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Woman in His Steps (WIHS) Discipleship Course

Hello, amazing sisters! Thank you so dearly for your interest in being one of the members of the New Generation of The BUD Family International. Our journey to this new beginning starts in a few days with the Woman in His Steps (WIHS) Discipleship Course. I am so excited about this amazing thing the Lord is set to do in our lives. 


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see the number of people who registered for this discipleship programme. I thought you were just going to hiss the plan away and say ‘Oh this Lizzy sef!’ Hahaha. Wow! You mean my dear sister, that you are very ready to put your neck into the very yokes of Christ and become bound to Him? That’s incredible! I have been praying for you and your decision and I trust the Lord that as you have laid your hands on the plough, you will not look back in the Name of Jesus. 


The BUD Family International


Here are a few things to note before you embark on this 9-sessioned Woman in His Steps (WIHS) Discipleship Course: 


  1. Get the following ready: Notebook, Pen, Bible, Earpiece, Internet Data
  2. Be intentional about this programme. I mean, get set to take your spiritual lives to another level with this. Pray about it. Desire it. 
  3. Get yourself into a very quiet environment when it is almost time for your class. 
  4. Log in to the class at least 5 minutes to the class because we will be commencing at the exact said time by His Grace. Lateness is greatly frowned at.
  5. Be very interactive. If you are called upon to say anything, kindly unmute and give an answer. If you continue to remain silent over time, you might be excused from the class because that is the only way for us to be certain that you are following. 
  6. You must have over 65% Attendance at every class. We will not appreciate going in and out of the class. (Kindly use the best internet network to avoid internet kicking you out)
  7. There are nine (9) classes of this course and you must attend AT LEAST seven (7) of them. 
  8. Ensure to use the email address that you used for your registration to sign in because that is what has been imputed in the app that is to track your attendance and participation during the course. Thank you. 
  9. Try your Google Meet ahead of time to be certain it is working. You might need to update your web browsers or Google App where necessary. You can use this link to check that your Google Meet is working well. 
  10. Now, you need to ensure that your name on Google fits with the full name that you submitted during the registration. This is to ensure that the app is able to track your full attendance and participation during the course. You can click here to know how to edit your name on Google in case you do not know how. 
  11. Please do your assignments and submit as and when due. Therefore, make sure you always check the class Whatsapp group for probable important information every day. 
  12. Any day you are sure that you cannot afford internet data, kindly reach out to the admin of the Whatsapp group ahead of your class so we can provide where necessary. (Only use this if you are pressed to the wall. We encourage you giving your all for this programme, including getting yourself internet connection but we know there are some situations that are dire. This is why we have this option, but please use it only when it is DIRE)


Number 1: Check to know when your Discipleship Class is and start planning ahead. We will be having five different classes in a week- wheeeeew!- (hahaha, the Lord’s strength is sufficient) but of course, you are expected to attend only the one under which your name appears. We have: 

  • Wednesday 8pm
  • Friday 8pm
  • Saturday 6am
  • Saturday 8pm 
  • Sunday 6pm.

N.B: The link to check your placement is at the end of this blog post below. 


Number 2: Join an exclusive WhatsApp Group where you will get to connect with your fellow discipleship sisters, get your weekly assignments and other instructions regarding the course. To join, you will find the link below. Simply follow the link and wait to be let in. 

Number 3: Starting praying ahead. I mean this so much and I want you to also mean it. Ask the Lord to go ahead of you and make this course a life-changing one. 

Number 4: Prepare your mind by feasting on discipleship books, online posts and sermons that you can lay your hands on. If you do this, when you come to the class, it will show. If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. I will leave some discipleship resources below from where you can start. 


The BUD Family International



The Conditions Of Discipleship by Zac Poonen- Read here

Discipleship and the Home by Zac Poonen- Read Here

The Pathway Of Discipleship by Zac Poonen- Read Here




Here is a free PDF by Zac Poonen titled Practical Discipleship. Download it by clicking on the image below.

practical-discipleship by Zac Poonene



The Need for Discipleship by Gbile Akanni- Download Here

Voluntary Discipleship That Produces Agents of Transformation- Download Here




Placing everyone into the different classes was done using the exact or almost exact day that you selected in your registration, except for those who registered at a later time when there wasn’t an option for day/time selection. But if after checking your placement, you think the day/time under which you have been placed wouldn’t be convenient for you, kindly send an email to [email protected] or leave a comment below.


 Kindly note that Saturday 6am is still the only day that has quite a number of slots left. The others have only about one, two or very few more slots left. So, if you can endeavour to be available at the day and time under which you have been placed, kindly just go with it. God bless you. 



Click here to know your placement

Click here to join the WIHS WhatsApp Group



I look forward to travelling down this journey with you, dear sister. Do not see this as just a means of still remaining a member of The BUD Family International. If you do, the reason for all of these will be defeated (God forbid). The Lord desires a family where we all can be ONE IN HIM. It is when we are ONE VOICE and of ONE HEART that we can be able to do all that He wants us to do and be all that He wants us to be. I pray that the Lord finds expression in us in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Kindly leave your comments below if you have any questions, comments, additions etc. 



To everyone who falls under Wednesday 8pm, see you this coming Wednesday (1st May, 2024). Glad to have you all opening up this course. 

To all the singles in the house, I found an article that I wrote some years back which I think you will love. Read it here: The Longing for Marriage. You might also be blessed by this one: Our Sister has no Breasts



God bless you all, dear New Generation of The BUD Family International. See you all!



  1. Wow… Well done Mama.

    The Lord is your strength ma..

    I pray it will indeed be a time of revival in every life in Jesus name.

    God bless you ma.

  2. Thank you mama for the discipleship class, I would like to be placement to fall on Sunday 6pm

  3. Wow. This is so huge.

    I celebrate grace and wisdom. Well done ma.

    May God grant you sufficient grace and strength as we go through this discipleship class.

    May this be a means of great revival and make all BUD family a generation hungry for God. Amen

    Please ma, I can’t join the discipleship group as it is saying failed to get group info. I await response ma’am

    • Hello Mrs. G, thank you so much. Ameeeeeeeeen and ameeeeeeeeeeen in the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Can you reach out to Mrs. Ojemola, please? Or Blessing. Thank you.

  4. Good evening ma, I tries logging in to know my placement but, I’m being logged into an unknown server…

  5. Dear Lord please have Mercy on me o. I read everything here and I just felt a piercing guilt. I’ve abandoned my sonship in Christ, I want to be reunited with Jesus, I want to love him and love walking with him more than ever before.

    God bless you mama Lizzy, God bless you. I’m glad I opened the group this night. I’ll register the discipleship course and I’ll download and listen to the discipleship messages.

    • Amen o. Hmmmm, that’s a cry! Amen and amen. God bless you more. Mummy Zee, the registration has closed. However, send an email to [email protected] so you can get to register to be a part of this if you truly desire. God bless you.

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