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TESTIMONY: My Juicy July baby is here!

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I want to testify of God’s faithfulness since I joined the BUD family and started participating in the Juicy July program. I recently checked my Juicy July prayer request Journal since 2018, I’m amazed that God has answered EVERY of my prayer requests with Jara.

One of my request for the Juicy July program last year was that I wanted the fruit of the womb. I’d been married since 2020, no pregnancy, no miscarriage, no missed period, visited the hospital several times still no improvement.

As God would have it, after the Juicy July 2022, in October, I missed my period for the first time. It was a smooth pregnancy until after 8 months the devil began to raise its ugly head. My blood pressure readings became high. It wasn’t easy but God came through for me. Even on the delivery day he came through. My Juicy July baby arrived last month.

I want to return all glory to God for fulfilling his promises to me and my family.


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