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TESTIMONY: Not sharing this means I’m not grateful.

I was going through my prayer journal for last year Juicy July and I want to appreciate the name of the Lord on behalf of my daughter. 


She was to start school last year and I just wrote it in my prayer journal then that God should meet her needs even before the arrival of the needs.


I honestly didn’t know why I wrote that.


Right now going through the journal, I see that God answered that particular prayer greatly.


Since a year ago that she had started school, my brother has been the one paying for everything. He just volunteered. Even when I’m reluctant, he will tell me that he’s not complaining. Uniforms, books, school fee, just name it. Even the provisions that can only come from the Lord like stability, intelligence and all, God has been FAITHFUL


Not sharing this means I’m not grateful.


Lord, I’m overwhelmed by your love and the way you answer prayers. Jehovah overdo, thank you Lord🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


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