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TESTIMONY: I’m the one the Lord has shown favor

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I have come again to testify. In fact, since the beginning of this Juicy July, God has been so good to me in all aspects of life.




It happened that I gave a testimony some weeks ago that my mum sent me some money which wasn’t enough. Before you know it, a cousin of mine sent again. So during that period, I can’t remember clearly if I was praying but then, a thought dropped in my mind and I held onto it and prayed that I won’t be in lack. That before the money I have with me gets exhausted, another one would have come in. And I can tell you that it has been happening to me ever since then.




Before my account gets empty, someone would just send me money. Like, from those that I wasn’t expecting from!




Indeed I’m the one the Lord has shown favor 🙌




And the Lord has been upholding me since Day 1 of this July. I never knew I could fast all through but here I’m still fasting and praying and also receiving answers to my prayers. The Lord has been dealing with me like never before based on my spiritual life.


So I have come to return all Glory to my Father🙌🙌


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