Love they say is a feeling or affection towards another… But I put it to you today that it is beyond just a feeling. It is far from “I love you”, “You love me” that we say to people around us every now and then. Love is a mystery.


It will please you to know that love has its source from our Maker- God, which simply means God is love Himself. Love is nothing without God in it. Love is a triangle – the angle facing up signifies that only Him can dispense love to the human race thereby helping us to love others, which is the other two angles.


It is practically impossible to say you love God and hate your neighbor. When you love God, then you can love anybody, even your enemies.


Love, once again, should not be placed on conditions of what people do; times or seasons and places you find yourself. NO!


Here are some characteristics of love by Victorino Q. Abrugar:


  1. Love is patient: True love can tolerate pain or suffering without complaining or getting angry
  2. Love is kind: True love has a gentle, caring and compassionate heart. It feels your sorrow; it feels your joy.
  3. Love is not envious: True love is content and thankful of its blessings and current possessions. It doesn’t envy other people.
  4. Love is humble: True love is not proud and boastful. It is humble enough to admit its own mistakes and strive to correct them. It also forgives to get rid of hatred and enjoy peacefulness.
  5. Love is respectful: True love respects and honors you as a person. It doesn’t put you into shame or humiliation.
  6. Love is selfless: True love is always thoughtful and concerned of the welfare of its beloved. It’s not selfish, inconsiderate, and greedy.
  7. Love is calm: True love always maintains clarity of mind and softness of heart. Its heart is deep and its mind is not narrow.
  8. Love is righteous: True love always does the right thing. It disciplines itself to avoid wrongdoings.
  9. Love is honest: True love is truthful. It’s happy living an honest life. It doesn’t lie and hide in darkness
  10. Love protects: True love always protects you and wants you to be safe.
  11. Love is trusting: True love trusts. It relies and depends on you. It recognizes your abilities, talents, skills and the good things in you.
  12. Love is hopeful: True love is optimistic. It includes you in its plans. It sees a bright future with you.
  13. Love is persistent: True love doesn’t easily give up.
  14. Love banishes fear: True love eliminates fear, anxieties and insecurities that torment one’s heart, mind, and soul.
  1. Love loves even those who don’t love it: True love does good things even to those who hate it. It will love you even though you are treating it as your enemy.
  2. Love comes from God: True love brings you closer to God.
  3. Love makes great sacrifice: True love does extraordinary things. It goes out of its comfort zone or sacrifices things important to it just to show its love.
  4. Love loves thru true actions: True love is not based on words or hypocritical deeds, but it is based on truthful actions. It doesn’t only believe or hope, but it does actions that will make the things it believes or hopes a reality.
  5. Love loves itself: True love takes care of itself, not hurt itself. It develops itself to be stronger, healthier and more capable to continue on loving.
  1. Love binds a person’s good virtues in perfect unity: True love transforms you into a whole new and better person.
  2. Love gives you confidence to face even the end of time: True love keeps you away from sins and cleanses your soul so that you may become confident even on the Day of Judgment.

Love is not a process, we don’t grow into love but we grow in it. It is indeed beautiful.

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