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TEXT: PSALM 118: 15 & 16
Waoh!! What a beautiful day! It’s the 2nd day of our juicy July and we bless God for how He revealed Himself to us yesterday.
I trust you understand the concept of Juicy July 2023 and by that you’ve determined to squeeze out all the juices He has prepared for you? If not, it’s not too late to make that decision. You must be intentional about this program and all you do during it. That’s when you can actually be a partaker of the blessings therein.
Praise God!!!
Faithful father we appreciate You for this day, thank You for bringing us here and for that which You have for us, thank You because You will reveal Your mind to us again, thank You because You will do mighty things in our lives. Liberate us today oh Lord. Have Your way today and always cause us to see You. Liberate us today oh Lord. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Let’s take our first song for the day. Sing it as many times as you can, with confidence that every word there will be performed in your life! That the arm of the Lord will do wonders in your life. It will save you in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!




Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of the Lord does great things) Owo Oluwa ti n sise agbara
Olu ebube ya (The display of His splendor) Iyanu ni oro re
Nke na eruari na’ebem no (I see all around me) o n yi aye me pada
Isi iyi nke ndu (The stream of life) Orisun iye
Nke na dighi ata’ta (That never runs dry) Orisun ti kii gbe
Aka aka ya (The arm of the Lord) Owo Oluwa
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of His strength does great things) to n sise agbara
Daddy mu, (Father,)
Onye na-eme mma etu i si eme m? (Who favors me like You?)
Ngi bu chi mu (You are my God)
Aka aka ya (The arm of the Lord)
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of His strength does great things)
Onye ukwu, Onye isi (The Magnificent, The Principle)
Daddy na-akwa uzo (Father who paves the way)
Ekele dili aha gi (Thanks be unto Your Name)
Aka aka ya (The arm of the Lord)
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of His strength does great things)
Aka na-akpu nwa (The Potter’s hand)
Aka na-enye ndu (The Author of Life)
Daddy na-eme mma, lo… (Father who does great things)
Aka aka ya (The arm of the Lord)
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of His strength does great things)
Onye nwe m, Onye nwe m, Onye nwe m (My Lord)
Jehovah mu (My Lord)
Praise God!
What do we mean by the “Valiant Hand of God”? Let’s see what the scripture says in the text. Psalm 118 : 15 & 16
Ps.118.15 – The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly.
Ps.118.16 – The right hand of the LORD is exalted: the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly.
If you go through the preceding verses of this passage, you will see how David shared the testimony of how he was compassed about with great company of enemies; how he was intimidated by the roaring of the enemy. He said all nations compassed him about to destroy him but He trusted in the Lord. He even admonished us that it’s better to trust in the Lord that to put our confidence in men or in princes.
Now in the verse 15 above, he said there’s a voice of rejoicing and salvation in the tent of the righteous…. Hallelujah 🙌After all the intimidations the righteous had faced from the enemies; after all the roaring of the lion; after all the losses it seemed she had suffered; after all she had been through, there’s a sound of rejoicing, the voice of celebration and that of salvation in her tabernacle and that’s you today!
That’s me today!
The Hand of the Lord!!!
The Valiant Hand of the Almighty God!
Let’s take this chorus-kinda declarative song very quickly briefly. It is simply saying:
The Hand of the Lord is upon my life
It’s making me jump!
It’s making me run!


OWO OLUWA NBE LORI AYE MI by P. Daniel Olawande and Emma

Keep singing till you can literally feel the Hand of the Lord coming over your life and picking you up!
Release yourself!
Release yourself in His arms and sing more confidently. Sing with a greater faith!
Let’s go on….
The 2nd part of the verse showed us what brought about this shout of joy. It says “the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly.!!!. Amen!!!
Message bible says, “the Hand of the Lord has turned the tide”!
The Hand of the Lord has turned the tide in my favour!
This is your reality today. The hand of the Lord will turn the tide of things in your favour!
His hand will be exalted in every situation around you.
The hand of the enemy will not be exalted in your case. Amen!
CRY THIS: Everywhere the hands of the enemies have been exalted in my life, I demote you now by the authority in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Wither away and be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire now!
You see, the exalted hand is the prevailing hand! Yes!
Remember the children of Israel in the book of Exodus 17:11, when the hands of Moses was held up, Israel prevailed but when it was let down, the Amalek, their enemy prevailed. That’s why if you allow the hand of the Lord to be continually exalted in your life, victory will become a normal, perpetual occurrence in your life in Jesus name.
The hand of God is valiant. His hand is strong and mighty. There’s no weakness in Him. 
No fear, timidity, in Him and He’s mighty to save and deliver His own.
Let’s briefly see some examples of demonstrations of how the hand of God turned the tide for people in the scripture.



