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See what the lord has done!!!

See what the lord has done!!!

What I’ve being waiting for has come to pass

See what the lord has done!!!


The lord answer my first prayer request today’s midnight.

I‘d being praying to God for the baptism of the Holy spirit before we started this Juicy July and I decided that I would wake up and seek God again on it today but when I woke, I lose the passion for praying about it. I didn’t even know how to start.


The devil dropped it on my mind that it’s not something I can get easily like that so that was how I also didn’t bother about it again but I decided to check if mama had dropped the bulletin, not knowing the message in the bulletin is meant for me!  It had been my long time prayer request!


I checked and I decided to use. It was when I got to where we were to sing the song ”OH LORD, I CANNOT DO WITHOUT YOU” that God arrested me, I sang it with my full spirit.


I couldn’t move further with the message as the Lord arrested me. I dropped my phone and began to pray. I prayed and the Lord answered my prayer. I was really filled with the Holy ghost!


It was just like a dream because it was something I thought doesn’t come easily.


I bless God because this is my first Juicy July and He didn’t fail me and I believe He has just started and He will never leave any of our requests unanswered.


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