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JANUARY 10, 2018

Briefly, I want to share one of my musings (meditations) this evening.

It’s concerning the temptations of Jesus in Matthew 4:2, 10.

(Please I would love us to follow this teaching. Let’s meditate on it personally.)

While meditating on this scripture, I wondered how Jesus linked those replies to the suggestion devil gave 🤔

Yes, He knew the Word of God, reason why He said _”it is written”_ as we can’t overcome temptations without the Word of God.

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But looking closely, how did He see it as temptation AND NOT AS SOLUTION? 🤔

See, He had just finished fasting. It’s not as though He was still fasting then oh. The Bible records, _”when He had fasted forty days and forty nights”_

The fasting was a done deal.

And what do we do after fasting?

We eat na!

And again, _”He was afterward an hungred”_. He was very hungry!

Remember, He was in the wilderness, that means there was no food. But, there were stones. _He had the power to change the stones, just as He changed water to wine in Canaan when there was no wine!_ Can you link this part? There was no food in the wilderness just as there was no wine in Canaan.

Devil knew about the Power of God and he wanted to use it against Jesus.

(It’s being analyzed so that we can relate well with it, you can read them again too).

But see, He didn’t see these _”good reasons”_ why He should give in as valid because of something.

*Who can tell me that thing?*

This question leads to this;

WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION? And that is the topic for today.

Topic: What is your motivation?

Bible Text: _Matthew 4:2, 11_

I’ve come to realize that if you do “something good” from devil’s motivation, it’s still evil*. (The “something good” is quoted for reasons)

This is why- To men, it is good. Even very good!

In the temptations of Jesus, is it bad to eat when we are done fasting? _I think it’s a no_

Jesus realized that it was the devil’s motivation

Those “good things” you did, what motivated you to do them?

Is it for you to prove that you are superior to others?

I ask again, what is your motivation?

Is it the Word of God or the word of the devil?

Is it the things of God or the things of the world?

See, the turning of water to wine was God’s will, God motivated Jesus

If your motive is not in line with God’s will and His Word, it’s evil.

God still judges motives, reason why you are being corrected now.

Please say this prayer,

“Blessed Father, thank you for Your Grace, please transform my motives to one that is in line with Your Word and Will. Help my motivation oh Lordl. Thank you Father in Jesus’ name. Amen”

The reasons I gave up there as why He should give in to that voice are good right? Be frank please. (You would see that they are nice if you truly understand. And it will help you)

So, I was wondering how He saw the suggestion as a temptation and not as solution and the Holy Spirit said, “He discerned God’s voice from devil’s”

And that’s it!

He went further, *”DISCERNMENT helped Him to recognize the source of the motivation”*

You see, *the source of the motivation in Jesus’ temptation is from the devil*. Devil wanted to motivate Jesus to eat!

Get it clear, eating is not bad, but it becomes bad when it’s motivated by the devil

All the _”why you must eat (you are very hungry)”_ and _”how you can eat (turn stones to bread)”_ are devil’s suggestion.

And you see, devil didn’t come in black, red and dirty stuff, as our movies always depict oh. He came like a sensible man. (let’s assume it’s in a physical conversation). He didn’t dress in rags too or can you take the advice of a mad man?

Hell no! 😂

(I used this part to show this, *his words always come as something good*)

Reason why it takes discernment to understand devil’s spurious words and ways. He will act like a sensible thing, talk like a sensible thing etc.

We might be doing “the wrong thing in disguise” without knowing. If we are not spiritually discerned, we might think we are on the way.

Reason why the Holy Spirit is needed in the life of every believer.

He will help us to test every spirits. He will tell us the Will of God in every situation.

He will help us to see things rightly so that we won’t take what will lead to our downfall as the solution.

Hmmm, I’m just wondering what would have happened if Jesus had given in to his suggestion 🤔

I could remember a day when I was faced with two choices.

Funnily enough, both of them were scripture based. So I was confused on which one to take, and through the help of the Holy Spirit I asked God to help me to choose. He picked the one I valued less, and immediately I gave in to Him, I was ministered to, He gave me some explanations thereafter and strength.

Did you see Matthew 4:11? The angels came and ministered to Jesus.

In conclusion, _not all that glitters is gold_ abi?

And you know it’s needed for me to grab the gold

Now see, how will I grab gold then?

*I must discern the TRUE GOLD through the help of the Holy Spirit.*


•Please meditate on the other temptations of Jesus (compulsory)

Thank you.

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