In fulfilment of the promise He made to Abraham, God delivered the Israelites from slavery in the hand of Pharaoh and took them to the promised land. By His valiant hand! By His all-powerful hand! He took them all on Eagle’s wings. He gave them Divine flight out of Egypt. They were walking with their normal legs but in the Spirit, it was the Spirit of the Lord giving them a ride. Ayayayyayayaya. When the Hand of the Lord comes upon you, you will physically be gliding and striding and jumping and scaling heights but what people wouldn’t see is His hands underneath you! Oh my!!!! Do you believe????

In the course of their journey to the promised land, He took them through the wilderness, parted the red sea for them, fed them with manna, delivered them from the hand of their enemies etc.
This God is still alive today. He’s still able to deliver you from anything that signifies slavery and captivity in your life. He’s able to deliver you from all your enemies and the wicked ones around you. He’s able to bring to fulfillment His promises for your life. In fact, I’ve come to tell you today, that none of His word will fail in your life. His promises will find expression in your life and it will be sooner than you expected in Jesus name.
Did you say a resounding ‘Amen!’?
It is so!!



God led Abraham out of his father’s house, gave him His promise of making him the father of nations even while they were yet to have a child of their own at old age. And when he had the child, he withheld him not from the giver. He was willing to give him all back to God. Because he didn’t look at the promises of God with the eyes of unbelief, but he had faith that He that had promised was able to perform it. God’s valiant hand came upon the dead reproductive organs of Sarah and the impossible happened!
I don’t know how many years you’ve been waiting upon God for a promise, especially the fruit of the womb. I don’t know how many years you’ve been married and you’ve been crying to God for a miracle. Or maybe medically you’ve even entered advanced age. ( You know there’s something we call advanced maternal age which is a risk factor for some pregnancy related complications) You’ve heard of this and you are like “it’s over for me”. Or even maybe you are advanced in age and marriage is not forthcoming. Oh maybe a particular part of your body is dead or not functioning properly anymore.
See, His word is still alive today my sisters. His promises are still viable and dependable. The scripture says that “and Sarah received strength to conceive”. This was at her old age, when Abraham also was stricken in age. Yet she received strength to conceive. See how the scripture put it 👇
Hebrews 11.11- Because of faith also, Sarah herself received physical power to conceive a child, even when she was long past the age for it, because she considered [God] Who had given her the promise to be reliable and trustworthy and true to His word. (AMP)
She received the strength to conceive by faith. Maybe you don’t know sisters, or peradventure you’ve forgotten, the strength to conceive is not in the hand of your doctor!
Let me tell you now: your strength, your ability to conceive a child is not in the hand of your gynecologist.
It’s in the hand of God!
Stop looking to men where there’s no help! Look to God alone! Let your confidence be primarily in God not in the medications they prescribed for you! I’ve seen God proved medicine wrong in several cases. Yes I have seen it. So rather than looking at your age, stare at the promises of God. I’m assuring you, His word will not fail, not now, nor never in your life.



David was a young man who God used to give victory to the children of Israel over the Philistines, and this spurred an envy in Saul because the people praised him and gave him more recognition. He made every attempt to kill David but in it all, God delivered him because God’s hand was pertually upon him!

Sisters, no enemy can kill you before your time! The promise of God for you is that He will satisfy you with long life. No weapon fashioned against you will prosper….Whosever gather against you shall fall for your sake. No evil shall before you…… These and many more are the promises of God for you and they are yea and amen.
Praise God!!



In the book of Esther, we saw how God miraculously lifted Esther and took her to the palace for the deliverance of His own people. It wasn’t her beauty that took her there. It wasn’t her prayerfulness. It wasn’t her virginity. It was the Hand of God! The Hand that does impossible things!
We saw how He turned the tide of things against Haman and how he was hung on the gallow he had prepared for Mordecai. 🔥🔥🔥
What a mighty God! Indeed, the arm of His strength does mighty things.
Every counsel against you, the valiant hands of the Lord cancels today in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Every plans of the wicked ones against you shall be brought to nothing! With His mighty hands, He will lift you up today, above all limitations in Jesus name.
Just trust and call upon Him as Esther did. He will never disappoint you. Amen!



Paul and Silas were kept in the prison for the sake of the Gospel. But in the night, they prayed and sang praises to God, and suddenly there was a great earthquake, and the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately! the doors were open and everyone’s bands were loosed.
Sisters, note that they didn’t keep quiet in the prison, but rather prayed and sang praises to God. And He answered, came through, stretched forth His valiant arm and delivered them.
As you call upon the Lord today, your liberation will come suddenly! No more stagnation! No more delay! No more oppression! You’re coming out of that bondage today in Jesus name.
Note also that, not only were they delivered, but their deliverance led to the freedom of others. Ayayayayyayayaya
Sisters, you can’t afford to remain where you are. You can’t afford to remain a mediocre. You can’t afford to remain a victim when you’re meant to be a victor, because there are destiny attached to yours. The earnest expectations of the world awaits your manifestation. Hence, it’s time for you to arise and let your light shine. 




