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…ladies becoming wholesome for Jesus

The BUD family @ 2!

Proudly a lady

Proudly B.UD.

I belong to a group of love..

Though we’re far away

We are united

Through the love of Christ our Lord


Different backgrounds, different cultures, different ethnic groups

Different people living in different countries

We have a goal- we’re gonna show the world that we are virtuous

And we can live pure in this modern world.

Its a group of fun
Its a group where we learn
Our to grow in God’s Word
Its a group where we care
For each other’s needs
I belong to this big family


Some of the BUD Choir at the launch of our first movie: The Voice of Faith.

I am going to be telling you about The B.U.D Family using our anthem above as composed by a beautiful member- Ojebiyi Favour Oluwadunni (Dominica, USA)


#Proudly_a_lady, #PROUDLYBUD:  is usually our hashtags on any of the social media. This is just an identication means and of a truth, we are proudly members of the big family.

A big family on a course to becoming bigger!


I belong to a group of love- This means exactly what it says. We love one another, we have our individual BUD besties, we celebrate birthdays with our members, we attend weddings of our members, we help the needy amongst us, we pray for one another in distress, we make sisters and mommas and mothers of one another, we pray together! Of a truth, a home that prays together stays together! Glory to God!


A prayer session during the movie premiere.


Though we’re far away, we are united- Hmmm, we are actually scattered abroad like the apostles of old.


Almost every state in Nigeria has a member to its credit and our international members are found in Dominica, Indiana, United Kingdom, Pune, Namibia, Ghana, Togo, United States of America, Germany, Ukraine to mention but a few.


Through the Love of Christ our Lord: Now, this is made possible not by Power, nor by might but by the Spirit of the Most High God! To know if it is actually God who is the adhesive holding us, try starting a group without God’s permission and see! Hmmm…Of a truth, the vision is the Lord’s!

We love love😘


Second Stanza:


Its a group of fun: Oh my! There are nights when we go to bed, smiling and giggling because we have really had fun.

Quiz, debates, individual love stories, jokes, Let’s Cook, fastest fingers, in fact, the Lord has really helped us to have great moments of fun that we lack no smil, no laughter! Glory to You Lord.


Its a group where we learn how to grow in God’s Word: In actual fact, this is the focal point! We would be nothing if we don’t feed ourselves with the Bread of Life. Discussions, Bible Studies, Moments of Truth, Questions and Answers, Why this Hymn?, Retreat, Today’s Tip, oh we have just series of programme where we learn the Truth of the Word of God. We grow thereby. Halleluyah!


The Lord’s gat our back!


What about special features? We have had to bring many glorious souls to bless and admonish us in the house- PVO, Chioma Chukwulotam, Aanu Kolade, Remi Bamgboje, Esther Omoniyi and spouse, Olumide Fatunsin and a host of others.


Some of our parents in the Lord.


Another parents of ours during the premiere



Its a group where we care for each other’s needs: Oh yes it is! Most times when we have issues, challenges in academics, emotional lives, family life, financially and noall in fact, we rally round one another to provide in cash and kind.

For Khemzy’s wedding for example, her lovely bridal train was from this family.

BUD ‘Grandma’ and her train- all BUD!


We really do care for each other’s needs.


What about contributions for the success of the movie project?


The Voice of Faith: The Movie


Hmmm…there are just so many places we have stood in the gap for one another. (Talking of the movie project, I will share the link where you can watch the trailer. The discs are for sale also. You can grab your copy.)


I belong to this big family!- Of course we belong. Its a great thing to actually be associated with the people of God.


Registration at the premiere


Of a truth we have people we call ‘Ghost readers’ hahaha…but even they have come out to say they belong to this big family.


Different Backgrounds: Married, singles, youth from all over are in here.


Different Culture/ Different ethhic groups: Ibira, Yoruba, Igbo, Ibibio/Efik, Namibian, and so many other. We are just all together with our language, food, customs and traditions.


Different people living in different countries: Oh yes I have explained above. We are scattered abroad all over the world.


We have a goal: Yeah, anyone who wants to join the group is asked if she shares the common goal with us. Are a child of God? Are you interested in Heaven? Would we learn from you? Hope our many messages wouldn’t be too burdensome? We seek to grow in the Lord together!


We’re gonna tell the world that we are virtuous: Oh yes it is true! Telling the world that there are still Jesus’ ladies in this world who believe, trust and rely on the Lord God Almighty.


We have been doing facebook and other social media campaigns, we have a shot a full 2hour movie, we have published an e-magazine and so on.


Of a truth, this generation and the next and the next, if Jesus tarries are set for wonders! Virtuous ladies will show forth the praise of He who has called us out of darkness into His Glorious light!


Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle at the premiere


And we can live pure in this modern world: If God commands it, then it is achievable! Like lily, we are thriving unsoiled in a world of sin. We seek to teach and remind ourselves that truly, if Joseph could do it, we can! If Esther could abstain from the encumberances of her world, we can!


Created in February 2016 as an online group by the Spirit through Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle, The BUD Family aims at becoming a strong pillar in the house of God and becoming a real enterprise where visionary ladies are birthed.


Some questions have been asked as to why we have the name ‘Babes’ instead of probably ‘sisters’ and ‘ladies’?



As much as we have answered that it was given under the inspiration of the Almighty God, the word BABES as used in our name is an acronyms for a:

B- Bible believing

A- Amiable

B- Beautiful

E- Empowered

S- Sister


Hence, the family name on a long run is The Bible-believing, amiable, beautiful, empowered sisters of Unique Dynamite: The BUD Family.




Its been two years since we were born and this blog is in commemmoration of that. We want more people to be blessed of God! Halleluyah!


Happy Second Anniversary B.U.D Family.





P.S- To watch the trailer of our movie, follow this link:



If you need the first edition of our magazine – The Lily in the Mire, or a DVD of our movie, send us a message via this address:

[email protected] and we will get it across to you.

God bless you.





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  1. Yeah yeah.
    By his grace we are soaring higher with Jesus in our boat.
    Journey with us and I promise you, you will come back for me.
    A certified member.

  2. Wow Awesome!!!
    I’m a witness to all these. Funny enough, this post actually doesn’t do justice to what the group is all about and how much of a blessing it’s been. So blessed to belong😍
    More to come! Glory to God🙌🙌
    #proudlyALady #proudlybud

  3. This is just wow!
    All these we have achieved and still achieving more by the grace of God.
    I am B.U.D.

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