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Its been seven days of waiting on the Lord, praying and fasting and travailing. Of a truth, we have knocked on Heaven’s door. Halleluyah!

Today is the seventh day in the seventh month of 2018.

Seven in seven, means perfection in perfection!

Glory in glory!

Majesty in majesty!

Praises in praises!

Of a truth, our lives are already glorified!

Those who know us will see us and see the glory of God.

Enemies can’t look into our faces anymore. Why? It carries fire!

Our voices carry fire!

Our will carries fire!

Our properties carry fire!

Our bodies carry fire!

He that touches us, touch the apple of the eyes of God! And is it possible to do that? No! Even if he tries, he will only burn away!



Have faith!

Your prayers may look like its not been answered by feeling is contrary to faith!

Abraham’s body would definitely feel like ‘What’s God saying? I am old. I even feel sleeping now”

But Abraham decided to choose Faith! Speaking against his feelings and contrary to his body.

If you’ve fasted to this point anyways, don’t turn around to the thins you’ve left behind. All the bridges you’ve burnt, font try to find. Else, our fast activity will not be better than the unbelievers’ fast when they end fast today and continue sinning tomorrow.

Let’s talk about God’s Will/Plan for our lives.

The plan of God for you and I is a beautiful one (Jeremiah 29:11). It passes human understanding. No man can comprehend His plan.

Right from the beginning of time, our CREATIVE God had always worked with a DEEP concept. And nothing had ever been created by Him that had no PURPOSE.

One of the concept God had in the beginning was that mankind was created to live to PLEASE Him.

Why have I been created?

To please God!

To show forth His praises

To sing His Glory.

Have I been doing that? Do people look at me and desire to serve my God? Is my life a kind of life that compels others to Christ or that which repels them from Him?

That is the purpose of man. Anything outside this, makes life unsatisfactory and full of worthlessness. It places a mysterious vacuum in one’s life.

Pleasing Him entails living a life that is of Him, a life that is characterized by the nature of God (Genesis 1:26-27).

If God didn’t make a mistake creating us in His own image, should we be adamant not to FIT into the PURPOSE to which He has CREATED us?

How can we continue to live an ungrateful life?

How can we be so empty, living for the moment?

How can we claim that we are His children, and our life has been nothing but PURPOSELESS?

How can we continue this way if the Lord has invested so much in us this past years and all we can use to repay Him is a life that stinks and purges Him.

If half of year 2018 should be placed on a scale, and our deeds were weighed, would we be justified that we’ve fully fitted into His will for our lives?

For which purpose were you created?

We all are to please God in unique ways that God wants us to. When we do this, we fulfil the global plan God had in mind right from the beginning.

Your path is different from mine, mine is different from yours. But we must all be part of His global plan.

There is a recent revival. It’s a call to be involved in what God is set to do in our generation. You and I should be part of this global plan. We should be part of what He is doing in our generation.

The kingdom of God will be established fully here on earth(Matthew 6:10). And He is recruiting workers that will work out the Master’s blueprint. Won’t you join in what God is doing in our generation?

I perceive in my spirit that in our generation, God’s kingdom will be fully established here on earth. Just like the generation of Mary the mother of Jesus, we are of a unique generation. We want to be connected to what God has started doing here. We want to be part of something greater than us.

We weren’t created for nothing. God doesn’t create without a PURPOSE, I’ve known Him to be a deliberate God.

Sisters, we are Princesses of the Kingdom of the Most High God and we are ambassadors of this Kingdom here on earth.

We need to take authority and dominion over what belongs to God. The Bible says that “The earth belongs to God and everything thereof (Psalm 24:1)”. We’ve been created to have dominion. That has been His WILL right from the beginning (Geneais 1:28-30).

But unfortunately, sin took us out of the will of God and placed us in a vacuum where we kept searching for answers.

Our lives became bleak and without direction. We lacked identity. We lacked purpose and we lacked direction. God’s glory disappeared from our lives (Rom 3:23) and we couldn’t live the kind of life God purposed in His heart for us.

