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Teaching at “The Woman In His Steps” Discipleship Program


Thank you for desiring to be one of the precious teachers in our Discipleship program! You are especially welcome to join this special journey of spiritual mentorship. If you are a born-again believer who loves God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, you have a unique opportunity to become a teacher in “The Woman In His Steps: A 22-Week Intensive Discipleship Training for the Godly Woman”. This is a divine calling to impact lives for eternity. Let me tell you what this amazing role involves.


To be a teacher in “The Woman In His Steps”, you need to have a personal and intimate relationship with God. You need to walk with Him daily, listen to His voice, and obey His commands. Your own spiritual journey should be a testimony that would inspire others to pursue a deeper knowledge of Christ.


  • As a teacher, you will have a small group of about 10 students. This is to create a cozy and supportive atmosphere for personal guidance and encouragement.
  • You will use online platforms such as Google Meet or Telegram to conduct your classes. Classes are held every Saturday morning for one hour
  • The Training for Teachers runs from the first Saturday in December to the last Saturday in December 2023. This period is essential for preparing you for effective teaching.
  •  You will need to download and print your copies of the discipleship materials, including the 82-page main coursebook. You will use only the approved materials for the class, not any other, as they are carefully designed to help your students grow in their faith.
  • Each class will run for at least one hour each Saturday
  • Every Thursday night, you are expected to attend a preview session of the class with other teachers for one hour. 
  • You will need to always prepare ahead of each class, being punctual and respectful of your students’ time. Your commitment to being well-prepared will enhance the overall experience for your students.


To excel in this role, passion is key. Your passion should go beyond mere instruction; it should include genuine care for the souls entrusted to you. Be friendly, and approachable, and let your passion for the spiritual growth of your students shine through.


As a teacher, you will play a vital role in guiding dedicated students through their 22-week journey. You should look forward to witnessing their transformation and celebrating their success as they graduate to the next level of discipleship, “The Abiding Woman”, starting in August 2024.


This is not just a teaching role; it’s a divine assignment to nurture and inspire souls toward a Godly life. Embrace the responsibility with joy and dedication, for in guiding others, you deepen your own relationship with God.


To start this life-changing journey as a teacher, register [here] before December 4th, 2023. Welcome to “The Woman In His Steps”, where we together walk in the footsteps of Christ, producing Godly lives.




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