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DAY 14










Good day sisters, it is another day to travail in the place of prayers today and I pray that the Lord will strengthen us to pray more.




Now is not the time to give up, now is the time to press further and squeeze out as much juice as possible and I pray that God will grant us the needed victory in Jesus’ name. Amen.




The Lord is revealing some huge secrets to us again today.




The devil is doing a whole lot. He is working around, creating chaos, conjuring strategies- just to destroy God’s children!




Just to ensure that God’s children are not what the Lord says they should be!




Just to ensure that God’s Will isn’t done on this earth!




He is on a destruction spree.




He is not relenting.




He isn’t relenting. Why should we as God’s children relent?




Christian why are you tired when the enemy of your soul is always strong????




Why are you toying with your soul when the enemy of your life is terribly pursuing that soul???




Satan is not giving up, why are you giving up?




It is my prayer that God will strengthen you today.




I pray the Lord empowers you to pray and pray through again today. Amen.




Let’s look at Snares and Pits first before we look at manipulations.




Jeremiah 18 : 22 says ‘Let screaming be heard from their homes as warriors come suddenly upon them. For they have dug a pit for me, and they have hidden traps along my path.’




So, it is very biblical that the enemies dig out and set traps, and snares, along the paths of God’s children.







The Bible says, in Psalm 7:15 that the wicked had dug a pit but he shall fall into it.




Joseph was a man with dreams, but the spirit of envy and jealousy rose up against him and he was thrown into the horrible pit of the enemy and left there to die.




Every child of God must be aware that a soul can be captured and put into the pit.




If there is no deliverance from the pit, a life will become stagnant and such a life will lack the wonder-working power of God.




Joseph’s coat of many colors was the symbol of his colorful destiny and the evidence of the agenda of God for his life.




Joseph was a man filled with dreams and if like Joseph, you have dreams, if like Joseph, you have a desire to go higher, if like Joseph you have plans, the enemy will definitely declare war against you!




A pit is a dangerous place to fall into, if anyone falls into a pit they will be injured and without rescue, they will die.




Inside the pit, visions are locked up, callings are aborted, gifts are caged, destinies are fragmented, resources are suppressed and life remains at a standstill.






Heaven seems to be locked over you.



You witness horrible betrayals and disappointments from friends and family.



The more you try to be good to others, the more they seem to do evil against you.



Hot envies, jealousies and gang-ups are your everyday experiences.



Your coat of many colors has been or is being stripped off. Your talents seem dull. Your positions have been taken away. Things that make your life beautiful seem to have been snatched from you.



Sunshine seems to be far. You feel hidden, depressed and kept in darkness.



Good things don’t last in your hands!



You are experiencing slowness, total stoppage, blackouts, stagnancy.



Your spiritual life is so cold, freezing up.



You are so full of fear and hopelessness.



You feel so many things in your body, inside or out.



You hear strange voices.



Your marriage is at the edge of collapse.



Huge cloud of poverty hangs over you.





The Bible says God’s children should move from glory to glory.




Moving from glory to glory means you are expanding and that you are changing positions, spiritual levels etc.




But when you suddenly find yourself in a dark pit, just suddenly like that, how do you then move from glory to glory?




There’s stagnancy when you are thrown in a pit!




Stagnation is the mother of frustration.




A stagnant life is an unattractive and isolated life.




Stagnation is when there is no progress, there is no growth, there is lack of information, there is no strategy and there is no revelation.




When you discover there are no new ideas to do what you are to do and no fresh anointing to take you to the next level, it might be a sign that you are in the horrible pit of the enemy.







A trap is a device set to catch a victim without the latter’s prior knowledge or consent.




A ‘snare’, on the other hand refers to the act of luring one into a trap. There are times however in the bible when the two words are used interchangeably.











A lot of people have ended up in trouble as a result of what they have said.




Many people have revealed secrets of their lives and destinies to their enemies through unnecessary conversations.




Others have unconsciously re-programmed their lives into trouble through negative confessions.




