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Esther’s Courts: A Biblical Womanhood Course for Godly Sisters



Are you a sister of marriageable age who desires to be a biblical woman, wife, mother and leader? Do you want to learn the principles of biblical womanhood from the Scriptures? Do you want to join a like-minded sisterhood of women who seek to stand on the truth in these shaky times? If yes, then Esther’s Courts is the course for you!


Esther’s Courts is a 16-week biblical womanhood course that will start on Sunday, 7th January 2024, and end on Sunday, 21st April 2024. It will run for at least one hour each Sunday. ESTHER’S COURTS will be in two batches next year. One starts in January and the other starts in August. Esther’s Courts operate in smaller groups for the optimal benefit of all members.


By joining Esther’s Courts, you will:

  • Have intensive discussions, Bible studies, prayers, questions and answers, and more with your personal teacher and your classmates.
  • Receive biblical womanhood study outlines and books on biblical womanhood
  • Enjoy one-on-one counseling sessions with your teacher and by extension, Mrs. Yaks (where necessary).
  • Be part of a series of interesting, highly interactive Bible studies designed to encourage you by equipping you to joyfully live out, as well as clearly articulate to others, the principles of biblical womanhood found in the Scriptures
  • Imprint on the table of your heart, the truth about womanhood that your church probably didn’t teach you or the truth your mother probably didn’t pass across to you.


Esther’s Courts is not for everyone. It is only for serious-minded ladies who will not miss a class. If for any reason, you miss two classes however, you will have to carry the course over to 2025.


To join Esther’s Courts, you will need:

  • Willingness and submission to God’s Word
  • Punctuality and complete attendance
  • A printout of the material that will be provided for the Esther’s Courts class (over 100 pages) and proof of the printout before admittance into the class
  • A Bible, a notebook, a good pen, and internet
  • A behavior that matches the teachings of the Bible, such as being peaceful, respectful, punctual, participatory, and diligent.


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Registration starts today, 20th November, 2023 and ends, 4th December, 2023.


If you are interested in being a FACILITATOR/TEACHER for Esther’s Courts, kindly [click here].


If you are interested in being a MEMBER/STUDENT of Esther’s Courts, [click here].


Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in your knowledge of biblical womanhood and invariably be a blessing to your home/future home and others! Join Esther’s Courts today!



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