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You are welcome to The BUD Family’s Blog – an offshoot of The BUD Family, International.

In February 2015, an online group was birthed through Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle and it was named Ladies Worth (More than) A Ruby. (L-WAR) but in February 2016, under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, the name was changed to The BABES of Unique Dynamite Family (The BUD Family).

Some questions have been asked as to why we have the name ‘Babes’ instead of probably ‘sisters’ and ‘ladies’? As much as we have answered that it was given under the inspiration of the Almighty God, the word BABES as used in our name is an acronyms for a:

B- Bible believing

A- Amiable

B- Beautiful

E- Empowered

S- Sister

So, I am a BUD means that ‘I am a Bible believing, amiable, beautiful, empowered sister of unique dynamite!


We are in a world of evil. A world where if you don’t hold your head tight, it could be taken away from you while you are not watching. The Bible describes it as the end time. Well, unfortunately, it is here!

What do we (especially when women and young ladies are the most available instruments wielded by the enemy to perpetrate its evil) but to pull them together and together hold powerfully the shield of faith which we help us to stand in the evil day and having done all, to stand?

As it is named, The Babes of Unique Dynamite Family is a family indeed. We wake up in the morning (On our Whatsapp Page most often), say the morning prayer (included in this volume), the Babes on duty shares her Quiet Time Gist with us, the Today’s Tip Family give us powerful quotes from the Bible or motivations around to get going throughout the day.

As expected, all Babes in the house should be born again yet we wouldn’t take chances in our assumptions, so there is also the room for sharing Salvation Experience every Sunday in the house. This is to stir up the minds of any Babes in the house who is not born again genuinely to have a change of mind. It is an avenue to rejoice with the Babes who shared hers also so that she knows that she is not alone even in this Christian race.

Mnay programmes also abound in the house which help us greatly to keep our lives in order and in check.

Key among these is the Prayer and Fasting programme that comes up twice every month. It is usually a time to pray to God using a prepared bulletin by the Prayer Unit. Many testimonies abound since this started in the group. Our weapon, power, effectiveness and efficiency lies in prayer!

Bible study comes up twice in a week; discussions and talks come up twice in a week also. There is a time also given on Saturdays for answering questions that are burning in the hearts of our family members. We are future wives and mothers and so we equip ourselves with culinary skills every Friday with the programme ‘Let’s Cook’. Why this Hymn is another programme where we dissect the history behind some popular hymns that we sing.

Many programmes abound that you will get to enjoy very soon.


Many petitions have been made in and out (Some friends us our prayer bulletin and all) of The BUD Family that there should be a provision of what we do to the outside world as well so they can equally be blessed.

Even though, all will not be made available to you as a non-member, you will definitely have the focal discussions for spiritual growth, entertainment and the likes as the case may be.

If you have any information, any suggestion or inquiry, kindly send us a message – [email protected]

God bless you.


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