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DAY 26




TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 19-21




Good Morning Sisterssssss 🤗


It’s Day 26 already!? 😲


Wasn’t it just like yesterday that we began the Juicy July program?? 😊 


God has been faithful!! 💯🙌🏾


I trust that the LORD has been renewing our strength to tarry in His presence and squeeze out every drop of juice (blessings) He has for us and our families this season…🤔


May our strength not be little!

We walk and we are not weary!

We run and we never faint!

In Jesus mighty name 🙏🏽


Before we dive into what the Lord has for us today, I’ll love us to sing this song by Don Moen 👇🏽


Please sisters, I beg of us to make sure you mean every single line of the lyrics as you communicate to your Father through the song…





(Download here)


As we gather in this place today

Holy Spirit come and have Your way, have Your way

As we lay aside our own desires

Sweep across our hearts with Holy fire, have Your way


This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You, Lord, we welcome You

This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You today


As we offer up our hearts and lives

Let them be a living sacrifice, oh have Your way

Be glorified in everything we do

Be glorified in everything we say, oh have Your way


This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You, Lord, we welcome You

This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You today


As we praise (as we praise), oh Lord draw near

It’s Your voice, we long to hear

Oh we long to hear


This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You, Lord, we welcome You

This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You today (this is Your house)


This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You, Lord, we welcome You

This is Your house, Your home

We welcome You today

We welcome You today

We welcome You today


Yes we welcome You my Lord

This is Your house, this is Your home

Come and have your way

Be glorified in everything we do

Be glorified in everything we say

Arise in the amidst of your people

Be enthroned in our praises


Feel free to sing all over again if time permits you or as led in your spirit. 


Sweet Holy Spirit, we welcome You into our midst today, please take up every space in our hearts and life to Yourself, and to the glory of your Holy Name.






If there is anything I would love you to take away from this Juicy July this year, it is the fact that you can pray about tomorrow now! 


It is that whenever you see any prayer point, you don’t say ‘Oh, that doesn’t relate to me’ and just pass. 


It is that you open yourself to sending fire ahead of yourself into your future! 


It is that you pour water on the parched ground that leads to tomorrow. 


So that by the time you reach tomorrow, so many battles are already fought and won. 


So that even when you get married, if you are not, prayer has taken care of your marriage since you sent in prayers into it from yesterday. 


Invest so much in prayers and stop lazing around. 


Stop saying ‘Oh, there’s practically nothing to pray about’


Ah, you have finished praying for your seeds and seeds unborn? 


You have settled your future pregnancy in prayers? 


You’ve broken all curses over your life so your children walk in blessings all the days of their lives?


Your marriage in the next twenty years?


Your spiritual life in the next year?


The tomorrow you don’t pray for now will greet you with its battles when you get there. 


And oh how great would it be for the person who had sent in prayers ahead? 


The person would fight from the stance of victory! 


Personally, prayers I had prayed soooooo many years ago, I see their answers now and I just smile and thank the Lord. 


Praying is definitely like banking! 


Ah, so many profits for the investors. 


Invest much, sis!


For now and tomorrow! 




We want to be free Indeed!


This is the theme for the JUICY JULY this year. 


And we have looked at freedom from different aspects of our lives. 


Today, we are looking at Frustration. 


How we can be free from frustration now and in the future! 


FREEDOM denotes the state of FREE, not being imprisoned, or enslaved, or subjected to a thing.


I am intentionally not going to include the definition of FRUSTRATION in this bulletin because I feel words cannot do enough justice to describe what it actually means.


Being FRUSTRATED is not a nice place to be at alllll. 


I want to believe we all have an idea of what it means to be frustrated. 🤔 


If not from personal experiences, then from the experiences of others around us.


May the LORD deliver us from every form of frustrations we might be experiencing in Jesus’ mighty name!!! 🔥🙏🏽 


For the sake of this bulletin, we’ll be looking at the causes of frustration from 3 angles:


  1. Frustrations from the enemies’ camp (Case Study: David)


  1. Frustrations from Life’s Failures 


  1. Frustrations from disobedience to the Lord’s will. (Case Study: Jonah)




The Bible recorded how King Saul was hell bent on David to kill him in several chapters of 1st Samuel 19-22.


1 Samuel 19:9-10 says: 


9 But an evil spirit from the Lord came on Saul as he was sitting in his house with his spear in his hand. While David was playing the lyre, 


10 Saul tried to pin him to the wall with his spear, but David eluded him as Saul drove the spear into the wall. That night David made good his escape.


