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TESTIMONY: I feel like screaming this

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Since we began the Juicy July, sometimes I kneel to pray and whenever I rise from my kneeling position, I feel pain on my left foot. I’d skip for a while before the pain would disappear.




It continued for a while that even after sitting for long, I won’t be able to walk upright immediately. I’d skip for a while before its disappearance.




The peak of the pain was on Monday, I started skipping right in the Church after I sat a while and I thought it would soon disappear. But since then, I’ve been in pain and I’ve not been able to walk properly. I’ve been skipping as usual.




On Tuesday midnight, I attended an online prayer, I prayed about the foot. Thank God that yesterday’s prayer bulletin was on healing, I prayed and cried to God that He would heal me but nothing happened.




Thereafter, I called the brother who organized the online prayer to join me in prayers and he told me to lay my hand on my foot. He prayed and declared God’s word on the foot. After a while, the pain subsided but it didn’t go. I was still skipping in pain.




While I was using today’s bulletin, I started praying and asking God if my sins were that much that I couldn’t be forgiven to the point that the pain isn’t leaving me. I told Him that I have faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I said many things, read testimonies and told Him that I have rejoiced with people and that He should answer my prayers so that people would rejoice with me.




Sisters, I became partially discouraged but I was still praying and having faith.




When I got to the point of reasons for frustration. Within me, I started telling God that after all, this pain started at the place of prayer. Then I remembered where Mama said that things happen FOR us and not TO us, also the story about her roommate and senior reminded me that this is happening so that I may share it with others.




I was also made to remember how Jacob’s rib shifted during the course of prayer and how Elijah put his head in-between his knees and immediately, my spirit man came to life. I also remember those times God spoke to me even when I least expected and also my hope that was almost lost about my prayers not being answered was revived.




Immediately, I was revived and I intensified my prayers joyfully. I also sang this song ‘Even when I can’t see Him, He’s working. Even when I can’t hear Him, He’s working. He never stops, He never stops working.’




I sang the song happily and prayed more because I remembered that He is listening and will come when I least expect Him to. He’s done that in the past.




Sisters, I am writing this testimony to encourage a sister who might be discouraged because the answers are not visible immediately, please keep hope alive because He will come through for you when you least expected it. Be assured He is working on your case.




Praise the Lord, I’ll be back to share my testimonies once my healing is perfect and visible. God is good…All the time!










(One day later)













The Lord has done it oh!




Yesterday, I shared a faith-relating testimony and I promised to return with the full testimony once I received my healing.




The Lord has done it oh 💃💃💃💃💃 I didn’t even know that the testimony that I shared was based on faith until today’s Daily Manner explained it and I’m like what?




Thank You, Jesus!




If I were to be told by someone to share that testimony, I might not have believed him/her but the Spirit of God moved me Himself.





I knelt this morning to say my ‘Good Morning prayer’ to God after returning from where I want to ease myself. I was almost done with the prayer when the Spirit reminded me that I didn’t leap oh, no more skipping. Sisters, I feel like screaming this, 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️The Lord has done it for me. I am totally and perfectly healed.





Sisters, do you remember what I said? Keep hope alive because God is working even if you can’t see it. Your answers might not come immediately but believe that He is listening to your prayers…Amen!





*Testimony Number 2*


For a while, I was praying to God about a marital proposal I received in June. God did not speak if to say Yes or No. I told God that ‘I know You speak in silence, please do it again. If You say No, I’ll simply obey.’




Though my heart is aching for love, I choose to do His will. He has repeatedly told me to wait. Last year, I was sweeping when His words dropped ‘… though it tarry, wait for it…’ I had to search on Google to get the full passage because I never prayed using that portion. There I saw that He spoke to me from Habakkuk 2:3.




Sisters, this way of speaking was part of what I remembered yesterday that God sometimes comes unawares. And that was when I became active again even when my soul was almost weary.




Two days ago, while chatting with the brother, God finally exposed him and brought everything about him to light, just like we prayed about that day.




From there I got the NO answer.




I want to return all glory to God who has spoken to me even in silence.




Sisters, God is too good! He loves us. Please, let’s keep investing our prayers just like Mama Lizzy said because we will be surprised when the Lord will visit us with answers.




Praise the Loooooorrrrrrdddddd🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌




I’ll be back with my marital testimony…Amen!



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