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TESTIMONY: God is mighty in our midst

Good morning Ma, I want to take God for the privilege to be part of the BUD Family. BUD has blessed my life beyond my imaginations. God is mighty in our midst and I am not exaggerating.


By the grace of God, I fully participated in our last year’s juicy July, and all the requests I made last year, God has granted almost all.


Firstly, I got the kind of job I wanted with the exact amount I told God I wanted to be paid.


Secondly, God has granted my desires maritally with the exact qualities I desired in a man( although He is still working on him),and very soon I’ll come with the full gist.


Thirdly, My mum is still alive despite all that the enemies did last year to take her away from us.


Lastly, on Monday someone shared a testimony on how she got a miracle alert. I quickly claimed mine and on that same Monday, I got my own miracle alert.


For all these and more, I say thank you so much Jesus and for BUD.



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