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It’s Okay to Come from Behind by Roseline Ngozi

30 got my heart palpitating even before it came.

As if the media was only projecting people turning 30 wherever I turned. 

People with huge accomplishments both in the secular and Christian community.

And there I was finding me, finding my feet, unmarried, super single!

The pressure was real, I struggled to accept my age. 

I had thought I would have been married by age 25.

So, to see myself at 30, far from my desired career achievement, most of me felt “Left behind”, a failure.

The magnified, unaccomplished, self-curated goals knocked me on the face as unaccomplished all around the media. 

I knew where I was coming from as a teenager, so bright!

Until the dealings of God became tasking. The distorted perception of the Fatherhood of God gave the enemy the loophole to ride on.

God began to help me, by restoring a correct understanding of Him. I experience His Love and Mercy so deeply.

He began to work on my Identity. 

Like 1:45 – “Even if no one has ever had such testimony, if only you can believe in its possibility, there will be a performance”.

And I overcame. I am finding me daily, in Christ.

Thank God for Jesus and the place of RESTORATION and SPEED in our Redemptive Package.

Even a thousand-fold restoration.

Hey! It’s okay to come from the back like the woman with the issue of blood. 

It’s okay to come from behind even when your back is against the wall and it seems all is over.

It is not just about the feel of age, it is also about the timing of life.

I finally posted my age so the world can know that He makes all things beautiful in His time.

I’m still on the BECOMING, and my story speaks of “what eyes has not seen nor ears heard…, that little one that became a mighty Nation”.





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