Remember, the case of the Israelite elders? They got exactly what they confessed!




In Exodus 14:12, they said ‘Is not this the word that we did tell thee in Egypt, saying, let us alone, that we may serve the Egyptians? For it had been better for us to serve the Egyptians, than that we should die in the wilderness.’




At the end of the day, they did die in the wilderness but not until God demonstrated His power to take them to the Promised Land. They died at the border!!!




Getting people to stumble through saying what they should not say has been a major pastime of Satan.




There is a deliberate attempt by the kingdom of darkness to ensnare us by the words of our mouth.




No wonder the bible states in James that a man should be swift to hear and slow to speak.




Proverbs 18:7 says ‘A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul’




From Genesis 25:29-34, we see the story of Esau and Jacob. If you read the passage, you will realize that nothing was physically exchanged from Esau to Jacob. (The only exchange was the porridge from Jacob to Esau). Esau only made a statement.




He however, failed to realise that words are powerful. By agreeing to sell his birthright he had set in motion a force in the spiritual realm that would transfer his physical entitlements to his brother.



It was not until later that Esau realised the extent of the mistake he had made.




The devil even sought to trap our Lord Jesus with the same strategy- by getting him to err through the words of his mouth. You can find this in Mark 12:13-17




In this passage if Jesus said they should give tribute to Caesar, the Pharisees would have declared him any enemy of the Jews and claim he did not want their independence.




This would have served as a good selling point for their cause to have Jesus discredited among his followers.




If however, He said that they should not pay tribute to Caesar the Herodians would have tagged him an enemy of Herod and Caesar, giving them a reason to ask for the latter to arrest him.




For this reason, though they were enemies, they came together with the view of catching a common enemy.




Jesus read through the device and let them understand that though their money could go to whomever they wished, the body, heart and soul of man- being created in the image of God- must be rendered to Him. This was a response that neither party could fault:




Another example of Satan seeking to snare one through what one say is that of Job.




The bible records that in all that Job did, he did not sin against God by saying what he should not:




Job 1:22 says ‘In this entire Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.’




Job 2:9 says ‘Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? Curse God, and die.’




In essence, the objective of Satan in his attack on Job was to get the latter to blaspheme against God.




And as the words fall out, his death would come.




Can you see the power of words???




Curse God and then die!




What a snare many have entered through cursing God, cursing men of God, saying hurtful things to people when they are angry, declaring terrible words about themselves when they are in pain and so on.




We need to understand that the mouth we have is heavily equipped with power. We should make sure we stop spewing words out without weighing them.








Another way Satan sets snares for a person is where they go to in life.




As a child of God you are not expected to go just anywhere except if you are on a divine assignment or you go there in advancement of God’s kingdom.




For instance, a born-again Christian who steps into a pornographic shop is looking for trouble. She might be ensnared forever in some terrible sexual problems.




Likewise a person who has been delivered from the spirit of alcohol that follows a friend to the pub is opening the door for such spirits to re-enter – despite the fact that he may only request for a bottle of sprite!




You visiting someone who has been seeking to sleep with you for sometime is you obviously and with open eyes entering into a snare!




You visiting a herbalist or sending your name or photo to a herbalist is obviously a means for you to enter into a snare!




It can even be visiting a godless church and having one of the godless ‘men of god’ lay their hands on you or giving you something to eat, wear, sleep on etc. These things open one up to snares!




Anytime you venture into the enemy’s territory on a mission not designed by God, the enemy takes note.




In future it could be used as a legal ground to attack you or as a barrier to hinder your prayers from being answered.




It is not enough to just stop going!





It does not matter even if you did not participate in anything evil at the places in question.





Be careful where you go!





Be spiritually sensitive!








Where you live and the people you live with also matters.




If you are living a holy life and you live in the midst of harlots and drunkards, you are not helping yourself.




Or if you have had problems with drugs in the past and you relocate to a new apartment with drug dealers as neighbors, what could end up happening?




