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TESTIMONY: I was transfixed

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God is faithful. I want to thank the Lord for His faithfulness over my life.



My period was to come on the 24th but it didn’t come. 25th passed, it didn’t come. On the 26th, I started becoming worried. I had never missed my period before as a single and even as a married. It had always been regular.



My second born was born barely four months ago via caserean section. The incision is still so fresh. I knew I couldn’t afford to be pregnant. But as soon as the reality of what had happened dawned on me, I started to weep. I asked God why He allowed it.



I started typing a message to send to the group so everyone could join me in prayers. I later deleted it and wept well because my heart was so burdened.



I started going through the bulletin for the day and God started ministrying to me. He said it happened FOR me, not TO me. I remember the womb prayers also. That it was God doing His formation in me. That the child was no mistake. If I couldn’t handle it, He wouldn’t give it to me.



I cried a bit more and surrendered to God. I asked Him for strength and all that. I got around the day’s business and the joy that flooded by my soul was palpable. He gave me such peace that passeth all understanding. I accepted my new condition and even started using my folic acid and iron tablets. I couldn’t let my husband know because he was still in denial. He was so sad 😂. He felt like he had endangered my life. I started praying peace to his own soul also as we both knew we couldn’t do abortion. Like, that’s even an aberration. He was locked up, praying that the Lord would not let this happen to me but I already accepted my fate as joyful as I could.



27th came, no sign of the menses. 28th passed, no sign of it. Wow! I started to really accept it. When so many thoughts cloud my heart, I would shake it off and say ‘God chose me for this. He’d see me through’




On the 29th, I went to the toilet normally and as I stood up, there in the toilet seat, Mrs. Red stared at me. She had arrived! 😲😧. I was transfixed! I couldn’t even believe it at all. I quickly rushed out to go get the strip. I used it and it was ‘Not pregnant’. Whaaat!




I rushed to share the testimony with my husband and we started singing and praying and celebrating together. He even took me out for dinner and asked me to keep my ‘thing’ to myself from now on🤣🤣😂🤣.




Oh, I thank the Lord that He allowed me to pass the test. Because, I eventually realized it was a big test from Him to me. A test to see if I would succumb to the discouragement that had come to stop me from finishing the Juicy July programme that I had been faithfully doing from the beginning. A test to check my love and devotion to Him. Would I choose me or choose His Word that goes against murder? And so many other revealed things that I can’t share here.




I worship God for this great testimony that many married women would be able to relate to more. Thank You Lord for delivering my spirit, soul and body from the valley of the shadow of death. Praise the Lord. 🔥💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


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