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DAY 23



TEXT: 2 KINGS 4: 1 – 7


We bless God for how far he has helped and brought us. This is Day 23 of our Juicy July Program. And God has been super faithful.
So many doors that have been knocked from Day 1 have been opened unto us and we are enjoying the juicy flow.
May the name of the Lord be praised forever. Amen
Here comes our First Song. It is titled ‘Can’t Give Up Now’ by Mary Mary
There will be mountains that I will have to climb
And there will be battles that I will have to fight
But victory or defeat, it’s up to me to decide
But how can I expect to win If I never try.
I just can’t give up now
I’ve come too far from where I started from
Nobody told me the road would be easy
And I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me
Never said there wouldn’t be trials
Never said I wouldn’t fall
Never said that everything would go the way I want it to go
But when my back is against the wall
And i feel all hope is gone,
I’ll just lift my head up to the sky
And say help me to be strong
I just can’t give up now
I’ve come too far from where I started from
Nobody told me the road would be easy
And I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me
No you didn’t bring me out here to leave me lonely
Even when I can’t see clearly
I know that you are with me(so I can’t)
I just can’t give up now
I’ve come too far from where I started from
Nobody told me the road would be easy
And I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me
(May we not give up on God over our lives in Jesus name. Amen)
By the immeasurable grace of God bestowed upon us and strength to knock heaven’s door without getting tired, we will continue our knocking today, but today, it is for our oil.
Please personalize it and say, ‘Today, I’m knocking on heaven’s door for my oil.”
Let’s look into our text for today.
II KINGS 4: 1 – 7
1. One of the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha, “Your servant, my husband, has died. “You know that your servant feared the LORD. Now the creditor is coming to take my two children as his slaves.”
2. Elisha asked her, “What can I do for you? Tell me what do you have in the house?” She said, “Your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.”
3. Then he said, ” Go and borrow empty containers from everyone – from all your neighbors. Do not get just a few.
4. Then go in and shut the door behind you and your sons, and pour oil into all these containers. Set the full ones to one side.”
5. So she left. After she  had shut the door behind her and her sons, they kept bringing her containers, and she kept pouring.
6. When they were full, she said to her son, “Bring me another container.” But he replied, “There aren’t any more.” Then the oil stopped.
7. She went and told the man of God, and he said, “Go sell the oil and pay your debt; you and your sons can live on the rest.”
May the Lord bless the reading of His Word in our hearts in Jesus name. Amen
The story above reveals God’s ability to provide for us in spite of the challenges and difficulties we encounter, and the limitations we may have.
God is able to supply our needs, mostly in miraculous ways, but with and by His process.
Are there sisters who their situations can be likened to that of the widow, maybe you feel down and out? Are you dealing with problems that seems so complex and overwhelming that you don’t know where to turn?
Please be encouraged by the widow’s story, that in moments you really feel powerless to change your situation, there is hope for transformation.
It is in the moment when you feel broken, and humbled that you are in a good position to receive the grace, mercy and miracles that only God can give.
Do you feel like you have nothing? You should rejoice, because if you choose to rely on God, and exercise faith and obedience to His Word, you may very well be on your way towards seeing the power and favour of God in your life.
Dealing with a cluster of problems is not always easy. Many times, the situation gets very complicated and overwhelming. This was the situation the widow was in.
I believe that we can all identify with this woman, because we all face complex and complicated problems at various points in our lives.
The widow felt personal pain, financial crisis, domestic nightmare, social stigma and even spiritual disappointment. Her most difficult problem was the fact that she was disappointed with God.
It seemed as if God would not help her.
All this woman had was but a jar of oil.
Likewise, it may appear from all angles that in your own situation you have nothing, but you always have something. God is a God of abundance. He is a giver, not a taker. He is faithful and merciful, and He has left no one empty.
In the parable of the Talents, every single person had something.
The challenge for anyone in dire situation is to understand that *God has not left you with nothing.* Something is there if only you’re willing to look for it.
Sisters, you have to train your eyes to identify what it is that you have within you that can be the key to your transformation. You will find this difficult if all you have trained your eyes to observe is what is missing in your life.
The widow remembered that she had something. Now, why was it important for her to discover what she had?
