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The BUD Family will be five in February!
Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to shoot a movie again as earlier announced due to time and financial constraints.
We have decided that as the Lord helps us, we will have a dinner programme!
Yaaaaaayyyyyy! Oh yes, you heard me right!
Like, this is going to be amazingly beautiful!
There would be lots of friends, food, fun, colours, prayers, songs and dances, love talks, quizzes, medical talks and checks, seminars, orchestra, maybe stage drama too. In fact, this is better experienced than talked about.
In the past, we have held some beautiful programmes, if you can remember and they always turn out beautiful but this one is going to be exceedingly great!
Our movie shoot in 2016 was great! (See some of the shots from the shoot below):
Our movie premiere in 2017 was super! (See some of the shots from the shoot below):


The Fully-Charged Programme which was a three-day retreat in 2018 was amazing!
The Phenomenal Woman programme in 2019 was too empowering!
In 2020, we couldn’t meet generally but we met at our different states to celebrate #bud@4.
This 2021, we are meeting with full force!
To spice it all up, even though it will be an all-ladies event, our married couples are expected to come with their spouses. Oh yes! We will send invitation cards to our MUDs to specially invite them for the occasion. We have so much in store for them that day.
In short, don’t let me talk too much. Haha
We will have a special dress code, you know, we will be expected to all wear white, blue or pink gowns and we get a matching scarf for prayer time. Details about that will come from the event planner herself.
There will be photoshoots after the events so it would be nice to come with your BUD vests if you have it and if you do not have it, you can place an order for them. Those who have paid would get theirs at the event.
So, to make it a very beautiful event, we must put so many things in place, you know:
  • The hall
  • The decor
  • The foods and drinks
  • The security
  • The transportation of equipment
  • Photography
  • Souvenirs
  • And so on.
So, we are expected to pay a little token of two thousand naira each. It is something you can afford right? It’s a new year and we have new money and new blessings. Amen?
Some people gave so much for the movie we were earlier preparing for. So, we have like 52 thousand naira plus on ground already. I saw the names of the sisters who have given and how much they gave and I was so full of thanks to God for them. Some gave 2k, 4k, 5k, oh my! One of our MUD even gave us money.
May you always be enriched and blessed in Jesus Name.
If you commit yourself to this also, dear sister, we can have more money and get things done.
As the money comes in, we will be transparently showing you what we have and how we are spending so that you can be aware.
The event would be held at Ibadan (Venue would be communicated in due course) on the 29TH JANUARY, 2021 from 8PM to 2AM.
By the morning, you can easily find your way back to where you came from, whether Enugu or Kaduna states. Haha
You can invite your female friends to come. All they need to note is:
  • They have to be decently dressed
  • They have to register.
Registration is compulsory for every single person! Even I have already registered!
Follow the link below to register:
If you have anything to donate or give to make the day more beautiful, feel free to reach out to any of the admins.
First Bank
Gbemisola Olatunbosun
Our fifth anniversary it is!
Who is excited?
Oh my, it’s our big five!



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