JUICY JULY Day 2 (A B.U.D. Special Prayer Programme)

A B.U.D. FAMILY SPECIAL PROGRAMME FOR JULY, 2018 TAGGED: SEIZING THE FUTURE (JUICY JULY) JUICY DAY TWO: LORD, STRENGTHENED ME! TEXTS: Isaiah 40:30-31; Ps.84:7; Ex.15:2; Judges 16:6, 16-19; 2 Samuel 22:33; Neh.8:10; Psalm 18:32, 39; Ps. 71:16 Hello lovely Babes of Unique Dynamite. It is the second day in our special fasting and prayer programme. How has it been there? …

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The BUD family @ 2!

Proudly a lady Proudly B.UD. I belong to a group of love.. Though we’re far away We are united Through the love of Christ our Lord   REFRAIN Different backgrounds, different cultures, different ethnic groups Different people living in different countries We have a goal- we’re gonna show the world that we are virtuous And we can live pure in …

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BIBLE STUDY WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION? JANUARY 10, 2018 Briefly, I want to share one of my musings (meditations) this evening. It’s concerning the temptations of Jesus in Matthew 4:2, 10. (Please I would love us to follow this teaching. Let’s meditate on it personally.) While meditating on this scripture, I wondered how Jesus linked those replies to the suggestion …

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