Are we all aware of today’s health talk?


If yes please let someone signify and tell us


The topic of our health talk today is UNHEALTHY HABITS.


What are unhealthy habits?


Unhealthy habits are habits we indulge in either consciously or unconsciously that predispose us or put us at risk of disease or injury that can diminish our ability to live a healthy life.


That’s my own definition.


We will be considering some of those habits today.


Let’s start with unhealthy habits that affect the organs in our HEADS.


Let’s start with the EYES.

I know some of us do more of computer works, love reading books and at the same watching TV.


Sincerely there’s no crime in doing those things but indulging in them in an unhealthy way can affect our sight.


Sitting to close to laptop screen or TV screen is unhealthy for our SIGHT.


When working on your system, please always have a break in between.


Do not read under poor lighting. Its not good for our eyes.


Let us endeavor to make adjustments where necessary.


Another one is our EARS.


Most people are fond of poking their ears with objects other than cotton but they will claim they enjoy the sensation the cover of of a pen gives them!


Unknowing to them, a slip of finger can damage their ear drum!


Even if it doesn’t damage it, what they are using can introduce microorganisms into their ears.


The best thing to do when you feel like cleaning your ears is to get a clean cotton bud and use. But we must also be careful with the way we insert the bud also.


We don’t need to go in deep in the process of cleaning our ears so as not to damage the ear drum.


Source: Internet.
Don’t destroy your ear, stop!


I will advise that everyone of us get a pack of cotton buds.


Another unhealthy habits about the ear is listening to music with headphones at highest volume.


I believe headphones were invented for people to enjoy the lyrics and rhythms of music without disturbing their neighbors not made to blast our ear drums to pieces.


Please let desist from all these unhealthy habits.


Some ladies are fond of picking their NOSTRILS with their fingers.


This is not good also because we can transmit infection to another person through that or break tiny veins in the nostril thus leading to bleeding.


Source: Internet


Not cleaning up after urinating as a woman is another issue.


As a woman we must and should always have tissue papers or toilet roll with us at all times.


We should not just urinate and wear our panties without cleaning up. No, that’s unhygienic as a lady!


What about not washing hands after using the toilets?


Even if you are eating with spoons, still wash your hands.


Sufficient let the soap foam!

Let me tell you something about a friend of mine.


This friend goes about with a spoon in her bag.


You know why she doesn’t like using spoon at canteen?


I asked her why


She replied she was just trying to be careful.


That’s how far someone decided to go just to stay healthy!


Let’s learn to wash our hands after using the toilets even if it’s 100 times a day.


A lot of disease out there are very much more preventable just by practice regular hand washing.


The last one I will be talking about this evening is lying down immediately after eating.


It’s not good to lie down immediately after eating. It is very dangerous.


Apart from the fact that it can cause indigestion and a build up of belly fat, it can cause aspirations which is very dangerous.


No matter how tired you are and you feel like sleeping after eating, please never lie down immediately.


You can sit on a chair and raise your legs on a stool than lying down.


At least we must wait for 2 hours before we lie down after eating

Source: Internet


I hope we have all gained something tonight.


This is where we will be drawing the curtains this night.


Thanks for staying tuned.




Yh-yeah *Winks*

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