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TEXT: Galatians 5:1

Hello BUD!

Its the third day of our wonderful programme and I believe you have been greatly blessed these past few days. We have our topic right above but before we launch out into prayers, I would like us to have an overview of what our topic is all about.

Yanking off: removing something by tearing it with one quick strong pull

ADDICTION: That habit that you can’t do without which has become a stronghold to you.

Addiction is like seeing a bottle of poison, with ‘POISON’ written clearly on it and with tears of regret, carrying the bottle and emptying the bottle in your system.

It can be sugar!

It can be shopping!

It can be phone!

It can be painkillers!

It can be drugs!

It can be alcohol!

It can be caffeine!

It can be porn!

It can be fantasy!

It can be eritic books and chats!

It can be day dreaming!

It can be just anything!

So, our topic today is all about removing complexities, addictions, dirty habits, evils with on quick strong pull. I pray and ask that at the end of this session, your life will experience a great revival and you will exchange your addictions for true and total freedom in Jesus’ victorious Name. Amen.

For the purpose of this bulletin, I will be focusing on porn and other sexual addictions as they are the commonest ones. You have it at the back of your mind the addiction you are fighting in your life and your family members.

Let’s get going now.

Recently, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see some major breakthrough in the Bible while praying for someone who was neck-deep in pornography. I never knew that there was any chapter that talked so well about the effect of getting entangled, the consequence and God’s stand.

I pray that as I take you through the verses of the Bible, the Word of God will become real in your life in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Open your Bibles with me to the book of Micah chapter 2 verse 1.

Let’s see what Micah had to tell a man who is probably addicted to pronography, evil thoughts, lucre, lasciviousness and other dirty habits.

Open your Bible to Micah chapter 2.

Until you are done studying the whole chapter should you continue with the bulletin please.

He said: **WOE** to them that devise iniquity, and work evil **UPON THEIR BEDS**! When the morning is light (Meaning when it is even day ooo) they practise it!- because it is in the power of their hands!!! (KJV)

Check your Bible also to see if this verse is there!

WOE- sorrow, sorrow, sorrow is the protion of those who are involved in these kinds of dirty habits. And is it not true? You probably have decided you wouldn’t go back to the sin, you even fasted and as soon as you subscribe for data, you couldn’t resist watching porn or reading Harlequin’s and other dirty books!

At that point, you have wasted data, you would feel helpless, you would curse the devil and pray certain dealy prayers to God- Sorrow, woe! That is what it is!

Someone even told me one day that she told God to take away her sexuality from her! She didn’t want it anymore!

But no! God would never answer that kind of prayer. When you give your life to Jesus, He didn’t promise you there would be no sexual urges, He only promised victory to stay above the urges.

If howevr you have not be standing above but you have been sinking deep in the ocean of failure- if you have been losing to the devil at all times, then, it is an entanglement! You need to be free!

God planted the Tree of Life and Death in the middle of the Garden of Eden. He then told Adam and Eve not to eat from it! “If you eat it, you will surely die and not live!…”

If Adam had prayed that God take it away, would He have done so?…No! It was there to test the loyalty of man!

How well can man stay in the garden, see the tree and walk pass it? How faithful is man? If you can’t walk pass those dirty habits; you can’t see a naked body on TV and pass without commiting sin, that is an entanglement!

God has delivered so many people and He will deliver you too in the mighty Name of Jesus! Amen.

Note that we are not talking about masturbation or porn alone. What dirty habit do you have? Have you no dirty habit? Have you no one thing that makes you cry out to God for help?

Have you no one thorn in your flesh that humbles you, pins you to the ground till tears fall off your face and you cry out “God, help!”..huh?

That habit- maybe lesbianism (You don’t prcatise o but you are moved when you see a naked lady’s body) or sex-writer (Some people write sexual stories and dialogues till they are satisfied themselves and cry after!) or Phone Arousals(You call the brother and talk about not so dirty things but the hushy voice of the bro sends the goosebumps on your skin till you start imaging things!) Or phone sex (Some outrightly talk sex on phone!-Christians! “Bro, are you even wearing a boxer now?” “Are you long or short?”…dirty talks! In turn the bro asks too “Are you wearing bra?” “How round are your nipples?” Dirty questions!…It starts that way!