This is why the Lord warned the Israelites in the book of Exodus:




Exodus 34:12: Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land whither thou guest, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee:




Why is it so important that you pray very well before relocating?




The devil will always try to get you to move with the wrong crowd.




The same goes for those you allow to live with you, they could influence you or your children wrongly.








Many have fallen into snares through possessions.




The things we buy or receive as gifts from others could put us into trouble.




Paintings, ornaments, images and even articles of clothing could all serve as spiritual snares.




It is not just everything you come across that you can put into your house. You need to ask God for the spirit of discernment.




Some images represent symbols of strange gods. If you put such things in you home, or wear clothes with such images you are only inviting the devil into you life.




The death of Rachael in the bible was occasioned by the fact that she stole her father’s images leading to a curse being placed upon her:




Genesis 31:32 says



(32) With whomsoever thou findest thy gods, LET HIM NOT LIVE: before our brethren discern thou what is thine with me, and take it to thee. For Jacob knew not that Rachel had stolen them.




Though Laban was deceived, Satan was not. He recorded the curse issued by Jacob and not too long after Rachel died.




If it was not for the fact that God wanted her to give birth to Benjamin, probably she would have died earlier.




What was Rachael doing with the gods/images of her father in the first place?




Do not take into your possession that which will become a snare to your household and family.







Fear creates a very effective snare for Satan to use against people.




Many find themselves destroying themselves before destruction comes calling.




They’d be killing themselves before death comes knocking.




Fear is a spirit. Once it gets into a person’s life, it would make the person make wrong choices and make wrong decisions.




The Bible states in the book of Isaiah 24:17-18




(17) Fear, and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth.



(18) And it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake.




Here we are told that fear, pit and the snares of life work hand in hand. They are all designed to destroy the lives of God’s children.




With fear, you can fall into pits, snares, manipulations, deaths, and destruction.




We need to be very careful!








Snares are easily set for people through the making of covenants and wrong promises. It was a covenant that got Esau into trouble with Jacob.




Jephtah made a covenant that saw him sacrifice his own daughter.




Satan tries to get us to make vows we cannot meet up with in order to put us in trouble with God.




Proverbs 20:25 states: It is a snare to say rashly, “It is holy,” and to reflect only after making vows




From this scripture we gather that many would make a vow or a pledge to God before thinking about it. Thereafter, the words fall out and can’t be picked up again! This is a snare in itself!




Some have made covenants with some men that they would marry them and all. Years after, they are still waiting for their real men to come, not knowing the vows, pledges and covenants they had made rashly then are holding back the manifestation of their marriages.




Other ways you can fall into snares include:




When you share your bodily fluids and blood with someone, you can be ensnared that way.




Esau sat down to eat away his blessings and glory. We need to be careful of what we eat. We shouldn’t just take everything with levity and physical eyes.



Bearing false witness, lying against an innocent person and so on are some other ways.



We need to come out of the snares and traps of the enemies!



We need to be free!



Our family members need to be free!



Our husbands, parents, siblings, friends need to be free.



We uproot and destroy everything contrary to life, fulfillment and godliness in our territories. Amen?








Demonic manipulation is where you have demonic forces heavily influencing your mind and spirit, to do things YOU WOULD NOT ORDINARILY DO.




The victim has zero understanding as to what they are doing and has literally become a living puppet to their manipulator.




When you see someone being manipulated, it is almost as if you’re dealing with a complete stranger.




A young, always quiet, ever smiling guy is suddenly breathing heavily, a blood-dripping knife in his hands. He had just stabbed his best friend, his mum in her sleep.




What did she do?








A few minutes after, he falls to the ground, the knife dropping to the ground.




‘Maaaaami!!! My helper! My mother! The only one I have on earth! What have I done???? Oh, what have I done???’








It would feel as if the manipulated person has abandoned all forms of common sense and reasoning to pursue what is unequivocally clear to everyone else that death and destruction will become the conclusion of her erroneous decisions.




