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…ladies becoming wholesome for Jesus


od is faithful. I have been milking the juice out of Juicy July and God is just starting with me and my family.


I made a pledge to God concerning a project in church and it seemed like the money wasn’t forthcoming.


Today’s prayer bulletin was for me and my family. I have been praying for financial breakthrough for my family and coincidentally today prayer was centered on destroying any financial setback. Just for me to check my phone after praying to see that my mum send me a WhatsApp message that one of my parents friends outside the country sent some money to my parents, my siblings and I almost an equivalent of close to 3million naira just like that.


I was amazed and still amazed and in awe. I can’t still believe it happened because in the prayer bulletin I noted that it was stated that before we are done with the prayers, God would answer. I can now give God far more than I pledged. It still feels like a dream to me🥹


God is good. I have already starting ticking answers to prayer from my prayer journal.


I want to encourage everyone to key into this prayer cause God is set to move in our midst.


I am still coming back to share several other testimonies🙏


Praise the Lord……


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