Oh my! 


Can you imagine what would be going on in his mind as he escaped? 


He’d be so frustrated! 


The king of the whole land was trying to kill him! 


For nothing in particular! 


God, where are You?


I thought Samuel already anointed me in his place? 


Why does this thing, this attack linger? 


Saul did not rest o. 


From verses 11, we see again:


11 Saul sent men to David’s house to watch it and to kill him in the morning. But Michal, David’s wife, warned him, “If you don’t run for your life tonight, tomorrow you’ll be killed.” 


12 So Michal let David down through a window, and he fled and escaped. 


13 Then Michal took an idol and laid it on the bed, covering it with a garment and putting some goats’ hair on the head.


14 When Saul sent the men to capture David, Michal said, “He is ill.”


15 Then Saul sent the men back to see David and told them, “Bring him up to me in his bed so that I may kill him.” 


16 But when the men entered, there was the idol in the bed, and at the head was some goats’ hair.


17 Saul said to Michal, “Why did you deceive me like this and send my enemy away so that he escaped?”


Oh my! 


Saul literally saw this innocent young boy as his enemy! 


He did not care that they told him he was sick. 


‘Go and bring him to me in his sickness, that is the best state for me to even kill him’ He roared!


Oh David! 


Poor David! 


He kept running helter-skelter for his life and safety. 


Look at 1 Samuel 20 from verse 1 also: 


Then David fled from Naioth at Ramah and went to Jonathan and asked, “What have I done? What is my crime? How have I wronged your father, that he is trying to kill me?”


2 “Never!” Jonathan replied. “You are not going to die! Look, my father doesn’t do anything, great or small, without letting me know. Why would he hide this from me? It isn’t so!”


3 But David took an oath and said, “Your father knows very well that I have found favor in your eyes, and he has said to himself, ‘Jonathan must not know this or he will be grieved.’ Yet as surely as the Lord lives and as you live, there is only a step between me and death.”


Can you imagine the tone of David’s voice as he spoke? 


Am I the only one that the whole king of Israel would leave his throne, wives, riches, wealth, visitors and all, just to kill me? 


Am I the only one in this kingdom? 


What have I done? 


That is the sound of frustration! 


Sometimes Saul would cook up personal strategies and some other times he would send a troop of armies to kill young David!


How frustrating do you think that could be? To think that the basis of which David even got to know King Saul was on a help he had rendered to him by playing songs to ease his soul.


And all of a sudden, due to jealousy against young David, Saul started seeking to end his life.


The same way some of us have attracted enemies to ourselves knowingly and unknowingly. 


Especially because of our righteous ways before the Lord that makes God’s glory radiate on all we do.


Some people see that glory and instead of giving glory to your Father in heaven, they get extremely jealous and start to seek ways to bring you down or even kill you like with King Saul.


They would start rebelling against you if you’re perhaps in a leadership position above them;


They start to counter every suggestion you make;


Talk you down in the presence of leaders and helpers;


Or they begin sowing seeds of discord against you with your colleagues so that everyone’s back is turned against you.


Suddenly you notice that those classmates or work colleagues of yours that voluntarily offer to help you, begin to turn you down even when you ask help from them. 


You notice that you are barely given the chance to speak or even shouted down when you want to give your suggestions.


Now, this is not for you to become scared and start fidgeting. ❌️




Then you must be of the disposition that David was, and likewise believe that THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS TO FIGHT, BUT THE LORD’s! 


Remember how David had several opportunities to kill King Saul who wanted him dead all along, but he held back in all of those moments and acknowledged that the battle was the Lord’s!


That same way also, you must stop fighting back when you’re being shut up in your class or your workplace.


Neither should you go about venting your anger or “pouring out your mind and pains” to the person who stood against you. 


Infact, it would even be very unnecessary to get pissed off or boil with anger at such moments because my dear sister; THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS!!!!! It is the LORD’S! 💯


And just like with David, how the Lord gave him a loud yet stressless victory over King Saul who sought to frustrate and kill him (as recorded in 1st Samuel chapter 31). 


That same God, your own God, will also give you a loud and stressless victory over every single person born of a woman that is standing on your matter and giving you frustration in Jesus Mighty name?