Joseph was sold out of envy by his own brother to the land of slavery. From there, he got to Portiphar’s house. There, another battle arose from his boss’s wife which led him to the prison. To cut the story short, his dream eventually became a reality!!!! His brothers that sold him out of envy eventually bowed to him just as he had dreamt.
It felt as though God was not present as he travelled from one problem to the other but hey, child of God, God was there all the way! His arms that are huge and valiant and mighty to save were right with him, making him skip through mountains, hills and valleys. He is with you! Never doubt that for a moment sis, because, as long as you remain at His side; as long as you don’t wander away, He’d be right there. Even if you have wandered away, call on Him and His ever available arm would reach out to pull you close to Him again. The Lord is always within reach! 
Sisters, no matter the genesis of your problem, whether by an outsider or an insider, God is greater, stronger and mightier than them all. No one can battle with Him! Your dream will come through whether the enemy likes it or not! Write the vision down, though it tarries, it will surely speak! Don’t allow anyone despise your dream, don’t allow any trial intimidate you, hold on to God in righteousness, don’t compromise just as Joseph didn’t and you will see His hand do great wonders for you. Amen!
All these examples are to stir your faith, to give you confidence that there’s nothing, no situation that’s beyond God. There’s no circumstance His hand cannot change. There’s no evil handwriting His hand cannot erase.
Before we proceed, let’s take this song:



WARRIORS OF HEAVEN by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

My confidence is not my own
It rests on something better
My solid rock, my cornerstone
He is true forever
So should my eyes of faith grow dim
And tho my faith may waver
I cast my weary soul again
On Jesus Christ my Savior
Mighty fortress, You are for us
Our Emmanuel, King of Heaven
My defender, lover of my soul
When I face down my enemies
And Satan’s schemes are present
I have someone who fights for me
He’s the warrior of heaven
Mighty Fortress, You are for us
Our Emmanuel, King of Heaven
My defender, lover of my soul
Mighty fortress, you are for us
Our Emmanuel, King of Heaven
My defender, lover of my soul
He will win the battle
I don’t have to fight
Jesus Christ the champion
Is standing by my side
He will win the battle
I don’t have to fight
Jesus Christ the champion
Is standing by my side
He will win the battle
I don’t have to fight
Jesus Christ the champion
Is standing by my side
He will win the battle
I don’t have to fight
Jesus Christ the champion
Is standing by my side
He will win the battle
I don’t have to fight
Jesus Christ the champion
Is standing by my side
He will win the battle
I don’t have to fight
Jesus Christ the champion
Is standing by my side
And on that day when death comes for me
This will be my confession
There stands beyond eternity
Christ Jesus my protector
Mighty fortress, You are for us
Our Emmanuel, King of Heaven
My defender, lover of my soul
He’s already won
He’s already won
He’s already won
He’s already won
He’s already won
He’s already won
He’s already won
He’s already won
Oh, this is my testimony
That even when I get there
My testimony will still be
He’s my protector, my protector
You’ve been my protector, my protector
You will win the battle
I don’t have to fight
Jesus Christ the champion
He’s standing by my side
Hallelujah 🙌🙌
The hand of the Lord has won victory for you and it’s permanent in Jesus name.
Before we pray, let me quickly take you back to our text:
Psalm.118.15 – The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the *righteous:* the right hand of the LORD doeth valiantly.
The hand of the Lord is only exalted in the life of the righteous. God only turns the tide of things in favor of those that follow Him wholeheartedly. Sisters are you righteous? Are you serving the Lord as you ought to? Are you living for God as you ought to? What is that thing that has stained your garment of righteousness? What are the little foxes that are spoiling your vine? Today is the day of repentance. Turn to the Lord your God today before it’s too late and He will never cast you away.
The scripture says in Proverbs 14.34: Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. (KJV).
Can you see! Sin is a disgrace! It will withhold the hand of God from working in your life because He can’t stand unrighteousness neither can He behold sin.
Sin, whatever kind, no matter the weight, pushes off the hand of the Lord! It stops it from operation in our lives.
What’s sin?
Sin is any act of disobedience to God’s word. It’s transgression against divine law.
Prayerlessness is a sin! Pride is a sin! The love of world is a sin! Unbelief is a sin! Lie is a sin! Pornography and masturbation is a sin! Cohabitation is a sin! Premarital sex and extramarital affairs is a sin! Examination malpractice is a sin! The list is inexhaustible. You need to push them out because they are pushing out the Hand of the Lord out of your life as they will!
I pray the Lord open your eyes beyond these in Jesus name.
When the hand of God is at work in your life, when His hands is upon your life, the testimonies are undeniable. It will be evident in all you do. His hand brings victory, health, success, fruitfulness, holiness, speed, favour, upliftment, perfection and many more.


