’m glad to be among this new generation of fire brand BUD. More anointing ma

  19. This is a great army the Lord is building. I’m happy I’m part of these. I pray the purpose of God for this family will be accomplished in Jesus name.
    God bless you Mrs Yaks for yielding to the Lord.

  20. It’s really a new generation….

    I don’t want to be left out of this revival Lord……

    To be the type of woman you want me to be, I say yes Lord……

    Thank you so much mama….

    More grace and anointing for the task ahead in Jesus name….

  21. This is great news! I look forward to the discipleship program.

    Thank you, Mrs. Yaks.

  22. This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

    Where He leads us, we will follow/3x
    We will go with Him, with Him
    All the way.

    In this new move oh Lord, do not pass me by. Burn every hindrance within and without me in Jesus name.

    God bless you Mama Yaks for your continuous yielding.

  23. What a wonderful development!.
    Thanks Mama for yielding to your Heavenily Father. I am super excited about the discipleship. Can’t wait to be spiritually imparted.
    God bless you ma

  24. This is what is needed at this season. For our generation, we cry out for more, that you set us ablaze , so that we’d be useful in your kingdom and your will to be done on Earth, Lord 🙏. I earnestly await this because I can’t be ordinary 🔥,we can’t be ordinary 🔥🔥. We won’t fail God and our generations 🙏.
    God bless you Mama ❤️, may your light never go dim.

  25. I know God is about to set us ablaze🔥🔥 on this group.

    Since we’re increasing in number daily on the group, it makes the group uninteresting to me due to the numerous messages unread and also to me it’s as if we’ve forgotten the main reason/goal of the group.

    But with this vision the Lord has shown to our mama and we who are ready to move along with her in it, I know BUD Family International will experience a great revival of spiritual awakening.

    As for me, I’m looking forward to the start of the training and I’m sure I will not remain the same.

    Mama, God bless you for this new development.

  26. I’m glad I met you. I’m seeing myself on another realm of glory and fire already. God bless and strengthen you for the assignment, Ma..

  27. The New Generation🔥✨

    Help me Lord not to be found wanting🤲🏻

    God bless you Mrs Yaks🤍

  28. It’s a generation that I can’t wait to be part of…
    May I receive grace to be consistent with this Mandate!
    Thank you!

  29. Good morning ma
    I just got to go through this , please ma, can the link be reopened?🥹🥲

      • Waoh, how I wish the Link can still be opened. I have been offline for sometimes and I just got back to see this. This would have been one of the best birthday gifts to me.

  30. Waoh, I have been offline for sometimes, and I just got back, then I saw the message, what can I do to join. 😔 I feel like the program was created for me. Please ma’am, I need to join, please help me out ma’am.

  31. Good morning ma, I registered for the discipleship class and I haven’t gotten an invite to the new WhatsApp

    • Hello sis, you will not be getting an invite. You need to check your placement, screenshot it and then come back here to click on the link to join the Whatsapp group. Kindly read through this post again to understand better. The links are under the ‘Here are the Links’ section.

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