We were simply living a MISFIT of God’s purpose for our lives.

But, enough is enough. This is the second half of 2018 and in fact the seventh day of the seventh month!

We must stop living a life full of emptiness, immorality, frustration, inadequacy and worthlessness.

Our life must mirror the desire He had always had in mind for us since creation. We must start living for God, living for His purpose, living for His desire and bringing pleasure to Him.

May our lives be sweet savouring sacrifice unto Him, the one that glorifies His name (Romans 12:1).

The remaining days of 2018 must be worthwhile in the kingdom business. I’ve know my God to be productive. In fact, any tree that won’t bear fruit will be cut off and burnt (John 15). May our lives not be cut off and burnt in Jesus name.

There is no time at all. Our lives are so brief here (Psalm 39:5) and the triumphant coming again of the Son of man is here. We need to maximize every moment because what, it counts. Every moment counts in God’s business. It must be lived purposefully.

Sisters, we need to pray that God empties us, remould us, restructure us, fill us with His virtues and then refix us into His will and purpose.

We can only FIT into His purpose through Him and by Him. Nothing happens outside of Him. The remaining days of 2018 should be worthwhile. We should start living our lives *on purpose and with purpose.* In July, God must juice us out for His purpose in Jesus name.

You are a piece of cloth. The tailor cuts and trims and seams and cut you to fit! That’s his will for you! Like a piece of cloth, allow God!

To work on you!

To wash you!

To break you!

To cut you!

To mold you!

(Let’s sing this song if you know it)

Spirit of the Living God

Come afresh on me

Spirit of the Living God

Come afresh on me

Melt me

Mold me

Fill me

Use me

Spirit of the Living God

Come afresh on me.

What are God’s Will for you?

1. To fear well: Fear the Lord, do His command and you will be good for it.

Let Him be in the very front of your eyes when yiu want to see something, in front of your mouth when you want to say something. I front of your will when you want to make decisions and so on.

2. Obey well: God says no lies, no lies! God says no stealing, no stealing! God says I should lust after a man to commit sin with him, no crush!

No corrupt communication must proceed out of my mouth, no world slang in my mouth!

I should care for my heart from our of it are the issues of life. No corrupt and worldy materials found with me.

No porn

No worldly music

No malice

No jealousy and envy

No bitterness and unforgiveness.

That’s obeying well, its the Will of God for you and I.

3. Live well:

Yes, having ‘What Would Jesus Do’ as a slogan.

He wouldn’t fight.

He wouldn’t be a sadist.

He wouldn’t judge.

He wouldn’t have enemies by Himself.

He wouldn’t sin to get a position.

He wouldn’t give bribe.

He wouldn’t fear man than God.

He wouldn’t insult.

God wants us to follow in His steps! That’s the Will of God for us.

4. Marry Well:

Yes! God wants us to marry well. He wants us to rest in His arms while He creates for us a man after His own heart.

He said we will hear behind us a voice saying, turn to this way and that….He is ready to guide us!

He wants to give us the best only if we allow Him! Only if we become quiet that He may speak!

5. Succeed Well:

Joshua 1:8 shows that God wants us to have a good success!

Daniel had a good success being ten times better than his colleagues.

Deuteronomy 28:13 even says He wants us to be the head and not the tail.

6. Prosper Well:

He wants us to be above only and not beneath. He doesn’t want us to beg for bread or lack anything good!

Such loving God!

7. Love well:

God Himself is love! He wants us to love like He does!

To love our enemies.

To love those who hate us and revile against us.

To pray for the wicked.

To lead the wicked to Christ.

Hmmm..the Will of God.

8. To Raise Children Well:

To have children raised in the manner of Jesus. To have children born of God taught of God, given to God and taught aright.

Not being negligent like Eli nor too strict to kill the children.

9. To finish Well:

Oh the climax of it all! Finishing well!

Saul didn’t start well bit about finishing, he surely did.

I have finished my course…have you even finished a chapter in the course has laid down for you or have yiu not even started the course at all?