Before we move on, can a sister who has no help in self shout out loud (3 times) this statement like David did in Psalms 143:9…👇🏽🗣


“Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies; In You I take shelter!!!”


Then pray with all of your hearts these prayers:


🗣 Oh Lord my God! Make haste to help me oh God, and deliver me from everyone who seeks or would seek to frustrate my life!🔥


🗣 My Father my father, Arise in vengeance, and consume every man that has vowed or will vow to take away my peace, place, crown, glory etc. 🔥


🗣 HOLYGHOST FIRE! (3 times)

Destroy and consume, all of my enemies, that seeks to or will seek to end my life with frustration! In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.🔥🙏🏽


In Jesus’ mighty name we will continue praying.




Dear Sisters, we move on to the 2nd cause of frustration as I earlier listed.




This kind of frustration comes more from our human responses to certain situations that sometimes aren’t intended to frustrate us.


A perfect description is how some people scream when they’re being given an injection. 


Remember that the purpose of the injection being given is not to make the individual scream, right? 🤔


Infact, the injection, though painful, is to a good end, right?


But the associated pain of the injection while being given is what brings about the natural response of screaming or even crying from certain individuals. 


In that same manner, some people experience repeated failures in exams.


Rejection with work proposals or even job applications;


Not because God wants them to be frustrated per say,


But sometimes it is to the end that: 


God be glorified at the later end 🙌🏾


Or that the individual be prepared, furnished and gain capacity for seasons to come 💯


Or even so that the person can gather knowledge to offer and save an upcoming individual they would meet in future times.


A personal story I have to share for better understanding is the experience of a senior of mine and a roommate of mine.


The senior was not a dullard but somehow,  she had an extra year. 


And it was such sad news to bear for her and all. But thanks to God that helped her see beyond the seemingly ‘evil’ and brought her through that phase by His hands of righteousness. 


Now, about a year or so after, my roommate, who had been putting up with failing exams and having resits in every single semester, suddenly was given an extra year from the resit exam of a course she wrote and it really really broke her. 


It was so devastating for her that she started doubting God, and would outrightly refuse to listen to whatever anyone had to say to get to offer her solace. 


In her words, she would say: If you have never failed an exam before or had an extra year, then just shut up because you can not understand what I’m going through.


But somehow, God orchestrated my roommate’s path with that of the senior I mentioned earlier. 


And thanks to the senior’s past experience of failure plus God’s wisdom that salvaged the situation.


They both became close and all I could notice some weeks afterwards was that my roommate came out of her shell and became even more fervent in serving God 😳


Now, look at such scenarios, sisters?


You never can tell what God wants to bring out from certain experiences that you might tag negative!


That is why you must be able to seek God to inquire why and why certain things are happening instead of getting frustrated.


As I do tell people, ‘Nothing happens TO God’s children. They happen FOR God’s children!’


We need to cultivate the habit of quietness in our spirits. 


1 Peter 3:3-4 ESV says:


Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.


Gentle spirit!


Quiet spirit! 


A great grace to be calm in the middle of difficulties. 


Never to be caught unprayed!




Some people get frustrated that they give the devil a chance immediately to inject into their lives things that do not please God. 


Suddenly, they backslide. 


Suddenly, they go into the wrong relationships or friendships so they can find ‘peace’ and ‘comfort’ in their frustrations. 


Some in their frustrations would visit herbalists. Ah, children of Zion! 


Some would be so frustrated they would talk to God anyhow!


Some would be frustrated they’d go steal or lie or do something they wouldn’t even do on a normal day. 


See, one thing about God is that He is NEVER a waster! Not even with life experiences of His beloved!! 👌🏽


So darling sisters, before you conclude that so so occurrence is a delay, or an attack, can you do well to seek God and INQUIRE Him first???


Personally, I have been through certain  ‘unpalatable’ experiences and years later someone approaches me to explain that he/she is experiencing the very same thing and is seeking counsel.


And I’m like, eiihh God, so it was because of this person you had me go through that phase!?


So I can be of help to him or her?


So sisters, I beseech us all again, that before you conclude that you are stuck and stagnated, ask the LORD for understanding of your present timing and season! 👌🏽


And not just for now but for tomorrow. 


Ask that the Lord will keep your heart so stayed on Him that no life experience will be able to shake you! 


That He should pour upon you the grace to understand that God is sovereign over all things and as long as we are on His side, He is on our sides! 


