In February 2016, an online group was birthed through Lizzy Oyebola Oyekunle (Now Yakubu) and it was named Ladies Worth (More than) A Ruby. (L-WAR). Later that same year, under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, the name was changed to The Babes of Unique Dynamite Family (The BUD Family).


We are in a world of evil. A world where if you don’t hold your head tight, it could be taken away from you while you are not watching. The Bible describes it as the end time. Well, unfortunately, it is here!

What do we do (especially when women and young ladies are the most available instruments wielded by the enemy to perpetrate its evil) but to seize ladies from the world’s grasps and together hold powerfully the shield of faith which we help us to stand in the evil day and having done all, to stand?

our mission

– Raising ladies who are willing to abide in God’s Will while living in an evil world.

– Raising ladies who in everything are threats to the enemy- Satan.

– Bringing up ladies who are uniquely separated from the world and empowered as available dynamites that God can use in this end time battle against sin, self, heresies and the world.

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Some questions have been asked as to why we have the name ‘Babes’ instead of probably ‘sisters’ and ‘ladies’? As much as we have answered that it was given under the inspiration of the Almighty God, the word BABES as used in our name is an acronyms for a:

B- Bible believing

A- Amiable

B- Beautiful

E- Empowered

S- Sister

So, I am a BUD means that ‘I am a Bible believing, amiable, beautiful, empowered sister of unique dynamite!

the babes of unique dynamite family

...where love is a verb, Satan is a footstool and Jesus is Lord!

any note for us?

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