Anybody could have overlooked the jar of oil, because it wasn’t a drum of oil, but even in the midst of staggering deficiency, the widow was still able to see the abundance in her life
Hello, what do you see?
Whatever it is you may be going through, you have to identify what you have, even if it seems insignificant. Truly it may not seem valuable on a grand scale, but it is valuable to somebody, somewhere.
You must be able to discover what you have!
Do you know it doesn’t take much for God to turn around your situation?
However, he’ll start with what you have!
So sisters, what do you have? Have you discovered your oil?
For some people, recognizing what they have is the hardest part, and sadly, there are people who never discover their oil at all. They live their lives doing things outside of their “flow”, which makes life harder and less fulfilling than it needs be.
May this not be your portion in Jesus name. Amen
Whenever we are in line with God’s plans, we can expect good things to follow. To get in tune with His specific plan for our lives, we must know what talents, ideas, and interests He has blessed us with because that is always a clear indication of our divine purpose. For a better understanding of this, we must check what we have in our house by figuring out what oil God has given us.
Four Ways To Discover Your Oil:
1. Focus on What You Have – your focus should be on what you have rather than what you don’t have. Don’t program your mind to see inadequacy in yourself, which is a deathblow to healthy self-esteem. Such a habit will surely blind you to your gifts. Instead, focus on what you do have and what you do well. Everybody is good at something, and everybody has something to offer.
2. Acknowledge Possibility – *miracles are not received by dwelling on what’s lacking. God will only and always work with what you have in order to perform the miracles that you need.*
You must be able to give God room to show His love, power and abundance by acknowledging that He has blessed you with something, even if it’s just a jar of oil.
God works miracles when you acknowledge what you have, not when your sight is fixed on what you don’t have.
3. Look within – Look within to your natural affinities, abilities and interests. *Your oil is housed within you.* It is definitely there. *You are the jar that God placed it in.*
The question Elisha asked the widow “What do you have in your house?” was a metaphor pointing to what resides within you.
*Take a good look at what resides within you:*
• What comes easily to you without formal training?
• What generates enthusiasm within you and towards you?
• What brings you joy and satisfaction?
• What flows easily to you? What can you do for hours and lose complete track of time in the joy of it?
4. Examine Experience – examine your life experiences. As hard as it may be to accept, nothing you’ve been through is accidental.
It is your destiny, all of it – the good, that bad, and even the ugly. The sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can get on with the task of discovering your oil.
How to do this:
√ Identify the experience that has shaped your life. There are things we go through that don’t make sense when we are going through them. Behind the potential confusion, hurt or disappointment of the situation, God had a purpose for it. It was in divine order. *God does not put us in senseless situations.*
√ Distinguish Your Tools from your Gifts. There is a difference between our tools and our gifts. We all have formal and informal training. In itself, your training is not your gift, so you must not confuse it with your oil.
As you begin to look for your oil, knocking heaven’s door, you must know what you are looking for. You must know the difference between what your oil is, and what it is not.
The widow didn’t say she had a jar, she said she had a jar of oil. She knew that the key was not the jar; rather, it was the substance inside of it.
Therefore, in discovering your oil, you must first know the difference between the containers and the content – jars and oil.
We all need a jar of oil for our turnaround process. Here, there are two components: the jar, and the oil. Both are significant.
*The jar is the vessel that houses the oil.* You have your jar and your oil, I have my jar and my oil. Everyone has theirs.
Applied to us as individuals, the jar is us. All that we are is what holds our oil. Naturally, we must examine ourselves not only to see what kind of oil is contained within us, but also what kind of jar we are holding it in.
*The oil represents our inborn talents, natural skills and ideas.* Every one of us has inborn gifts, talents and ideas. They are there, even if we don’t know it. God wired something unique I to our DNA when we were being formed in our mother’s womb.
For some people, it is more apparent what that something is, but everyone in this world, everyone in B.U.D has gifts that are unique to them.
It is our oil, and it is what we must use to flow in life.
Other Characteristics of the oil:
• It is God’s investment in you. God imparts talents to you as an investment. He has a purpose for your life, and He expects a return of what He has out into you.
• It is a clue to your calling. Your oil is the gift God has given you and is linked to the purpose He has placed  on your life.