To the 3rd cause of frustration as listed: 




Uhhhmmmm, sisters, may we never be victims of this kind of frustration o 🙏🏽


Because like with Jonah, such frustrations might extend to affect your family or people around you. 


Jonah 1:1‭-‬3 says: 


Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, “Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry out against it; for their wickedness has come up before Me.” 


But Jonah arose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord. He went down to Joppa, and found a ship going to Tarshish; so he paid the fare, and went down into it, to go with them to Tarshish FROM THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD.


God sent Jonah to Nineveh, uncle was going to Tarshish. Little wonder the turbulence on the ship he boarded!


See sisters, there is no way you can avoid frustrations outside of God’s will for your life!


Using my experience for a further example, was when I opted for the choice of a “greener pasture” after I graduated from school.


To me it seemed like a perfect option to bloom my career since a good number of my friends either choose it or approved of it. 


This was all against what I had earlier perceived to be God’s plan, and my sisters, shege is an understatement of the doses of frustrations I experienced.


Frustrations at home (from the family I was staying with), and double doses of frustration and unrest at the workplace. 


There was literally no place of rest and absolute peace for me. Crying became a daily hobby and I lost my mind in bits. 


At the beginning of it all, I kept consoling myself that things would get better. But sincerely, I never experienced any better time at all. 


But thanks for a family like BUD. It was during the Juicy July program of that year as I was given to waiting on God and seeking a way out.


Then I realised that I was neck deep in frustrations because I forsook God’s plan for me after graduation that I had earlier received while in school. 


I’ll never forget how I cried my heart while praying with the bulletin of that day on MERCY.


Then our merciful LORD forgave my disobedience and restored me back to His will, and everything came back to normal.


So you see my sisters, outside of God’s will, you will always experience FRUSTRATIONS!


It was even listed among the curses for disobedience in Deuteronomy 28:15-68, especially in the verses 20-25


Even Jonah realised so and had to cry to God for deliverance. 


Perhaps the reasons for your frustrations, confusions, defeat, unrest, calamity, etc, is because you have turned away from the Lord’s Will????


See ehn, the underlying end/mission to whatever the devil has to offer you, regardless of how glittering and enticing it might look will always be: Death and Destruction (John 10:10)


So why not cling to the plans of God for you in all aspects? 


His plans that has a guarantee of PEACE, a FUTURE, and of HOPE (Jeremiah 29:11)


Can you shout this loud:

“Dear Lord, to Your plans, I WILL CLING!”


Eccl.10:8 ….and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.


With disobedience to God’s will for you, what you’re doing is that you’re breaking your hedge and giving room for the serpent to bite.


Sisters say: NOT ANYMORE!


Only in the center of God’s will can you enjoy:












Answers to prayers!


Blessings unlimited! 


And many more goodly packages 📦


Outside of the Lord’s will, I’m sorry for you Sis! 


But if you have realised that you have strayed off the Lord’s will and you’re fed up of frustrations, and you’re ready to return,


Here’s the Lord reminding you Himself from Psalms 145:8 (paraphrased):


“I am gracious and full of compassion, and great in mercy. Psalms 145:8


And even if you are in the Will of the Lord now, make sure you pray for your tomorrow so that you will still continue to be in His Will then! 


Be so sold out to the Lord that you have no will separate from His Will! 


You have no choice separate from His Choice! 


That you will live where He asks you to live. If not, outside where He desires for you to live, you might meet with frustration. 


That your children would go to the school the Lord wants them to go. Because taking them elsewhere can cost you problems. 


That even after the Lord has led you in marriage and given you a wonderful love story, you’d still cling to Him and walk in His Will even in the marriage. Because going your own way after being led in marriage will be tantamount to frustration! 


And the list goes on and on. 


Dear Sisters, before we launch out into praying, I want you to pause for some moments and reflect on which of the categories you fall into.


Are you sure what you have tagged frustration in your life is not God taking you through needed seasons for future glory? 🤔


Or maybe the frustration you’re experiencing is because you have strayed far away from God’s plan and will for you.🤔


Or probably you’re certain that you’re in God’s will, but the Holy Spirit has helped you identify enemies of your soul that have sworn to frustrate you out of jealousy or envy like King Saul was to David???


