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By: Adeyoola Ojemola


Sister!!! How was your Juicy July ’23 experience?


Was it your first?


Or you partook in previous editions?


Trust me, this was like no other.


God knew what we individually and collectively needed for a time like this and He led us to pray for them.


He helped us ask that we might receive.


He led us on the pathway to seek so we can find.


We were able to knock on the right doors that has begun to open because He brought them right before us!


God did the work, He only made us pray for them!


So, we have been charged on what next to do from the very last bulletin for the Juicy July.


The message is simple and clear:


‘Guard your relationship with God jealously’.


That settled, what should be your level of expectation after the Juicy July?


Take a look at Hosea 13:6a (KJV)- ‘According to their pasture, so were they filled…’.


Did you catch that? If your pasture is as large as one plot of land, it will be filled.


If you have it as large as a football field of FIFA standard, it will be filled.


It could be as big as Lagos State, God says it will be filled!


Remember the widow who visited the prophet?


Well, she filled as many jars as she got after she had been ministered to (see 2 Kings 4:1-6).


How big is the pasture you have presented to the Lord? Trust His Word, He will fill it!


There is a caution for us though in the same verse sister. The same verse continues as ‘they were filled, and their heart was exalted…’.


When God fills our pasture, there is a possibility of having our hearts exalted unto pride.


Sister mine, a heart exalted before God thinks that her hard work, perseverance, education, beauty, and all that is vain deserve the attribute for her success and attainment.


Such heart forgets that it is not by running, neither by the will of mind but because God dishes out His mercy (see Romans 9:16).


We must not come to think we have become on our own! If we do, He will oppose us (see James 4:6).


Hence, be prepared to give to God what is God’s and give to yourself what is yours- nothing (see Mark 12:17; John 15:5).


Finally, sister, the concluding part of that Scripture frightens me somewhat- ‘…therefore have they forgotten me’.


It will be a terrible thing to forget the Lord!


How can you and I get so self-occupied to forget the Lord from whom all blessings flow?


I imagine my life will be disastrous if I ever forget the Lord!


That is what an exalted heart does anyway.


It makes you forget who God is and who you are.


The downfall of Lucifer was that He forgot who he is and who the Almighty is (see Isaiah 14: 12-15). The end result for him is that he will be brought down to hell. His judgement is sealed.


As we begin to cash out from the Juicy returns of July, have faith, work, wait, pray, keep yourself glued to God and let your watchword be ‘if God won’t do it, I don’t want it’. 


Do not be tempted with peanuts when your God wants your pasture filled.


Welcome to Awe-mazing August, Sister!!!


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  1. Wonderful write-up! Help me, Lord, not to forget You after I’ve got all I prayed for.🙏🏿

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