Or maybe yours is even the outright fornication! I can’t just stop sleeping with him! If I don’t give him sex, he won’t give me marriage! Or I just like the feeling when he touches me! Fornincation! As much as I would like to assume that no BUD fornicates, I still would give in to the Holy Spirit saying ‘There is!”….If you are here and you are even reading this bulletin, I pray that God will work on you and deliver you in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Sister, you know the particular dirty habit that beats you daily, weekly, yearly even though I don’t!- check it out and be fixing it in as we go on. I will be majorly focusing on porn and masturbation. They are very common tools the devil uses now. I pray you will be delivered in Jesus’ Name.

Now, open to the bookk of Jeremiah chapter 2. This is where we will be dwelling in for a long while today. Make sure your Bible is open. I would actually prefer KJV. I will be summarising and explaining each verse.

(Read the whole chapter on your own first before going through this please. Make sure you read with understanding and with power. Afterwards, go through this with me.)

Verse 1: This chapter is the Word of the Lord coming to you today!

2: God still remembers how good you were to serving Him. You were so interested in listening to Him whether it was easy or not.

3: You sought first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. You fasted and prayed. You desired the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You wanted more of God. In fact, during those times, no evil could come close to you. You were in the hollow of His hands.

4. This Word, God hopes is getting to you now dear sister,. He wants the words to sink deep into your very being.

5. “What have I done to you that you have decided to do this to me?” Have you heard that kind of talk before? That is what God is saying today.What wrong has He done to you to the extent that you can only pay Him back with sin?

6. God who has done so many wonderful things to you, who has blessed you, who answered many of your prayers in those days and now, why don’t you remember Him? Why did you allow addiction to porn take away your quest for God? Why have you forgotten that He exists? Why?

Sin takes you farther away from prayer- I hope you know that.

7. After blessing you, after buying you a new phone that can browse so that you will help spread the Gospel, after providing money for data, after making you sexually okay, after making you hear about the effects and consequences of porn and masturbation alike, why then? Why then? He asked. Why then did you make those blessings defiled with what you watch and see and do? Why do you make your phone an abomination, your tab, your ipad, your ipod, your computer, why did you make them abominations such that God cannot even stay inside?

If your phone and other electronic gadgets were a house for God to live in, would He stay? Would He? Ask yourself and note your answer!

8: You probably have pastors that don’t even tell you more about sin and self. They tell you that when your conscience beats you after sinnning, you are just being sin-conscious. They tell you you are forgiven before you even sin. Those priest and pastors have their share in the woe.

9: God is sincerely pleading here. He is begging you!…Ah! The Almighty is asking for a chance again! Ah! How dangerous this is! How I hope He can open your eyes of understanding right now to see the Greatest God asking and pleading “Lizzy, please stop!…” “Grace, please stop!”

Won’t you answer Him? Will you actually go on?

10. He said you should go around and see something…

11: You can’t go to the Ogun worshippers and see them eat what their gods will not eat. You can’t find the esu worshippers taking coconut oil, they must not eat it! They must not bring it close to their god sef. God said, but we His children have changed our glories for that which doth not profit!

We carried God out of our lives and brought porn, masturbation, addictions to various vices into the very seat God Almighty used to occupy in our hearts before Ah!..How I wish you can weep right now!

How I wish you can tell God not to please plead with you again. That you have heard what He said and that you will change whether convenient or not, whether, easy or not, you are giving the devil back his counterfeit and taking your glory back!

12. God is asking the heavens sef to join in His amazement. “See how Lizzy just did that! She gave away diamond for stone, sincerely!” and the hosts of heaven shake their heads , probably!

God forbid in Jesus name you said? Then come back home! You have backslid enough, leave the sinful nature and get back!.

13. Hmmmmm… You have committed two evils. One: You left the Lord. Two: You made another cistern for yourself. A broken cuistern! It can’t even satisfy. Lemme explain.

You were in God. You were close to God. Then you felt He is too boring and strict and He has so many ‘Don’t do…’s too many times. Then you went into porn and lesbianism and fornication. You enjoyed it for a season and the next, you are in woe again! You are in shame and sorrow again! Oh yes! Leaving the living fountain for a broken cistern!