‘The choice of this man is wrong for you, Mary!’




‘This is not the guy for you to marry.’




‘See evidence of the evil life he’s living.’




But Mary wouldn’t listen.




Mary says ‘It is Bode! It is Bode!’




With tears, she keeps wondering why you are all against her love.




None of the evidence you presented to her could suffice!




Until she marries him before her eyes gets open and she’s like….





‘Why didn’t anyone warn me?’





‘Why did Bode change?’





Well, they warned you!





And Bode didn’t change. The evidence of his lifestyle was shown to you.




But you were blind to them all!










Unfortunately for manipulated persons, they have successfully convinced themselves that everyone else is wrong concerning what is obviously wrong with them.





It is only their own reasoning that they listen to (which is really the reasoning of evil spirits polluting their minds with everything that will destroy them eventually).




Just for a moment think of yourself, your partner or any relationship that you are familiar with, where someone in the relationship just abruptly without warning just jumped out of the clear blue one day and abandoned their family, left home and moved in with someone else, quit their job, made drastic decision without the other party’s input and having no back up plan.





‘Why did you leave your wife?’





‘I don’t even know what came over me?’





‘Why did you resign from that job?’





‘I suddenly heard a voice that told me to resign or I’d die’





What about your partner all of a sudden despising you, losing all forms of respect, affections, love, gentleness, consideration and kindness towards you?





These are all common signs of your partner and relationship being heavily attacked by demonic manipulation.





What of your dad coming back home and for the first time in the 30 years he’s been married to your mom starts to beat her, punch her, curse her…





After a few minutes, he’s on his knees saying he didn’t know what came over him?










There might be someone who believes that they should have what you have or they feel you don’t deserve a satisfying relationship and have resorted to evil means to bring division in your union with the ultimate goal of bringing about indefinite separation and complete devastation to your once happy life.





Demonic manipulation makes you look away from what is obviously right and embrace what is wrong, again with the ultimate goal of destroying you.




Today, God wants to emancipate you, your spouse, family members, and friends from the shackles of manipulation so that you can live a liberated and enjoyable life.




Before we pray, I would like to give us two real life examples of how these things work.




I woke up one morning to discover that I had a rat in my room. In order to catch it, I had to set a trap for the rat.




I bought rat gum and placed it strategically where the rat would pass so that it could walk into the trap.




Apart from doing that, I felt the rat would already have some sort of layout to where food is, so I left the food the rat was eating to serve as bait for the rat to come out.




And then, when setting the rat gum I turn off all lights because if it were to see the gum, it would not pass the way where the trap was.




After doing all of that, the same night I set the trap, was the night it was caught.




If I could put all of that effort and thinking into catching one rat, now imagine all the efforts the devil is putting into ensuring you fall into his trap!




The other story happened to my sister; she was manipulated spiritually through money. She gave a beggar money and then she lost her sense of reasoning.




Those she gave the money to used her connection with the money to manipulate her into borrowing money from loan applications and she was sending the money to the account number they provided.




She wasn’t aware of these activities until the day she came to her senses and saw lots of loans applications on her phone and was wondering how they got there.




Even the smallest most insignificant of your properties can be used to manipulate you.




That is why you should plead the blood of Jesus upon all of your properties.




Whatever has been marked with the blood of Jesus cannot be marked by the devil again!




Before we pray, I would like us to take this song;





(Download here)


Oba t’ngb’ekun aladura (The God that hears the cries of one who prays)


Mo ti de (I am here)


Oba t’ngb’ekun aladura (The God that hears the cries of one who prays)


Mo ti de o (I am here)


Gbe ‘ja mi ja (Fight for me)


Gbe oro mi ro (Grant me justice)


Ma je’n gbagba ti adura o (Help me not to pray in vain)




Oba t’ngb’ekun aladura (The God that hears the cries of one who prays)


O ti se (He has done it!)


