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TESTIMONY: A bunch of arrows left my body

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Good afternoon sis, I want to testify of God’s goodness over my life.  Yesterday being Sunday, I woke up as usual to prepare for the church service. While I was doing that, I felt a sharp pain by my right. I pleaded the blood of Jesus and continued.


Later in the bathroom, I was brushing my teeth, that same morning and another one came in my diaphragm with severe pain, I almost fell.


Immediately, I gently left my husband in the bathroom and came out. Trying to lie on the bed, I couldn’t. I then sat on the floor and started pleading the blood of Jesus. 


Then the Holy Spirit reminded me, you just prayed about arrows now some days back. Immediately, I started praying, with my eyes closed. 


Suddenly I saw a bunch of arrows tied together left my body and was going back to where it came from. I kept on praying till I felt ease in my body. Then I concluded the prayer and started singing.


Since then till now, my body has been whole. No pain anymore, praise the Lord with me.


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