Maybe you are suddenly heartbroken about the mention of sin. Maybe your joy to continue in the prayers has frizzled out because of this and you are wondering if you are worthy to still pray.
That’s the right place to start, sis. The Lord is very happy that you feel sad for allowing the works of the darkness into the place meant for Him. So, just go humbly before Him and begin to confess those sins to the Lord.
1 John 1:9-10 says If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’
If you open your mouth wide to say:
‘I am sorry Lord Jesus for lying and stealing and sleeping with that guy and cheating. Forgive me Lord for finding myself in these Devilish acts Lord. Forgive me through the Blood that Your Son, Jesus shed on the Cross for me. I promise You Lord never to go back into these sins. I ask for the grace to always live with Your Presence in view. I believe in Jesus as the only way to Heaven. I believe in His great power to forgive, save and deliver. I worship You because You have answered me, Father. I accept the righteousness of God into my heart now. I believe I am a child of God now. For I have prayed in Jesus Name. Amen’ and you believe it, it is so! Don’t turn around to the things you’ve promised to leave behind.
If you said the prayer above, listen to this song below with a pertinent heart:
At the cross you knelt and were converted
Jesus saved your soul that happy day
Now that he has lead you from the broad road
Never leave the straight and narrow way
Don’t turn around to the things you left behind
All those bridges you burned don’t try to find
Set your face like a flint and walk right into the promise land
Don’t turn around to the things you left behind
Someday you will reach the gate of heaven
And your race on earth will then be run
There with Jesus you will live forever
In the happy land that needs no sun



  • Begin to thank God. Thank Him for yesterday and what He did in your life. Thank Him for what He will do once again today and the remaining days of this program.
  • Thank Him for His hand that will rest mightily upon you and all that’s yours today.
  • Ask the Lord to take control of your environment. Sanctify yourself and your environment with the Blood of Jesus.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to purify you inside and out so you can be a possessor of all that He has for you today.
  • Ask the Lord to fill you with the power and strength to pray


Now, with humility of heart, ask the Lord to save you today with His powerful hand.
Just close your eyes and tell Him those problems. Talk to Him about how you’ve seen His valiant hand at work in the Scriptures and how you’d love to have the same experience.
When you are done, say these prayers:


Mighty hand of God, paralyse all powers that causes and expands problems in my life in Jesus. Paralyse all powers that causes problems in my family. Paralyse all powers that causes problems in my marriage.

Mighty hand of God, paralyse all powers that delays miracle in my life today in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Oh Lord my God, let my hand be stronger than the hands of my enemies.

Every stone of hindrance to my breakthrough, be rolled out of my way today by the strong hand of God. Be rolled out!!!!(14x)

Oh Lord my God, dispatch your angels today to roll away every stumbling block to my promotion, settlement, advancements, success, victory and favour.

By the reason of the hand of God upon my life, I receive the anointing to excel above my contemporaries in Jesus name.

Mighty hand of God rest upon my life today, rest upon my health today, rest upon my finance today, rest upon my marriage today, rest upon my business today…………….and turn the tide of things to my favour .

Every satanic instrument that has been used or is being used against my life, be neutralized in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Every satanic equipment set against me, set against my family, be broken to pieces by the power of God

Evil hand, dirty hand, be removed from all the affairs of my life and family in Jesus name

Every good thing that has become dead in my life, my body, my glory….receive the touch of God today and come back to life in the name of Jesus

My prayer altar!!! (3x) receive the fire of God today, receive the touch of God today, start to burn and never go down again.

All the days of my life, I’ve set the Lord always before me. He’s always at my right hand and I shall not be moved. (7x. Mean it. Believe it.)

Holy Spirit, by the Hand of the Lord, deliver me from every evil planned and lined up against my destiny in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Everything not planted by God in my life and all that are mine, be uprooted by the mighty hands of God in the name of Jesus

Continue to pray as the spirit leads. Don’t forget to raise your prayer journal and tell the Lord about those requests you’ve written down.
Sing this song when you’re through:

VICTORY by Fred Jerkins

By the hand of the Almighty
I’ve been set free, healed, delivered, made complete
Now I’m walking in victory
Walking in Victory
Got my joy back
Walking in Victory
Got my peace back
Walking in Victory
Got my joy back
Walking in Victory
Got my peace back
Walking in Victory
Got my hope back
Walking in Victory
Got my strength back
Got my joy back
Got my peace back
Got my hope back
Got my strength back



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