Something that leaks water, it leaks grace! It leaks power~! It leaves you empty! Ah, may God have mercy!

14-17: Without God, there is danger for you! Exposing yourself to the ‘sweet’ the devil has to offer will only land you into mucky water! You become a slave, with no control over yourself again. Porn controls you, ‘congy’ controls you! (V.14) The lions roar and yell at you, little dream scares you, you become so afraid of an arrow here and there (v.15), You will be wasted, become so useless!..ah! The things you do so well before becomes hardwork for you! (v. 15) Your goods will be burned down…hmmm, bad luck here and there…(v. 15) The crown of your head is broken!…anointing gone, power gone, wisdom gone, you become the tail instead of the head (V.16) …hmmm…May God have mercy!

18: Here God is saying, you were the one that brought it upon yourself o. He said you walked from the hollow of His hands down the gate into the camp of your enemies and there, the devil made a fun of you! You went down to Egypt and Assyria seeking for water, for pleasure when the real pleasure is only found in the presence of God!

19: Your porn is kuku correcting you! After watching it, your conscience weeps! Some people contact me after they finish watching, crying bitterly! That is what God is talking about! You will feel lonely, ashamed, powerless and sorrowful. Why? Because you lack the fear of the Lord! You think He can do you nothing!..hmmm…Taking the Grace of God with so much levity!

20: He said He has saved you and delivered you from entanglements before. After delivering you, you promised never to go back into such but He saw you still wandering everywhere, surfing the net and thinking evil.

21: Till today, God still wonders how you missed it. He planted a good tree in you thinking it would germinate and bear fruits and then, you missed it! How? How did you DEGENERATE (Sin takes you backward!) into a strange tree unto the Lord? How?

22: No matter what you try to do to get clean, doing it without obeying the word ‘Abstain…’, ‘flee…’ will get you nowhere. In fact, your sin is marked before God right now.

23: Now, this verse is saying that you have so much audacity to even say you are pure? It says how can you say you are His child when He can fully see how corrupted your eye lenses are? How dare you?

24: Hmmm…see this verse. It described you as a person that is used to her sin! Probably you don’t even feel sorry for your sins again! You are used to it, you have become thick-hearted! Nothing can even make you cry! You are even doubting now if you can ever be free!..hmmm

25: The Lord told you to control your appetite. He told you to not allow the enemy take a hold of you but you refused! You lacked the self control so much that you told God ‘…I have loved strangers and after them will I go!’…Hmmmm

26-27: You are ashamed. Thick in shame because God has found you out. He has described exactly how you feel and in what mess you are!

28: Be addicted to God because in your time of trouble, the dirty habit you are addicted to will not save you! It can only choke you and kill you!

29: Why are you pleading with me? Ehn, after you intentionally sinned, why are you coming here to say sorry?

30: I corrected and corrected you, yet you refused to answer me. Your conscience which I set up as your prophet, you picked it up and smote it dead!

31: Why do you think you can live your life by yourself? Why do you think you can stay independent of God?

32: Hmmmm.. A student can’t forget her exam card or ID card while going for an exam but how can a Christian forget her God? This statement touched me- “…yet my people have forgotten me days without number”!!! Going out without telling God, making plans without including God, we have forgotten God! We left Him out!

33-34: You taught the wicked ones your way. You opened up your legs for the wicked ones to go in and defile! Then, you get pregnant and in verse 34, you even aborted it, not once or twice or three times! Ah!

35-36: You see God as if you can offend him and go abi? You think, ‘Shae God is easily appeased jare..” He has forgiven me even as I pray now jhur. God is merciful! Abi? Even all your addiction will be ashamed of you! Of how often you demand from sex from your boyfriend! The guy will break up with you, your phone will get spoilt, you won’t be able to afford data!….then, you will probably come back to your senses and to God.

37: “…for the Lord has rejected your confidence and thou shalt not prosper in them!”….ehehhh…Your confidence of “God’s mercy is sure, lemme watch small and pray later”:, your confidence of ‘Let’s sleep together and make ‘love’ at least God will forgive as soon as we call” , God will reject! In fact, He said you will not prosper in that confidence of yours!