Oba ti n gb’ekun aladura (The God that hears the cries of one who prays)


O ti se o (He has done it!)


O gbe ‘ja mi ja (He has fought for me)


O gbe oro mi ro (He has granted me justice)


O je kin gbagba ti adura o (He didn’t allow me pray in vain) 




Great things are spoken of thee


You spoke right to death


and he heard


You spat on the blind


and he saw


You spoke to the dead


and he rose


God oh all flesh


You’re my God




Oba t’ngb’ekun aladura


O ti se


Oba ti n gb’ekun aladura


O ti se o


O gbe ‘ja mi ja


O gbe oro mi ro


O je kin gbagba ti adura o













First, thank God for the opportunity to wait on Him.




Thank Him for the strength to wait on Him through fasting. It is day 14 and God has been faithful.




Thank Him for the gift of life, thank Him for being mindful of us all in the BUD family.




Thank Him because whenever we call on Him He answers us.




Ask for forgiveness of sins. We may have sinned one way or the other without us knowing and the devil can capitalize on it to hinder our prayers.




Renounce every sin and come to the side of the Father.




Plead the blood of Jesus on your environment.




We are about to enter warfare and we need to be armed. The Blood of Jesus is a part of our weapons of warfare.




Father in the name of Jesus I thank you Lord for unveiling the strategies of the devil to me







Oh Lord, deliver from saying things that can put me into trouble in the name of Jesus.




Deliver me from the snares my mouth has taken me into Lord.




Forgive me for the times I ………… with my mouth oh Lord.




Oh Lord, I am sorry for the times I was joined in a sinful relationship with……..and we exchanged fluids, skin on skin. Ah, Father, forgive me.




Oh Lord, deliver me from the snares my sexual sins with…….has taken me into oh Lord my God!




Any power pursuing my life for destruction, somersault and fall to your destruction!




Every trap that the enemy is setting for me catch your owner.




Every grave that the enemy is setting for me, swallow your owner, in the name of Jesus.




I take authority over every cage of darkness assigned against my life.




I destroy every snare of ……. fashioned against me.




Every sexual trap prepared to capture my virtues roast by fire, in Jesus name.




From this day forward, my destiny, I command you to refuse walking, falling, talking, jumping, eating into snares in the Mighty Name of Jesus.




Every power planning my destruction, be dealt with after the order of Haman in the Mighty Name of Jesus




I shall not take that which will become a snare into my household in the name of Jesus.




Whatever is in my possession giving Satan a legal ground to attack me, be exposed and destroyed in the name of Jesus.




















(Download here)


In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus,


we have the victory.


In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus,


Satan, you have to flee.


Oh, what can ever stand before us


when we call on that great name?


Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,


we have the victory.




In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus,


we have the victory.


In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus,


Satan, you have to flee.


Oh, Tell me, who can stand before us


when we call on that great name?


Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,


we have the victory.















In the name of Jesus I stand upon the word of God in Isaiah 54:15 to command every gathering against my life seeking to push me into the pit to scatter now.




Those of you that have dug a pit for me, I command you to fall into your own pit in the name of Jesus.




I Jump out from every satanic pit I may have fallen into now in the name of Jesus




My Glory (x7) rise out of the pit of retrogression by fire




My Glory (x7) rise out of the pit of …………………. by fire.




My Glory arise and start shining bright by the Holy Spirit fire in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.




Every evil union between my enemies in order to harm me shall not prosper in the name of Jesus.




Satanic darkness around my glory. Scatter by fire.




Every pit prison holding me captive, vomit me now in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!!!




Every evil gathering holding an evil meeting against my life, thunder of God, visit them, scatter them and neutralize their powers and plans in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.




The evil power of my father’s house saying they shall see what would become of my dreams, I command you to be incapacitated by fire now! You shall live to see me become the king I was meant to be! And if you refuse to leave me, let you stubbornness consume you by fire!




The evil power of my mother’s house saying they shall see what would become of my dreams, I command you to be incapacitated by fire now! You shall live to see me become the king I was meant to be! And if you refuse to leave me, let you stubbornness consume you by fire!




