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TESTIMONY: The month of July has really been juicy

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Good afternoon fam.

I have been shying away from giving this testimonies but after reading myriads of testimonies I just had to share mine.


Firstly, last month my caretaker kept knocking on my flat consistently to remind me about my rent and the new increase on it😭I wanted to evacuate the flat but thinking about rent in Ajah eehn 😮. I started making different calculations, racking my brain on how I will pay when the Holy spirit told me to 🛑 stop.



He told me he was going to surprise me and I will have excess. I was tempted to ask the Holy spirit how? Then juicy July started my brethren💃1st of July, caretaker came again oo😤. God did it ooo, I paid the rent and truly had excess💃🏽💃🏽. I was able to pay my tithe, send money to my parents, save and even do give aways etc. It has never happened before🫣once I pay rent like this, I will be broke.



The month of July has really been juicy. I have come to give glory to God and to the Convener, God bless you richly ma🥰🥰


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