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By God’s grace I’m a 3rd year medical student in a federal University in northern Nigeria.


The recent news of hike in school fee with my faculty paying the highest sent shivers and fear of possible withdrawal because to whom would I go to.


Apparently I applied for a scholarship and 2 times my attempts were unsuccessful though the exams were really cheap and I had high hopes.


It didn’t come and I was greatly discouraged and stopped trying out sending applications.


Sometime in May , a coursemate reached me, and advised I put in for this scholarship, it required me writing an essay on why I needed the scholarship, I’d haphazardly written with frail hope, zero expectations. Much later I got scheduled for an interview that almost didn’t go well as it was raining on the day and network was poor.


Sis, my heart failed me.


To the glory of God, I got a mail on congratulations and appreciation on the zeal expressed during the interview and I’ll be reached by the end of June.


Now, my transcript from year 1 didn’t look excellent and I ruled myself out, it was messed up because those who prepared it were not diligent enough, the whole process wasn’t something one would repeat so I just held on to what was at hand.


I started the fast yesterday, even as an inactive BUDite, my plans were drafted out, I used the bulletin, July had come become my favorite month in the last 3years as well.


Praying about the fruition of the scholarship interview wasn’t something I even remember to do.


Yesterday before 8:30pm I got a congratulatory message from the scholarship board on my successful shortlist and I’ll be awarded in September.


Praise the Lord!



  1. Hallelujah praise the LORD 🙏.
    Congratulations sis.
    I will receive my congratulations in Jesus name. Amen

    I key in into this testimony

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