TESTIMONY: I can say God answers prayer.

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Good morning ma


I’ve been reading through others’ testimonies this Juicy July and I was like I must share my own Juicy testimony.


Praise the Lord coz he has done all things well for me. I was ruminating on my prayer request for 2022 Juicy July program and I can say God answers prayer.


1. I prayed concerning good health which includes normal blood pressure, sisters my BP has been normal since that last year till now without medication.


2. The Lord bless my family with a bouncing baby girl in June. My gestational period and delivery was eventful, there was no complication no increase blood pressure. I can say God really backed me up.


3. My husband commenced a program that last year, one of my prayer request then was divine sponsorship and God’s abundant provision to run the program. God provided abundantly that we don’t have to borrow to run it neither to feed. God has been granting him success in the course of the program and I know he will finish well and be successful.


4. One of my siblings gained admission and he resumed January. I know he’s capability but I was surprised when he told me the course he’s going for, I was somehow against it thinking he won’t be able to, but God is able and has been helping him thus far.


5. I have male siblings and what they believe in is for men to make money saying school is scam. They have their OND but not willing to continue which has been my prayer point for God to touch their heart. This year my siblings has started making moves to further their education, we’ve been planning on it with no going back.


6. God granted my mum a perfect health this year

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