TESTIMONY: Honestly I feel good

On the day of Marital Bliss, we prayed against Idols. And that day, I stumbled on a video on Youtube that highlighted a particular idol in my heart- Heightened expectation and pride.


It got me broken, that I have it the exact way it was portrayed to me personally from that clip.


And God helped me greatly and walked me through it. I gave up on the idol, and a stone was lifted up my chest, such that I felt and so light.


I now look at Marriage from the perspective of:


‘How best can I serve this Man of God selflessly?’


‘How best can I partner with God to make life easier for him rather than the selfish expectations of my gain, my advantage, what he’s got to offers for me, my stake.


Honestly I feel good.


To God alone be all the praise🙌


I’m truly grateful Baba mi.

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