Every power that is angry because I am manifesting, receive Divine Judgment now!




The battle against my dreams and future, be frustrated by fire now in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!




My captured progress, be released by fire in the Mighty Name of Jesus.




Every ridicule and embarrassment waiting to laugh at me, bow to the blood of Jesus now!!!





I reign despite all they’ve tried! (21x)





I reign despite all they did! (21x)





Joseph was able to manifest his glory! I am able to manifest my glory in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!




(Hold your head) My glory, what are you waiting for? Manifest! (14x)










If you know this song, sing it prayerfully.



Tun se o (Fix it)

Tun se (Fix it)



Tun se o (Fix it)

Tun se (Fix it)



Mo gbe aye mi to O wa o (I bring my life to you)

Tun se (Fix it!)



Mo gbe ebi mi to O wa o (I bring my family to you)

Tun se (Fix it)










I reverse every evil manipulation carried out against me in Jesus’ name.




Let every manipulation against me in my dream be destroyed in Jesus’ name.




I bind every spirit manipulating my beneficiaries against me, in the name of Jesus.




Let all the affairs of my life be too hot for any evil power to manipulate, in the name of Jesus




I break the power of every evil manipulation fashioned against my home, finances, family, job, happiness, joy, health ……. (Name all the areas where you want to reject evil manipulation) in the name of Jesus.




I release my foundation from the grip of satanic manipulations, in the name of Jesus.





I nullify the evil effect of manipulation in my home and all areas of my life, in the name of Jesus.





Let all strange hands that have touched my blood or body fluid for evil manipulation be neutralized by the blood of Jesus.




Let all satanic satellites and cameras used to monitor and manipulate my life receive the fire of God and be burnt to ashes, in the name of Jesus.




Let all satanic manipulations aimed at changing my destiny be frustrated, in the name of Jesus.




I come against the dark powers which have manipulated my relationship with my destiny-helpers and I break their powers over my life, in the name of Jesus.




Continue to pray until you are free from every manipulation of

the devil



















OBA TO N JA FUNMI O by Gbenga Akinfenwa

(Download here)


Eniyan iba ti gbemi mi o (People would have swallowed me up)


Bikosewo Olorun to lagbara (If not for you, the Powerful God!)


Aye iba ti gbemi mi o (The world would have swallowed me up)


Bikosewo Oba to nja fun mi o (If not for you, the Powerful God!)




Eniyan iba ti gbemi mi o (People would have swallowed me up)


Bikosewo Olorun to lagbara (If not for you, the Powerful God!)


Aye iba ti gbemi mi o (The world would have swallowed me up)


Bikosewo Oba to nja fun mi o (If not for you, the Powerful God!)




Eniyan iba ti gbemi mi o (People would have swallowed me up)


Bikosewo Olorun to lagbara (If not for you, the Powerful God!)


Aye iba ti gbemi mi o (The world would have swallowed me up)


Bikosewo Oba to nja fun mi o (If not for you, the Powerful God!)




Call: Thank you for fighting my battles for me Jehovah Olugbeja


Resp: Thank you for fighting my battles for me Jehovah Olugbeja


Call: Thank you for not leaving me to the wishes of my enemies


Resp: Thank you for fighting my battles for me Jehovah Olugbeja


Call: Ogbe ni nija keru obo nija Jehovah Lo nja fun gbenga


Resp: Thank you for fighting my battles for me Jehovah Olugbeja


Call: I have seen your hands fighting


When the enemies came like a Flood


Jehovah you raised your standard against them


Resp: Thank you for fighting my battles for me Jehovah Olugbeja


Call: And I’m saying it again Only because you Made a way


Resp: Thank you for fighting my battles for me Jehovah Olugbeja


Thank you for fighting my battles for me


Gbani gbani nijo Ogun le (The great warrior in the tough battle)


Thank you Thank you Thank you





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