Perhaps yours is even ancestrally related. As in, your grandparents experienced the exact thing, same with your parents, and now you. 🤔


Or maybe that financial frustration you’re experiencing is because of your neglect or disobedience to the covenants of prosperity? The laws of sowing and reaping? The laws of giving to the Lord and for His Work? 🤔 


But certainly I’ll say; that whatever form or severity of frustration you’re experiencing, there is a root cause for it. 💯


I repeat, there is a sponsor to every frustration!


You need the Lord to open your eyes to see the root cause of any frustration in your life right now. Or anyone the Devil has set up to manifest in your tomorrow. 


Delay-generated frustration


Sickness-generated frustration


Mental-illness generated frustration


Childlessness-generated frustration


Failure-generated frustration


Marital Crisis-generated frustration


Any form of frustration in your today and your tomorrow must give way!!!




OUR GOD WILL GO BEFORE US by Keith and Kristyn Getty

(Download here)

Our God will go before us

And guide us by His presence

What confidence this promise is

We will never walk alone


Through unknown paths, through shadows

Our hearts fear not tomorrow

For every step, His faithfulness

Is the truth that lights our way


Our God will go before us

The Lord of hosts is with us

O praise the One who leads us on

For His grace will bring us home


Though evil forms against us

All heaven will defend us

The gates of hell shall not prevail

For the battle is the Lord’s


Our God will go before us

The Lord of hosts is with us

O praise the One who leads us on

For His grace will bring us home


Now send us with Your presence

And lead us on to heaven

Where songs of sorrow strain no more

And our every breath is praise

O let our every breath be praise


Our God will go before us

The Lord of hosts is with us

O praise the One who leads us on

For His grace will bring us home


Our God will go before us

The Lord of hosts is with us

O praise the One who leads us on

For His grace will bring us home


For His grace will bring us home




Let’s begin by entering into the gates with thanksgiving in our heart, and into His courts with praise….


If you know this song you can sing it:









Appreciate your heavenly Father, the one and only true God!


For giving His angels charge over you in the night and daytime.


Thank God for His mercies that endures forever 


Thank God for making you beautiful and wonderfully made


Lion of the tribe of Judah we worship Your majesty 


We enthrone you as LORD over our life and affairs 


We lay our crowns, and worship You 🧎‍♀️


🙌🏾 Can you thank God for the blessings He has been releasing upon you and your family since Juicy July began…


For insights and revelations 


For deliverances 


For healing your wounds, your pains, and diseases 


For the new name He is giving to you, thank Him! 


For direction and clarity to your past confusions, worship Him! 


For triumph and victories you now enjoy, adore His Name! 


Let all that is within you bless His holy name…🙌🏾


Sing songs of worship as you’re led to exalt His name on high… 🙌🏾


May our thanksgiving be acceptable in Jesus name (AMEN)🙏🏽


Now begin to confess your sins before the Lord…


Go ahead and ask for forgiveness of every known or unknown sins.


Ask for a purging by the blood of Jesus to make your garment of scarlet as white as snow.




Ask that you be counted worthy of the Lord’s mercies today.


In Jesus mighty name (AMEN)🙏🏽 




🗣 Open the eyes of my spirit Lord, and help me to rightly identify the root cause of my frustration at this time


🗣 My Father, my Father, tear away every veil covering, and help to see as you are seeing!


🗣 Oh Lord, the searcher of hearts and discerner of thoughts, reveal to me by your mercy, all the enemies that has sworn to frustrate my life, my endeavours, my career, my marriage, my family, in Jesus name!


🗣 Open my eyes to see Lord! That I will not be befriending people who had made bets to see to my end with frustrations!


🗣 Open the eyes of my understanding by your spirit oh God!!


Now Sisters, let’s take a quick pause….


In 3 minutes, I want you to reflect and be still to receive impressions of possible causes of the frustrations you’re experiencing so that you know what angle to tackle your prayers from.


For those whose frustrations have been birthed from you straying away from God’s will, can you begin to cry to God for mercy….


“Oh thou son of David, have mercy on me!!!


Yes I know I have been wrong.


I have allowed foolishness and pressure to cloud my decisions


I have blindly followed the counsel and advice of others without discerning if it aligned to your will


I have exalted people’s suggestions above your will for my life


Oh thou son of David, HAVE MERCY ON ME!






Continue to ask for mercy. 


And for those who the Holy Spirit has revealed certain adversaries against your soul in the moment of stillness, 


Can you say and make this your heartcry as David voiced in Psalms 71:10‭-‬13 👇🏽


My enemies make plans against me. They have met together and are making plans to frustrate and kill me. They say, “Go get her! God has left her, so there is no one to help her.” 