Oh my! Are you charged?

Have you heard the Word of God knocking on the door of your heart?

Put your phone on flight mode, be very serious and deal with all distractions, cover your head and let’s start right away.

I am sure you even have your own prayer points already, start praying as the Spirit gives you utterance.

*Thank Him because even in your very dirty, addictive state, God still remembers you, He still desires to talk to you*

*Thank Him because He is interested in answering your prayers and delivering you from all entanglements*


*Sing this song if you know it: Sing it like seven times till you feel a release to stop and proceed:*

Over and again Lord I give you my heart.

Over and again Lord I give you my soul

Over and again

Over and again I belong to you Lord

Over and again Lord I give my life

Over and again Lord I give you my soul

Over and again

Over and again…I belong to You

*Take charge of the room and environment where you are now*

I take this room, this house, this environment now by the Power of the Most High. I pray that my prayers shall not be hindered and I will get the greatest answers to my prayers in Jesus’ mighty Name. This environment is charged with the Spirit of God. I plead for the Blood of Jesus (7X)

*Ask the Spirit to take charge of your body now also:*

Lord, the Bible says whatever tree my God in heaven has not planted shall be rooted out, every plant, every spirit, every soul tie remaining in my body right now, putting me in bondage and taking a hold of my freedom, oh Lord I ask that You root all of them out right now in the Name of Jesus!

*Sing this hymn with all seriousness and with an open mind unto God*

“Called unto holiness,” church of our God,

Purchase of Jesus, redeemed by His blood;

**Called from the world and its idols to flee**

Called from the bondage of sin to be free.


“Holiness unto the Lord” is our watchword and song,

“Holiness unto the Lord” as we’re marching along;

Sing it, shout it, loud and long,

“Holiness unto the Lord,” now and forever.

“Called unto holiness,” children of light,

Walking with Jesus in garments of white;

*Raiment unsullied*, *nor tarnished with sin*;

God’s Holy Spirit abiding within.

“Called unto holiness,” praise His dear Name!

This blessed secret to faith now made plain:

*Not our own righteousness, but Christ within,*

Living, and reigning, and saving from sin.

“Called unto holiness,” glorious thought!

Up from the wilderness wanderings brought,

Out from the shadows and darkness of night,

Into the Canaan of perfect delight.

“Called unto holiness,” bride of the Lamb,

Waiting the Bridegroom’s returning again!

Lift up your heads, for the day draweth near

When in His beauty the King shall appear.

Even from this hymn, you can draw out some prayer points. Try to see if you can do that, pray them sincerely and let’s go on.

Begin to tell the Lord of all your troubles. Tell Him of the addictions and entanglements. Tell Him you are sorry and mean it!

Oh Lord the Lord, the Powerful One, I am sorry for the sin of pronography (Mention yours). It has held on to me for too long oh my Redeemer! It came into my life, dined with me and wrapped its ugly hands round my head, my spirit, my soul! Oh Mighty Redeemer, I can see it breaks Your heart when I turn away to it. Forgive me oh Lord.

Oh Lord, restore my spiritual sanity! I want to be sane now o Lord! I have been crazily neck deeped in sin my Father. Forgive me Lord! Cleanse me Lord.

Dear Lord, I come to You now because I confess that I am addicted to ……(MENTION IT/THEM). Forgive me oh Lord my God for continually growing and nurturing such a very bad habit.

Father, help me to never think its hard to keep to holiness standard oh Lord. Make it achievable for me Lord my Redeemer.

Ah Lord, I released my protective guard when I was deeply in sin and the devil really dealt with me. He stole from me and made me useless. Forgive me Lord and restore Your hedge of fire round about me in Jesus’ Name. Zech 2:5

Lord I am sorry for paying Your goodness over me back with sin. Forgive me Lord. I confess I am an ingrate but not anymore Lord. Help me to always remember Lord that I owe You my life. Amen.

Father, help me to be God-conscious. Help me to always remember that whatever I do, no matter what it is, You are watching. Help me to remember that You have feelings Lord. Help me to remember Lord, help me!

