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TESTIMONY: No traces of cancer

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Good morning sis


Another testimony oh


God has answered my no 10 and 12 in my prayer journal


So my dad had prostrate enlargement and he has been going to the hospital for the past 3 months.


The last time he went for a test it showed that his PSA is high and the cause of this high PSA could be as a result of infection or cancer this is what the Dr told us.


To be sure of the cause of the high PSA he was asked to go for a biopsy.


He did the biopsy last 3 weeks and was asked to come back yesterday for the result review.


To be sincere my mind has not been at peace because I’ve been hearing of prostrate cancer issues lately in all this i believed God would do it.


As God could have it we visited the hospital yesterday and the result showed no traces of cancer 🙌🙌🙌🙌


He was asked to continue with his drugs and in few months he will get back to his normal self


Also for sometime some people will just ask about the price of what I’m selling and won’t pay for it i wrote it down in my prayer journal and as God could have it some started paying on Monday and i believe God others will follow suite 🙌🙌🙌


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