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My Top 10 Lessons from ‘Happily Ever After?’?

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By: Adeyoola Ojemola


So, since the release of ‘Happily Ever After?’, I have found myself visiting the page about twice a day to see the number of views that has been recorded. As at 56 hours, over 9000 viewers have seen the messages. Then I ask myself this: “What did these people see?”. I was quick to change it though to “What did I see?”. It is about me first, right? Hence, to answer this, here are some of the things I saw:


God’s will is never hidden to His children:

Eddie and Beulah had known God’s will at the same time. When it is time to know God’s mind, it will be unconvincingly glaring.


God has better taste than you:

God knew who would be a perfect fit for Beulah to accommodate her future exigencies and would both submit to God to overcome them. Whatever God cooks is always perfect, nothing can be added, nothing can be removed.


Submissiveness and Love are non-negotiable in Christian marriages:

Actually, this can fit as a fundamental principle for marriage and not just Christian marriages. Most cultures as I know it have defined marriage based on this system. However, no culture can beat the standard of the Bible and the procedure to it: submissiveness as unto the Lord, loving like Christ loves His Church (to death, as Himself). I believe the man’s responsibility in the union to be more demanding in this wise.


Mariage is a sure playground to reveal who you are:

Power, fame, money, and other vanities are often said to tell who a man is when he has them in his care. However, you realize that marriage naked you before you. You see who you really are. Marriage made Beulah see who she really was.


Every woman is capable of being dominated by the ‘spirit of Eve’:

Every woman has the spirit of Eve in her. It blooms more when in marriage. The spirit of Eve is one that resists headship, control, submissiveness. A woman has been proclaimed by God to desire her husband and he must rule over her (see Gen. 3:16b). A woman generally can’t help resisting headship even when she follows Christ.


Every marriage needs external hands at some point:

Don’t get me wrong, third parties are unwanted. But, there is that time when someone who is viewing from the stands can help put perspective, that bare solutions, to the questions in your marriage at that point. Choose a godly and spirit-filled one prayerfully with your spouse (see Titus 2:2-6).


Christians, be weary of social media:

A follower of Christ whose life cannot be separated from the social media is in for a lot of deception and set for worldliness of heart. It was a serious bane in Beulah’s marriage.


We lose when we do not pray:

Self keeps us from praying, not even the Devil and his cohorts. A broken and dependent heart receives a lot from God in the place of prayer (see Is. 66:2b).


Kingdom weddings will not mean Kingdom marriages:

The devil won’t rest or take a break even when we marry God’s chosen spouse. Every resource at his disposal is always released to achieve his mandate of no Kingdom marriages. The real work against the devil is staying married to God’s glory till death separates and not just getting married to God’s glory.


Kingdom marriages are blissful:

You remember the ending part of the joy, the rest, the comfort, the serenity Beulah and Eddie found in each other’s company? It is not to say that turbulent times are not there, but to say God is right there in the turbulence. What else matters?


There, you have my top 10 sights in ‘Happily Ever After?’. What were yours? Drop them in the comment section. 


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3 responses to “My Top 10 Lessons from ‘Happily Ever After?’?”

  1. Hmmm…thanks for laying this point bare to my understanding.

    The Lord remains our source of strength and help in times when we can’t seem to find our way!

    May we be broken enough to see the way he has carefully crafted out for us! regardless of what our spec is🙏

  2. 1: After a kingdom wedding, there’s need to always ask for God’s Wisdom to run the home.

    2: Spirit of discernment is very important and not to be taken with levity.

    3: The headship of the home should not be questioned at all time but rather, when there’s need for adjustment, this should be taken to God in prayer on how to go about it and relayed to the headship in LOVE.

    4: Always think of your spouse and not yourself alone.

    5: Don’t be quick to judge.

    6: God can use your spouse to pass his message across to you.

    7: Submission should be intentional and not placed on condition.

    8: Above all, the place of PRAYER should not be neglected. PRAYER moves mountains, PRAYER defeats the devil, PRAYER moves the hand of God, PRAYER changes all things that’s why we say PRAYER is the master key.

    • Wow, these lessons are wonderful.

      I also saw that the devil is not going to back off even when he’s defeated and so I must not give up praying

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