My sisters, let’s pray!

The time has come to start living according to the dictates of our Maker!

We have driven around too much without reading the many or consulting the Maker. Now, we are going back!

We are fitting in to His Plans for UA, His Purpose for creating us, His Will, His Will!

Don’t you feel a burning in your heart?

No sensation whatsoever?

Oh sisters, these are the days of Elijah, Ezekiel, are we going to remain unconcerned and lost in the world?

Are we going to remain lost in lust?

Aren’t you going to let the seventh day in the seventh month be meaningful to you and for you??!

Let’s pray!

Begin to worship the Lord for He is good.

Call Him good names, call Him wonderful Names. He is worthy.

Bless God for this month once again. Appreciate Him for life. That you are alive is God’s privilege and grace.

Our God is a mighty God. He reigns forever and ever. He is God all throughout generations. Worship and adore Him.

Sing this song. “You are God from beginning till the end, there’s no place for argument, you’re God all by yourself”

(Worship in the Spirit. Let the Spirit quicken your heart to worship.)

We can’t stop worshipping. Right now, we will bless God for His CREATIVE power. That He created you and I is worth giving Him praise all the days of our lives. Bless Him. Let your soul sing beautiful songs of praise to worship Him. He made all things including you, including me.

Ahh…God is great. In Jesus name we are still worshipping.

Bless and appreciate Him for deciding to create you in His image (Genesis 1:26a). It is a great privilege that you and I are not created to be stones, ants or trees. This is an undeserved privilege. That I am wonderfully created in His image is a wonder.

Adore and magnify Him for He knew you from your mother’s womb. Right before you were formed, God had specially taken interest in your life and that was why you were created in a beautifully complex manner. (Psalm 139:13-16). God’s craftsmanship is to be praised.

🎼”You are wonderful, you are worthy oh Lord…”

Begin to plead the blood of Jesus. Let the blood begin to flow over your spirit, soul and body. Let the purging of the Spirit begins. *Please pray in the Spirit. Plead the BLOOD!!!*

Purge me out oh God. Let everything in me that is not of you be removed by your blood. I crave the divine cleansing. (Mention those sins that you are battling with) Let the blood cleanse me. Let the Spirit search my heart and fish out anything that is not of YOU in my life (Psalm 139:23-24).

(Pray this prayer continuously until the Spirit releases you to move to the next prayer point.)

Begin to tell Him that you are sorry. Oh yes, you should be sorry for breaking His heart, by being disobedient, being unconcerned about how God feels and so on. Confess your sins lovely sisters. He is ready to listen.

Father, help me to fit in to your purpose for my life!

Lord, give my life direction (Dwell on this for a while)

God, melt me, break me, pull me down and let the restructuring begin Lord! Father let the restructuring begin in me!

I will fear You Lord! Create Your fear in my heart. I want to have You in mind anything I see, do, go in the Name of Jesus. Let my Herat be filled with the fear of and for yiu in the Name of Jesus.

I will obey You Lord! Every spirit militating against my obeying You, I subdue them now in the Name of Jesus!

I will live well! My life will teun thousands, nay, millions to You in the Name of Jesus!

I will marry well! Oh Lord,You will choose for me! The man for me Lord, I will wait for Him to come. I receive the grace to be where I am supposed to be at the right time all my life. My man shall not pass me by the Name of Jesus.

I will succeed well. I will be the head and not the tail. I will make it! I will be ten times better than my colleagues in the Name of Jesus.

I shall prosper! Lord, give me the power to make wealth. In the Name of Jesus, help me to yield greatly. I shall multiply! Everything I lay my hands upon shall prosper in Jesus Name.

Lord, when I have become so successful, I shall not forget you. Instead, help me to give to the cause of the Lord, giving a lot to the needy. I refuse to be puffed up in the Name of Jesus.

I will raise the godly children you give me well. I refuse to give birth to daughters of Jezebel and sons of Belial in the Name of Jesus. My children will love the Bible. They will follow in Yihe steps. They will please You all their lives in the Name of Jesus.

