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Prevent The Pepper

While growing up. I had seen a girl using a grinding stone to grind a pepper to feed their entire family of about eight people. The girl was younger than I was and I saw what she did as a great feat.

It was indeed a great one to me.


I wasn’t that used to grinding pepper for a large meal. The little ones I did will always make me end up soaking my hands in cold water on the bed before sleeping. I do have a long time pepperish and burning feeling at the back of my palms.
I think I even cried some of those times.


This developed into making me a ‘pepper- phobic’ individual ( If there’s any word like that).
I grew up having great fear for pepper.
Even when I needed to cook for good number of people and at least detach the pepper from its pedicel, I will be looking for every means to avoid pepper nor just keep my hands from having a direct contact with pepper.
At last, I found a solution that if strictly done, pepper won’t make me afraid any longer.


I got the knowledge of rubbing oil on my fingers and hand before doing anything with pepper; either washing or grinding pepper.


Why is oil preventing pepper from entering my skin pores? Science has a great explanation for this.
Once I have rubbed the oil on my hands, only a stronger liquid or chemical can break its molecules.
That stronger liquid have to be soap or some other chemicals used in making soap.

Do you know that after knowing this kitchen hack, I still sometimes fall victim of pepper’s trouble?
That was simply because It’s only the truth you know, believe and work with that will make you a wise person in the eventual outcome.


Just as the oil shields our hands and hinders pepper from entering into our pores, so does holiness shield us from attacks. When we put on the garment of holiness, we become impenetrable for the enemies. The serpent shall bite whomsoever has broken the edge. This implies that whosoever leaves the edge intact, has no fear of a serpent bite.
We are protected under the wings of the the almighty if we leave no loop hole for the devil to come into our lives.

Dear sister, Don’t break the edge!
Don’t break the oil molecules with sin!!
Remain protected!!!

The last sentence is an admonition to those protected already.
If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, don’t deceive yourself trying to practice what you are not. Accept the blood of Jesus Christ for the removal of your sins. And allow the blood of Jesus to shield you from the devil’s ‘pepper’.

You have the opportunity to obtain a sure security if and only if you will come under God’s protecting canopy.




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