Whatever I would do on my electronic gadgets that will make You far away, God, help me not to do it in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Help my pastor and the church of God to also help me in my fight against this evil Lord. Give the revelation on how to preach so that I will not be deceived that I can continue in sin and ask that Grace should abound in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen.

God, I learnt from the scriptures that You were pleading with me. I am sorry for going this far Lord. Forgive me. I am sorry for breaking Your Heart Lord. Have mercy in Jesus’ Name.

Restore the glory that the dirty habits have stolen from me oh Lord. Restore my Glory Lord! (Repeat until you feel a release)

I am free in Jesus’ Name. I am healed in Jesus! I am free! (Repeat consistently, prayerfully)

Every seed of ….. that has been reigning instead of God in my life, I am no longer comfortable with you, I command that the Power of the Most High strike you and burn you out of my life in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Hey porn/ Masturbation/ lesbianism, I no longer desire you! (Mean it. Repeat it fervently 3x) I don’t want you! I don’t need you! Satan, get that into your head and take your evil hands off my life right now and take your deadly tools out of my life in the Name of Jesus!

You said you have a legal stand in my life right? Well, I don’t dispute that at all, afterall, I was the one that brought you into my life willingly. But that was my ignorance time. That was my period of foolishness. See, if you refuse to take your hands off me right now as I ask gently, the Power that raised Jesus from the dead is still alive. So today, in the Victorious Name of Jesus, I ask that you flee out of my life! The Name of Jesus has never loses. Oh God, honour Your Name in this situation. Satan, leave my life in the Name of Jesus. (Have faith. It is done)

Lord, by Your Power, break the chains of the control sex/porn/fornication has had over me in the Name of Jesus.

My Great Sanctifier, I bring my eyes, mind, heart, hands, vagina, nipples, breast and brain before Your Presence. Every evil pictue, words, images, videos, stored in my being that the devil will bring up to torment me later and tempt me, I command such to be deleted from my brain in the Name of Jesus. Wash your eyes right now Lord. Wash and rinse them with the cleansing water from on high in the Name of Jesus.

God, I realize how this evil addiction has stolen my time, money, energy, purity and peace and I regret it Lord. From today, Satan I ask you, pack your load and go in the mighty Name of Jesus. Enough is enough oh Lord. Oh Lord, I ask that take over my data, my phone, my energy, my peace and restore my purity in the mighty Name of Jesus.

(Place your hand on your vagina, breasts, chest, eyes, hands or ears right now and command!) From today oh dear body, I command that you will obey the Word of the Lord that I speak in my mouth. When I say ‘stop!’ You must stop in the Name of Jesus. You have no choice body. I am over you, so what I am saying now is not a request, it is a command. When I command you to stop, you will obey in the Name of Jesus.

Satan, you are the father of addiction, I no longer want to be a part of you! I cover my mind, my thoughts, my body, my actions with the Powerful Blood of Jesus.

Heavenly Lord, I ask for healing today! Heal me so much that I would no longer need this addiction to fulfil me! Heal me to be satisfied only by you!

Help me Lord Jesus to stay chaste in You!

Father, remove far from me the heart of stone that pants after the sin of (Mention) in the Name of Jesus (Repeat two more times)

I want to be addicted oh Lord but to You! Help me to be addicted to nothing but You in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Lord, as I make CONSCIOUS efforts to do without (mention), release to me the divine power to hate (porn, sexual sins…mention) in Jesus’ Name. Help me to lose the willingness to indulge in them again in the Name of Jesus.

You have created me for Your Glory Lord. I don’t want to live below the Glory again. Help me to be really usable for You in the Name of Jesus! Restore the lost Glory Lord (3x)

Continue pray as the Spirit leads…


Oh Lord the God of War, I exchange old off today and put on the new. I exchange the perverse heart today for a clean heart. I exchange all wicked imaginations for the inspiration from heaven. I exchange my dirty heart Lord for a mind of Christ! I exchange my darkness for light Lord. I exchange my weakness for power Lord! I exchange my addiction to sin today for addiction to the Lord Jesus! I command that there will be a divine exchange oh Lord for me as I choose Heaven over hell in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Begin to thank the Name of the Lord for He has heard you!

Have faith!!!!



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