I will finish well in the Name of Jesus. This Heaven is my home. I will get there. I will run well, persevere well and finish well. I will get my crown with my stars in it in the Name of Jesus.

We are going to plead for Mercy now. Plead until you receive justification in your spirit.

For the wasted years I’ve lived outside your purpose, please Lord be merciful and forgive me. I confess that the last six months has not been so fruitful. Let your mercy speak Lord

Empty me Lord and fill me with your SPIRIT. My life receives the Spirit of the Most High God. I live the life of God. Every dryness becomes life. (Ezekiel 37)

Let my righteousness be set ablaze Lord. That my life may bring glory to your name (Isaiah 62:1).

I command light to be in my life (Genesis 1:3)

Let the light of God Chase away every darkness. *Pray in the Spirit*

I pray and plead that you fill my life with the Spirit of God. Let every spiritual virtue be deposited in me. I want to live the life of God.

My desires and passions are purified by the blood. I live according to the standard of God.

Fix me into your global plan Lord. I am no longer comfortable in my state

Let grace be released unto me Lord. I receive grace, strength and unction to fulfil purpose in the name of Jesus.

Every manipulating power of the kingdom of darkness limiting me from being who God wants me to be is nullified in Jesus name. For this reason, the son of man was made manifest to destroy the work of darkness (1John 3:8)


Declare all this in faith and power

– Nothing stops me from fulfilling the mandate of God

– I receive the strength of the Almighty God.

– I receive power

– I receive grace

– I walk in the purpose of God.

– I do not run on a wrong path and assignment

– I receive clarity of purpose and direction

– My eyes are opened. I receive a clearer vision

– I am the light of the world

– I illuminate my generation

– I impact my world

– I am a profitable servant of the Almighty God

– I make God happy

– Heaven will not mourn over me

– I am joy to my generation

– I speak with grace

– I fulfil purpose

– I am the King’s daughter. I take dominion over the affairs of the Kingdom here on earth. I establish the Kingdom of God here on earth.

– Nothing stops me

– I fit into the purpose of God

1Peter 2:9. Sing this song joyfully

🎼”I am a chosen generation, called forth to show His exccellence….”


Thank you for giving me the privilege of walking through this season of fasting with you. It has been a sweet blessing to pray for you and your needs daily.

Thank you also for your gracious feedback and words of appreciation. You may not know it, but You encouraged me in a moment when I needed it most.

Isaiah 58, you said because I have set my set to fast “…then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.

The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

12 Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.

I claim all these blessings in the Name of Jesus!

Father, thank you for the blood of Jesus that purchased my salvation. Thank you that I am able to fast for the fun of it, not for the “earn” of it.

Thanks to the spotless Lamb and His blood shed for us, we don’t have to do anything to earn our salvation!

We didn’t have to fast to punish ourselves and earn something with You. But we have the privilege of fasting so that we can feast on You! Wow, Lord!

We get to simply dine — to come to the table and feast, no fee, no prerequisite other than accepting your free gift of grace.

We enjoyed our time with You these seven days! Now help us resume eating without losing an ounce of our intimacy with You. Without losing a shred of our sensitivity and obedience to Your Spirit.

Oh Thank You gracious Lord! Immortal invisible God only wise!

Father, in the name of Jesus, You are my Light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear? You are the Strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Father, You have given me the desires of my heart. You have heard and answered my prayers. To You be the glory! Great things You have done!

I rest in You, awaiting the manifestation of all that I required and inquired of You.

I thank You for giving me Your strength to face each day full of sap [of spiritual vitality]. Today I break this fast as You have directed. I thank You for this food because it is consecrated by Your Word and prayer.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Read and study these verses:

Psalm 27:1

Psalm 92:14

Psalm 37:4

1 Timothy 4:4,5

Psalm 34:4

(Continue praying as the Spirit leads. Praise the Lord. Keep praising Him)

N.B. Sisters, please, it is best to break a fast by eating fruit, broth, or a light salad, gradually adding other foods day by day depending upon the length of the fast.


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