• It is your strength and advantage in life. Your oil is what sets you apart from others and gives you a leading edge. Your strengths and talents are what make you unique
We should have the kind audacity to know that our complex problems can be solved by a little, tiny thing, like an idea, or ability we have. It is inborn. God gave it to you, and it can be used to meet your needs.
The task for us today is to find our jar of oil so that we can see, and then use what we possess to improve our own complex situations.
At this point, I want us to remember Matthew 7:7
(Open your Bible, Read it aloud, personalise it by including your name)
Finally before we go into prayers, let’s look at 3 things we must do with our jar of oil:
1. You must discover your oil.
You must know what it is that you have to work with. There isn’t much you can do to develop nothing. We all have something, and our first task is to find it. The sooner you find your oil, the closer you will be to having the life God intends for you.
2. You must position your oil.
You must learn how to package it and where to present it. The widow was instructed to borrow vessels so that she could  present  her oil in a more marketable way than in the small, single jar she had it in. Too many of us keep our oil tucked away in little jars where no one can see its worth.
Sometimes the jar we’ve placed our oil in even lower our own estimation of its worth. The presentation of our oil is
3. You must use your oil.
Discovery and positioning are useless without doing something with the oil.
The widow was told to sell, not to decorate her house. We have to make our oil beneficial to ourselves and to others. That is why God has blessed us with the gifts He has given us.
The reason why the oil is so important is because it is your true key to success.
The reason why the jar is so important is because it shapes your oil, and thus determine the reach of your potential.
As we knock heaven’s door today, may our eyes be opened to our oil in Jesus name. Amen
Ask God for mercy and forgiveness over sins. Pray that He’ll purge you completely.
Ask the Holy Spirit to come upon you afresh.
Plead the blood of Jesus on yourself.
Sing the song below (If you don’t know it, pray the lyrics)
*Open my eyes that I may see*
*Open my ears that I may hear*
*Open my hearts that I may know*
*What Your Spirit is saying to me*
(Sing it as many times as you can)
If you’re baptized in the Holy Ghost, speak in tongues for some minutes
Oh Lord, open my eyes to discover my oil, help to recognize my oil when I see it. Help me to understand it when I feel it in the name of Jesus
My oil come alive now in Jesus name.
Every of my oil that is dormant and lying fallow in me without being utilized, I call you forth come to life in the name of Jesus
Every dry oil in me I command you to receive freshness from the throne of grace in Jesus
Oh Lord, I refuse to be blind to my oil in the mighty name of Jesus
I receive direction to locate my oil, I receive power to position my oil, I receive grace to  use my oil in Jesus name
Oh Lord, my life will not be a waste to you, my oil will not be a waste to you, today I arise and utilize every talents and gifts you have deposited in me in Jesus name
I believe I receive grace to focus on what I have. I refuse to focus on my lack in Jesus name
I am not empty. I have something in me, oh that I may see it Lord, in the name of Jesus
Lord let my eyes be opened to my oil in the name of Jesus.
I may have given up on myself before but no more Lord in the name of Jesus.
Oh Lord, break me and mold me into a better jar that I may be fit to shape my to reach it’s highest potential in the name of Jesus
Lord I believe I receive in my hand my oil, my true key to success. No more backwardness, no more stagnancy in the mighty name of Jesus
Lord, you have blessed me with gifts and talents, today I arise and take responsibility to make my oil beneficial to me and my world in the name of Jesus
I receive the ability to use my oil appropriately to fulfill purpose in Jesus name
Lord give me wisdom to position my oil aright in the name of Jesus.
I refuse to limit my worth in the name of Jesus
I refuse to limit the worth of my oil in the name of Jesus
Father show me the way to my oil in the name of Jesus
Holy Spirit reveal to me my oil in the name of Jesus
Every power contending for my oil, die by fire in the name of Jesus
Oh Lord package me for the finest of presentation in Jesus name
Oh Lord package my oil for the finest of presentation in Jesus name
Father, I’ve come to ask, let me be given my oil in Jesus name.
