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TESTIMONY: An alert of the exact money and more

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Praise the Lord. Our God is good. So, this testimony is about our movie project. So many things have been fighting this mandate but God has been faithfully giving us victory. He has kept winning the victory for us. Halleluyah.



The first subtitling done on it was with so many errors. I decided to do it myself. I couldn’t pull through. I finally contacted a subtitler and he named his price. I asked the secretary if we had anything in the account. She said no and reminded me of how we had to settle some bills personally after the movie premiere. I knew I might have to do the subtitling from my own personal pocket again even if it was unplanned for project. I told God about it.



When he was done, he sent me a document. ‘Sir, what should I do with a document? You didn’t lay it on the video?’



He said that was his own job. That I would have to send back to the editor to lay on the video. ‘Ah, if that’s the case, I wouldn’t have paid you this hugely to do the work for me sir.’ He said he didn’t know that I didn’t know that that was how he does his work.



I threw in the towel and started to look for another editor that could help with the laying on of the subtitling. I asked God why He allowed the loss when He knew that we don’t even have a dime in the family purse. And why he allowed me to choose the man even despite all my prayers for His guidance. We’d have to start looking for money again for another editor.



The subtitler later reached out to tell me that since he didn’t specify the details of the job to me from the beginning, and because he liked my ministry, he couldn’t allow anything tamper with the friendship. So he said I should add 5k to his initial price, split the money into two, pay him half and he would get an editor that would complete the job and we can then pay him the other half. Wow! That’s amazing!



Almost as soon as that was a deal, one of our BUD husbands contacted me that he wanted to pay his tithe for the month to the family because Juicy July has really been a blessing. Wow, really?



That was how we received an alert of the exact money needed for the subtitling and the editing with a little change on top. It amazed me how greatly God could move on behalf of His own. To this, I am grateful. He kept footing the bills of His Will in this family. Praise the Lord!


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