Trust me, anybody can write by Chidinma Okolie

To be a writer is not reserved for those born with the gift of writing. You can be a writer and be big at it just like any other person.


There has been a common mindset around writing as an art for the gifted, however, writing is merely putting words to feelings, experiences, the environment and every other thing that revolves around human existence. Mere conversations at various levels of communication root from words and just as speaking communicates, writing does same and in a more permanent form.  The first key, I may presume, to writing is to believe that you have the capacity to birth words in writing just as you speak it, especially when you desire it. 


Let’s go spiritual a bit. Philippians 4:13 accurately details that if Christ is giving the strength, all things can be done. Writing is one of those things you can do through Christ who gives you strength. 


Having established this, there are various actions you can take to support your faith to be a writer such as enrolling for writing classes that can sharpen your knowledge on writing and have a better grasp and command of language Keep a journal or diary of your daily activities and occurrences, it will help you learn how to put words to your emotions and ideas. Also, have a writing pad and pen with you as regularly as you can. This will keep you prepared to write whatever crosses your mind for future references.


Stay aware of your environment because writing is all about penning what happens in you and around you. Add consistency and diligence to these and you are on your way to being a writer.  Trust me, anybody can write!


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