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“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”
(1 Corinthians 15:57)

Here is a story from someone who wants to remain anonymous:

I found out my dad was a drunk when I was about ten years old. I couldn’t tell anyone because noone would believe me. Moreso, I didn’t have much evidence than the fact that I saw a used satchet of alcohol in his car and I felt he smelt alcoholic with red eyes sometimes.

Eventually, he came forward to confess to my mum after so many years that he had been addicted to alcohol since he was a youth and that though he had been quite religious, he had never really stopped drinking. He added that he even smoked!

It broke everyone’s heart but I was not really shaken. I had guessed something like that was happening.

The problem now is that, he has made everyone in the family believe he is totally free but I don’t believe so. His stomach is still protruding day by day, his eyes are usually red and in fact, he avoids us very often, his eyes so red. When you enter his toilet, you have the feel of it too. I am so afraid that he is addicted to alcohol and smoking.

He has loads of Bibles and Christian books but his life hasn’t been any like a Christian. He is gradually losing it because of this addiction. I have prayed and prayed. In this programme, I want a totally divine knockout for this demon haunting my dad and taunting my family.

Our theme for today is extracted from her story. We do not want a temporal deliverance, we want a full, free, permanent one!!

From all forms of addictions, we and our families can be free.

We have cried severally ‘…who shall deliver me from the body of this death?’ but I can assure you that the Lord is able! He is willing!

Drugs, cigar, alcohol, other substances, porn, masturbation, sleep, food, sugar, movies, phones and the internet, whatever it is, the Lord is ready to deliver you from them all!

o you are in this pit, and you feel like you are in so deep you can never, in any way, climb back out, or perhaps you may not have enough motivation to do so! So, what can you do? The question, more importantly, should be: “What should you do?”

Do the only thing that works — surrender to God. You can’t be healed without the Great Physician; you can’t receive appropriate counsel without the Great Counselor; you can’t be comforted without the Sweet Comforter—the Holy Spirit!

Now, I know from experience that surrender may seem impossible, but is not just letting go of control, it is about resting in God. It is so amazingly wonderful, just to let go and rest right there in His big, strong, loving arms and know without a shadow of a doubt that He has you in the palm of your hand! He loved you first! When you know that: that is true freedom.

Knowing that the Creator of the universe loves you beyond measure, beyond what you could ever completely comprehend, and that He hurts when you hurt, is the key to healing! Knowing His love will allow you to rest in Him—the work is already done. Just let go and let God.

It becomes easy to let go when you finally understand that He has already done everything for you. He has already blessed you with every spiritual blessing, including healing you from this addiction, in the heavenly realms. God created the entire universe in six days. He rested on the seventh day so that we could rest in Him, because everything was already done. It is ours for the taking, and all we have to do is believe it and receive it. His abundant blessings abound because of His grace and mercy, which then enables us to be a blessing to others!

Surrender is your first step to healing your spirit and it is the only thing that works! Addiction is bigger than you and you need God to take it from you. He WILL deliver you. Deliverance is one of His great promises and a Biblical pattern and principle! Believe it and receive it!

Lets kick off now…

Begin to worship the Lord…call Him beautiful names. He’s been faithful!

Take charge of your environment and surroundings now by the Power of the Most High.

Say this prayerfully: “Help me, Lord my God; save me according to Your faithful love” (Psalm 109:26)

Dear Lord Jesus, my addiction is a terrible burden and a such a shame to me and yet I find myself constantly returning to behaviours that I hate and long to be able to shed.

I am so ashamed Lord and yet I know that You were the One Who said that You came to set the captives free – and Lord I am a captive.

I am a captive and slave of this terrible addiction and yet to long to be freed and to live a normal life.

Free me Lord I pray from this compulsion for it is stifling my life and has cost me my peace of mind and love for You– but I long to be free to live as I ought.

I know the gospel and I do believe that Jesus died to take the full punishment for all my sins, including my addiction and I believe that He rose the third day, which broke the power of death in the lives of all who believe – so I am coming to you to ask You Lord to give me the abundant life that You have promised.

I know that eternal life is now my portion but I pray that I may be free of my addiction in this life so that I may serve You as You deserve, I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus.

“Christ has liberated us into freedom. Therefore stand firm and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.”
(Galatians 5:1)

My Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the Son of God. And the only way to God. I believe you died on the Cross for my sins. And rose again from the dead. By your Blood, the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony I have given all power to stand against the satan.

I apply the Blood of Jesus over myself and everything surrounding me. I cover my spirit, soul and body, my mind, intellect, consciousness, sub-consciousness, thoughts, will, sences and emotions with the Blood of Jesus.

I ask You Father to restore my soul and fragmented mind into wholeness in Jesus Christ. Into the mind that is made perfect by the Blood.

I proclaim that I have the mind of the Christ. Anointed. Set free by the Anointing. Purged with Hyssop. Purified and Sanctified by the Word of God and Justified by the Blood of Jesus.

Every yoke of addiction in my life is broken by the Anointing of the Holy Ghost.

I proclaim the Victory of Christ and the Power of the Cross in every area right now!

I am going to overcome with my testimony and the Blood of the Lamb. In the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Blood of the everlasting covenant.

I ask for forgiveness and forgive any person, living or dead, who has ever dominated or controlled me, or harmed me in any way.

I forgive and have received forgiveness in the Name of Jesus Christ.

I ask for the necessary spiritual gifts and especially the gift of dicernment to break this demonic addictive bondage.

I ask anointing of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus Christ. I ask for the legions of angels covering this place for protection, bind the demons, put them under the Cross and ask Jesus to send them where ever He wants to send them.

I am calling on You Father for to save me from the snare of the devil with Your everlasting right hand.

Guard me Lord and surround me with the fence of the Blood and Fire as I continue to put the enemy under authority.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I take authority over all principalities, powers, strong-men, world-rulers of darkness, kings and princes and command them to obey.

I break and loose the curses and demonic powers from me now under the authority and leadership of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and by the Blood of the Lamb.

I proclaim Your Word that You have given me authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing will harm me.

I break demonic or ungodly soul ties of myself and of my family.

I bind, tear down and break any demonic power with the Sword of the Spirit and the Blood of the Lamb.

I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and I command any dark powers to leave this place silently NOW!

I break the demonic influenced dreams.

I break dark presence over me in the night and replace them with the prophetic and good dreams of God imparted from God into my mind in the Name of Jesus.

Dear Lord, how I thank You for Your grace towards me for you have lifted me up out of the pit that my life was in and set my feet on the rock of my Salvation, which is Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.

Thank You for freeing me from the shame and sin of my addiction, which has robbed me of so many of years of my life and caused me to lose a lot of things.

Lord I know that ALL my past sins have been forgiven and that I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ Jesus – keep me walking in the path of holiness and protect me from those that are still slaves to their addictions – I pray Lord that You will rescue those of my friends that are still enthralled in the world of addiction – I ask this in Jesus name.



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