Lord I have come to seek,  show me where and how to find my oil in the name of Jesus
I’m knocking at heaven’s door Jesus, let it be opened unto me, let my oil be released unto me in Jesus name
Lord help me to locate that which you have deposited in me in the name of Jesus
Oh Lord, let my oil set me apart to give me a leading edge in the name of Jesus
Nothing will hinder me from reaching my full potential
Father God, let my oil find expression Christ in Jesus name
I will not miss my calling because I will not miss my oil
Father, you have invested so much in me, please help me, guide me, lead me, teach me, show me that I may discover my oil so your investment in me can yield returns in the mighty name of Jesus
Lord, show me my oil that I need to flow in life in the mighty name of Jesus
I decree and declare, no more delay in Jesus name
My oil will flow in Jesus name
My oil will manifest greatness in Jesus name
Lord help me to see and understand that uniqueness you wired in my DNA that I may not waste away in Jesus name
Oh Lord make me more that I may be fit to hold my oil purposefully in the mighty name of Jesus
Father, help me Lord to discover my oil for my turn around success in Jesus name
Help me Lord to realize that the substance I carry matters a lot
Oh Jesus, I will not confuse training for my oil, I will not confuse tools for gifts in Jesus name
Lord help me to identify experiences that has come to shape when I find myself in situations in Jesus name
Lord I believe I receive you have a purpose for my life in Jesus name
Teach me to examine every of my previous life experiences, present ones and future experiences in Jesus name
Oh Lord, show me, me in Jesus name
Every power blindfolding my eyes from my blessings be terminated by fire in Jesus name
Every enemy of my oil, of my progress, of my success, be frustrated forever in Jesus name
Jesus, make me a worthy jar for my oil in Jesus name
Teach me to look intently withing in the name of Jesus
Oh Lord, I acknowledge I’m full of so much more, I do not look down on myself any longer in Jesus name
Father work your miracle in my life in Jesus name
Let the oil you have given me Lord, find expression of your love, power and abundance in my life in Jesus name
I will not dwell on what’s lacking in Jesus name
I focus on what I have in Jesus name
Father, over and over again I choose to be inline with you.
I refuse and reject every limiting factor in Jesus name
I decree and declare locating my oil will not be difficult for me in Jesus name.. Every difficult is silena
Oh Lord in your mercy turnaround my situation in Jesus name
Jesus quicken my mind to remember you have blessed me with in Jesus name
Oh Lord give me the ability to train my eyes to see and identity what you have out in me in Jesus name
Father I’m grateful you have not left me with nothing. I’m willing to look within to see that which you have put in me in Jesus name
Jesus, let my heart be encouraged by your miraculous provisions in the name of Jesus
I decree and declare my limitations are erased in Jesus name.
Oh father, give me oil of intimacy with you in Jesus name
I decree and declare my oil flows in Jesus name
Every exchange that I may have innocently indulge in, every exchange from the pit of hell, let it be reversed by fire in the mighty name of Jesus
Lord, let every blessings of behind closed doors locate me in Jesus name
My oil flows ceaselessly in Jesus name
My talents and gifts will reach their full potential in the name of Jesus. I refuse to tuck them away any longer in the mighty name of Jesus
Speak in tongues, let the Holy Spirit take over now, let him pray for you with groanings that cannot be uttered
I decree it, I declare it, I believe it, I receive it my oil is alive and flowing in Jesus name. Amen
So shall it be and it shall not be hindered in Jesus name. Amen
Let’s round off with our second and last song.
It is titled Blessings by Karen Clark Sheard
When tests and trials get you down
They’re only there to make you strong
If god brought you out of them before
Remember god will always restore
So stop worrying and stressing
He’ll turn it into a blessing
‘Cause there’s a blessing behind closed doors
‘Cause there is a blessing behind closed doors
Trials and tribulations come to
Hinder everything that you’re tryin’ to do
The enemy may even slam doors in your face
But god will open other doors to take their place
You oughta rejoice and praise him even more
He has so much in store
There’s a blessing behind closed doors
There is a blessing behind closed doors
When it seems like your hope is gone
And you’ve done all you can do
The world may think you’re breaking down
But god’s says you’re breaking through
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Lord, I thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
For blessing me now
Thank the Lord for answered prayers,
For helping you locate your oil,
For helping you find your flow,
For putting an end to your struggles and limitations
Thank God Thank God Thank God
This juice too shall flow in Jesus name. Amen


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