Oh God, don’t leave me! 


My God, make haste to help me! 


Defeat my enemies!


Send your judgement upon them, Lord! 


Let all who are trying to hurt me suffer shame and disgrace! 




Say this loud and clear:


Father, I have already been forgiven, therefore every frustration that is being sponsored by my sinfulness, disobedience to your will, or negligence, I command you to stop now in Jesus name!


Lord Jesus, I release myself into your hands right now. Cause every frustration in my life, marriage, health, finances, etc, to be put to a final end today in Jesus mighty name!


Sing this song 7x:


Come by fire

Come by thunder

Come by fire

Come by thunder

Come by fire

Come by thunder

Fight my battle for me



Now, cry: Father! Father! Father! In You I take shelter, Deliver me, O Lord, from the enemies of my life and progress in the Mighty Name of Jesus.


Deliver me in Your righteousness, and cause me to escape every trap of frustration set before me or ahead of me in the Mighty Name of Jesus. 


Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of unrighteous and cruel men!


O Lord my God, to whom vengeance belongs, Arise and avenge my adversaries for my sake!


Anyone that has been assigned to my life to frustrate me, today, the light of God shines through and your power over my life is destroyed in Jesus name.


Father in the name of Jesus, expose every root and sponsors of frustrations in my life, ministry, marriage, finances, career, (mention other areas), in the name of Jesus!


Every ground through which the enemies have been gaining entrance to frustrate my life, (my marriage, my career, put them in), be exposed in Jesus name!!!


Father, grant me in depth understanding of my times and seasons in the Mighty Name of Jesus. 


Grant me the grace to stay true to my life seasons and make the most of them (3×)


Lord Jesus, henceforth, I receive Your grace to know and avoid the tactics of the devil to bring about frustration in my life in Jesus name. (7×)


I am free from that personality that appears in my dream to frustrate and torment me in Jesus mighty name (3×)


I put an end to every form of frustration in the mighty name of Jesus!!!


Father, I pray that my conception will no longer be frustrated anymore. I put an end to recurrent miscarriages in Jesus’ mighty name! (mention the issue peculiar to you)









Let’s take this declarations with the whole of our hearts:


Every power that is bent on frustrating the will of God for my life, be paralysed and rendered useless in Jesus name! (7×)


Instead of frustrations, I declare that I enjoy all round favour in Jesus name!


From marital frustrations, I enter into great  marital joy and bliss!


From financial frustration, I enter into an abundance of supernatural supplies for all my needs in Jesus name!


From career and business frustrations, I enter into breakthrough on all sides in the name of Jesus!


From health-wise frustrations, I enter and begin enjoying divine health and vitality in the name of Jesus!


I declare that I always enjoy victory over every scheme of the enemy to frustrate my life in Jesus Name.


I rise above every form of frustration!


I can never be defeated!


I soar high, above every plan of the the enemy to frustrate me in the Mighty name of Jesus. 


No activity of the enemy to frustrate me shall prosper henceforth in my life in Jesus name.






Let’s round off with this song: 


STATUS by Vashawn Mitchell

(Download here)

We’re connected to this world through our senses

By what’s tangible and easy to comprehend

There are days when it seems we’re going nowhere

Trust your faith to show you the truth


Your status is changing, there’s no more decline

I’m on my way to better days

Your status is changing, there’s no more decline

I’m on my way to better days


We’re connected to this world through our senses

By what’s tangible and easy to comprehend

There are days when it seems

We’re going nowhere fast

Trust your faith to show you the truth

Give a listen to what faith says to you:


Our status is changing, there’s no more decline

I’m on my way to better days

Our status is changing, there’s no more decline

I’m on my way to better days

My status is changing, there’s no more decline

I’m on my way to better days

My status is changing, there’s no more decline


I’m on my way to better days

I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days

I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days

I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days


I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days

I’m on my way, I’m on my way,

To better, to better, to better days, yeah

I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days

I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days

I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days


I’m on my way, on my way,

On my way to better days

Better days are in You, Jesus

My better life is in You, Jesus

Life’s changing is in You, Jesus

My success is in You, Jesus

All I have to do is to look to You

Better days are with You

My future is through You

All I have to do is met through You, Jesus

For a better life, yeah yeah


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