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TESTIMONY: Passport returned, debts cancelled!

I really want to appreciate God for what he did during last year Juicy July. 


One of my prayer requests was for a friend whose passport was withheld because she borrowed money with it and the passport would only be given back when she pays the money she borrowed and for every delay in payment per month(I believe), the money increases. And the passport has been with the person that she borrowed the money from for almost a year. Meaning both the money she borrowed and the interest was a lot of money.


Her resident permit was to expire in September of 2022 and she needed her passport to renew her resident permit and without it, it would be a big issue and without resident permit or visa, she would not be able to stay in the country.


During the fast, I kept praying about it and to the glory of God, God did it.


Her passport was given to her back before the expiration date of the resident permit.


The debts she owed was cancelled.


The money that was even given to the woman was soooooooo small compared to the large amount of money owed and it was paid by someone else entirely.


By God’s grace, God honored his word.

May the name of the Lord be Glorified. Amen 🙏


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