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I am Ruth Segla and a proud member of the BUD family. I joined the family in June, 2019; and since then, God has been keeping me. I write this testimony to encourage everyone reading it because God has been so good to me and mine. The devil was all out for my family in year 2022, but God showed up as our sovereign Lord. 

It happened that 2021 Christmas was almost a sad day for us. Our last born was attacked and badly bitten by a Boerboel breed of dog on his head and body. He had to be stitched to hold the flesh of his head together, lost a lot of blood, but God miraculously sustained his life. He recuperated fast and today it is as though the incidence never happened. Glory to Jesus.

Then, barely 2 months after, my immediate younger brother was in a ghastly motor accident. He had a head injury that led to seizures, shortness of breath and was unconscious for several hours. The doctor asked us to do a CT scan based on the possibility of a brain hemorrhage.  We were under duress. We did the scan and to the faithful God we serve, the results came out negative. Suddenly, at midnight that same day, my brother was gasping for air and was speaking incoherently. In panic, I called the doctors while trying to pray however way I could and at the same time trying to be calm. Yet again, God came through. He was attended to, closely monitored and gradually recuperated. Within 4 days, he was discharged. God raised helpers to foot the hospital bill. We only spent on food and basic needs. To the glory of God, He is also alive, hale and hearty.

Come July, my mum fell while she went to the Ladies, hitting her left leg and head. The leg started swelling and she had to be taken to a hospital after two weeks. The doctors said they have to retain her in the hospital for close monitoring while they prepared to operate the leg. We prayed while sourcing for funds, and trust my God not to disappoint. We made necessary payments and the leg was operated successfully and she was placed on admission for few weeks with series of drugs and injections. I’m so grateful to God that she walked out of the hospital after her discharge with both legs, healed. Hallelujah! Still, the devil did not give up. Again, in December 2022, she fell when she stepped on the soak-away which suddenly gave way while doing some chores in the compound. I’m most grateful that she didn’t fall into the soak-away and only sustained some bruises.

Indeed, the Lord has been faithful to my family and He has done us well. Thank you BUD, for always praying along when an altar is raised. I remember sending these requests to the group and God did answer these requests. God bless you. 



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